Saturday, 2021-07-03

HengYeDev[m]Just released my matrix client with e2ee:
Martijn[m]Cool! I have been using the android version for Element until now, but it's a bit heavy for a chat client... I'll give it a go.15:14
Sellerie[m]I'll try it out aswell this evening :)15:21
mighty17[m]Amazing!! Love the more app development16:09
lbtHengYeDev[m]: nice - you should maybe build it on OBS too ;)17:09
HengYeDev[m]<lbt "HengYeDev: nice - you should may"> i'm preparing to use gitlab-ci17:12
sashikknox[m]Can some one give me link to OBS tatorial? Whant build my applications there20:20

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