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rrrHello. Is there a official Info on how long Sailfish OS gets official updates if i decide to buy a device and license for it?11:26
rrrLike Android is usually ~3 years and ios ~6 years. I would like to compare11:27
Nico1rrr: There is no official statement on that, but you can check how long the original jolla phone got updates:
Nico1For the Xperia X you could officially buy a Sailish license from October 4, 2017 (, so it is almost supported for 4 years now. I expect it to be supported for at least another 1, maybe 3 or longer. Usually devices only get dropped, if it significantly holds up features in newer releases.11:56
rrrI see. Do you know if i could circumvent this limitation by purchasing a pinephone as a lasting developer-device? There would be no such kernel-upgrade limitation like for the android devices that require libhybris12:06
Nico1The pinephone is not officially supported by jolla. Community ports are supported for as long as the porter cares about it, even for the Jolla 1 :D12:06
Nico1You loose android support, Microsoft Exchange and predicitive text input though. Although Jolla is looking into offering that for community ports and predictive input can be replaced with a different engine from openrepos.12:07
rrrIt's kind of an uneasy situation, Sailfish OS is intriguing but i wouldn't want it as my daily driver for now, so i wanted to look for a way of contributing at least when, some open source qt project that i can always have as a side project12:11
Nico1Well, a community port sounds like the best way of contributing then. Since if you have a second device, you don't need the android support and MS Exchange12:13
mighty17[m]<rrr "I see. Do you know if i could ci"> Mainline it?12:13
rrrI had something like a matrix client in mind when i come into the channel but it seems like i have to switch focus =)12:14
Nico1You could contribute to AdvancedCamera or so, because the camera situation can be a bit lacking. Or contribute to an existing Matrix client :312:15
rrrI didn't know there already is a matrix client for sailfishos. i know there are like 3 qt clients for desktop..12:16
rrrHaha, i came to the right place for the info i need. Thank you12:19
piggzor, get a smart watch, and contribute to amazfish12:19
Nico1Or make the 20th audio player, maybe that one will be good! :D12:20
rrrMh i got a smartwatch and was thinking about asteroidos. I read that the sailfishos prototype for smartwatches used asteroidos too12:20
rrryes an audio player or....A NOTES APP12:21
Nico1There is a lot you can contribute to on Sailfish at least :312:21
Nico1I usually just contribute to projects, that I use, but have minor issues with :D12:21
rrrI have another question in mind and i don't mean to start a discussion about it, i understand that it's a necessary business decision to not open source silica but was there some justification or reasoning released about it that i couldn't find with google myself?12:22
Nico1Basically the Jolla Management thinks it is necessary. A lot of the jolla devs disagree, but well...12:23
Nico1At least that is what I got from the meetings12:23
rrrMight be related to requirements from the investors but still a little weird if there was no official follow-up on the promise they once made12:25
piggzfor info, there is some wrapper components used by amazfish and puremaps, that give a silica API, but can use silica, uitk or kirigami ... allowing cross platform apps on same UI code base12:26
rrroh man, i realize only now that you are the dev behind it. thank you for your hard work, i read good stuff about your app even before i got interested in sailfishos myself12:28
piggzha, ta12:36
rrrSince there was a hint on good apis for cross platform code base maybe another thought of mine that somebody here might get out of the way for me : There was a hint on good cross platform api's - is there a relationship between kde and sailfishos except for the toolkit? Does Sailfish OS contribute upstream? Some idealistic part of me was thinking about plasma mobile instead of sailfish but the ui didnt lure me as much13:11
rrrqt is all over the place, how did you settle on sailfishos instead of plasma mobile, ubports, felgo...?13:14
HengYeDev[m]i liked the UI design13:15
HengYeDev[m]with the transparency/ambiances13:15
Nico1plasma mobile, ubports, etc didn't exist, when I started using Sailfish :D13:15
rrrme too. the only thing that sticks a little out is the navigation lights on the top.13:15
Nico1I'm coming from the N9 and I can't get used to other mobile interfaces13:16
mighty17[m]sailfish ui is unmatched13:16
rrrhaving the navigation light on top prevents good usability with one hand13:19
HengYeDev[m]disagree. i prefer swiping instead of using navigation lights13:19
mighty17[m]swiping feels lot more natural, sometimes out of habit i swipe in sfos :P13:21
henkhi, I have a jolla1 and I’m trying to connect a bluetooth headset to it. it pairs fine and it also shows it being connected. when I place a call, it looks like it’s using the headset: the icon for choosing between headset and loudspeaker is there. but it doesn’t work: the other person can’t hear me, I can’t hear them. sailwave, an audio streaming client, just plays its sound via13:31
henkthe loudspeaker of the phone. The headset is a "supreme in" from teufel. I know bluetooth audio works in general because it works in my car. I have no idea what to do to get that to work or find more info what might be the issue, I’m just assuming that the headset is "too new", whatever that may mean. Any advice what to do?13:31
henkNico1: is there a community port for the jolla1?13:34
Nico1henk: Not sure, I heard someone wanted to do it, but nothing more :D13:37
henkI only found so far13:38
HengYeDev[m]in my app how do I download things to the "Transfers" in settings?13:59
HengYeDev[m]I see the browser uses that14:00
HengYeDev[m]The browser uses <transferengineinterface.h>, but how do i import that14:19
Nico1libnemotransferengine-qt5-devel ?14:21
Nico1Alternatively, there also seems to be a qml api?14:21
HengYeDev[m]<Nico1 "Alternatively, there also seems "> it's not on the sailfish developer page...seems underdocumented, as well as the Sailifish.Media api14:22
Nico1Well, those are not allowed in harbour and not stable yet, afaik14:23
HengYeDev[m]what about
HengYeDev[m]seems allowed14:29
HengYeDev[m] * seems allowed (
HengYeDev[m]will performance take a hit since its not native?14:29
Nico1Those are native libs. Sailfish.Media just adds a few extras15:11
HengYeDev[m]for push notifications is it necessary to run a background service?18:44
Nico1I wanted to package UnifiedPush for Sailfish at some point, but I barely have any freetime atm18:45
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EA3ICN> <Nico1> Well, those are not allowed in harbour and not stable yet, afaik18:48
EA3ICNWhats the difference between harbour and a normal app?18:48
HengYeDev[m]harbour is the jolla store18:49
HengYeDev[m]so it means that the app will not be allowed in the jolla store18:49
Nico1You don't need a service to run your app as a background service, HengYeDev. You can just detach your app and only close the window. Your user needs to start the app once then.18:49
HengYeDev[m]ok that will work but you can't start on boot18:51
Nico1It's what I currently use18:51
henkI’m trying to debug a bluetooth problem on my jolla1. Can anyone advise what (log)files to look at, where there might be anything interesting?18:51
Nico1Probably everything is in journalctl?18:53
henkNico1: oh, I tried as user "nemo", not root, so it returned nothing m( thanks18:55
HengYeDev[m]<Nico1 "It's what I currently use"> so I catch a signal and end the QGuiApplication? or do i fork, detach, and kill parent?18:59
Nico1You do this:
HengYeDev[m]that's all?19:01
henk is what happens when I enable bluetooth in the phone and then when the headset is connected. definitely looks like this might be at least a if not the problem. does anyone happen to have any ideas about any of that?19:01
Nico1well, you need to implement the whole dbus interface, but otherwise, mostly, yes19:01
Nico1henk: That looks like your error, but no idea, what it means :D19:03
Nico1You could try asking the guys in #sailfishos-porters or post it on the forum, I guess?19:03
henkNico1: thanks19:12

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