Monday, 2021-07-05

WikiwideQuestion: How to play lichess on Sailfish OS 3.3? Either fully capable web browser for their web page, or a chess app capable of speaking with lichess server, would be appreciated.00:40
Wikiwide1) How do I update stellar databases of Stellarium Mobile?00:41
Wikiwide2) Is it only me, or does Stellarium Mobile not understand accelerometer on Fxtec Pro1 with Sailfish OS 3.3?00:41
WikiwideAlso, thanks for Tidings! It's rare to see a functional RSS reader, in these times - I still haven't got one installed on my Devuan/XFCE laptop.00:42
WikiwideAnd thanks for CodeReader on OpenRepos, too.00:42
rubdosLet me know if you find something for Lichess Wikiwide07:54
rubdosOh they left :|07:54
RXShortyHello all. :) Can I ask a question about the Xperia 10 ii Sailfish and not working proximity, nfc en lightsensor?21:19

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