Thursday, 2021-07-08

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HengYeDev[m]is sailfish secrets allowed in harbour19:47
HengYeDev[m]` Cannot require shared library: ''`19:53
HengYeDev[m]so even offical libraries aren't allowed19:54
Nico1I don't think so yet, but I think you can use the dbus API instead to work around that19:54
HengYeDev[m]it says dbus is unstable19:54
Nico1(The API is still unstable)19:54
Nico1Well, all the secrets APIs are unstable, but at least dbus doesn't prevent you from appearing in harbour :319:54
HengYeDev[m]what if i put the .so file with my rpm19:55
Nico1You can do that19:55
Nico1(But it may become incompatible with the Sailfish secret store with an update)19:56
HengYeDev[m]is there API reference for sailfish secrets? i can only find an example in the repo, but not a complete reference? need i go digging in the code?20:27
HengYeDev[m]code also doesn't seem very explanatory20:28
Nico1No, the API isn't released yet20:28
HengYeDev[m]the qt api?20:29
Nico1(And it is very awkward imo)20:29
Nico1Sailfish secrets as a whole20:29
piggzHengYeDev[m]: do what i do in advanced camera ... dynamic load all libs that are not allowed :D20:33
HengYeDev[m]very nice20:35
HengYeDev[m]<piggz "HengYeDev: do what i do in advan"> however that requires the library to already be on the device?20:50
HengYeDev[m]is secrets preinstalled?20:57
HengYeDev[m]is there a maximum length for sailfish secrets? i'm thinking of storing a large cache in there for data-at-rest protection23:48
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