Monday, 2021-06-28

Human_G33khello do you know if there is a way to get some spare pieces for an jolla phone in order to fix/repair ?17:14
riniguswill try to ask over here as porters channel is silent on a subject.20:01
rinigusin, is it expected that the notification leads to solid white LED as opposed to slowly blinking one?20:01
riniguscould someone with xperia 10ii tell how led notification works for you20:01
Ingvixthe color depends on the type of notification but maybe there's no rgb on xperia 10 II?20:02
Ingvixanyway on xperia 10 the notification light is pulsing20:03
rinigusIngvix: thanks! that is on, right?20:08
Ingvixhmm, no, I actually haven't updated yet though I don't really see why would they change the behavior20:10
rinigusI am trying to figure out whether it is a bug in our new port for tama or something changed in 4.1.0. let's see if we can get any feedback from someone with 4.1.020:12
tanriolNot sure whether that's relevant, but the email notification on XA2 plus on is kinda blinking (looks like it turns on at full power and then slowly dims).20:45

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