Monday, 2021-06-21

inzoops, sorry07:35
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ilpianistait looks like SailfishOS doesn't support my network operator (it's new in Italy). What are my options to get it to work? May I edit some file somewhere?12:45
Nico[i]You an probably google the APN settings and enter them into the network settings manually12:46
ilpianistait's not just the APN (which I already set)12:46
ilpianistaI cannot receive calls either12:46
Nico[i]Does that provider require VoLTE?12:47
ilpianistaI don't really now12:47
ilpianistaoh wait. I unchecked "Select network automatically" and selected mine from the list and it worked12:48
ilpianistaI tried that before, but it didn't work for some reason12:48
ilpianistamaybe I didn't wait enough time :-)12:48
Nico[i]It tooke like 10 minutes, before I could select that the first time12:49
ilpianistanow I'm tempted to recheck "select network automatically"12:49
Nico[i]Try it :312:51
ilpianistait still works, but still it could be because I "helped it" :-P12:51
Nico[i]No, I think the network configuration takes weirdly long the first time12:52
ilpianistaok. Problem solved then12:53
abrI think they go in here?
abrthe APN anyway14:51

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