Tuesday, 2021-07-06

henkhi, I have a jolla1 and I’m trying to connect a bluetooth headset to it. it pairs fine and it also shows it being connected. when I place a call, it looks like it’s using the headset: the icon for choosing between headset and loudspeaker is there. but it doesn’t work: the other person can’t hear me, I can’t hear them. sailwave, an audio streaming client, just plays its sound via18:47
henkthe loudspeaker of the phone. The headset is a "supreme in" from teufel. I know bluetooth audio works in general because it works in my car. I have no idea what to do to get that to work or find more info what might be the issue, I’m just assuming that the headset is "too new", whatever that may mean. Any advice what to do?18:47
piggzkarry: thx for PRs19:44

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