Saturday, 2021-06-26

attahpiggz: do mind wasting some paper?
piggzattah: sure16:57
rubdoscoderus: I'm toying with your Docker images again.  I'm trying to install my Rust 1.51 images.  For that to work, I need to install the packages both in the tooling as well as in the targets themselves. I notice that `/srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS-` is a thing by default in the images (it's probably also there in the official SDK too), but I can't get it to17:33
rubdos"uninstall" or installed over with eg. `sdk-manage tooling package-install SailfishOS-$SFOS_VERSION`.  Zypper gladly installs my packages in tooling and target, but `sb2 rustc --version` still return 1.44, and (crucially) `/srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS-` stays put, whatever I try.17:33
rubdosI have this all working on my local Platform SDK.17:34
rubdosWould you happen to know what's going on?17:34
rubdosMy feeling is that the tooling `zypper` somehow doesn't install in/chroot to `/srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS-`, but I have no idea why that would be the case.17:35
rubdos(FWIW, rustc is considered "accelerated", which means that calling /usr/bin/rustc from sb2 calls into the tooling)17:36
rubdosIf you (or anyone else for that matter) wants to toy with my 1.51 packages: `zypper ar --gpgcheck-allow-unsigned -f rubdos`17:36
rubdos(couldn't get my ed25519 key to work with zypper, sorry :( )17:37
* rubdos throws some excuses for WOT17:37
rubdos if you want to check out my Dockerfile17:40
attahpiggz: that should take care of both duplex cases in both raster formats... hopefully17:40
*** RubenDeSmet[m] is now known as rubdos[m]17:50
piggzattah: yup, looks good20:13
attahpiggz: nice, thanks for testing20:13
attahi could even copy from CUPS to figure out what fruity-raster needs20:14
piggzattah: whats fruity raster20:23
attahnice of them to put the patented stuff under Apache, so i can derive my implementation from it :P20:26

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