Friday, 2021-07-09

HengYeDev[m]In sailfish secrets is it possible to edit a secret? When I try StoreSecretRequest with the same identifier I get:13:03
HengYeDev[m]`failed to store secret: Sailfish::Secrets::Result::ErrorCode(DatabaseQueryError) "Unable to execute insert secret query: UNIQUE constraint failed: Secrets.CollectionName, Secrets.SecretName Unable to fetch row`13:03
HengYeDev[m]seems same as error but no solution there13:03
HengYeDev[m]i could delete the secret first but not sure if thats a good practice13:10
attahpiggz: sneaky!13:35
piggzattah: and :)13:38
attahi do the same with a bit of QML (:13:40
*** phlixi is now known as Guest31516:10
lbtPSA: is now operational on the OBS. Please let me know of any issues20:11
attahnice, now i just have to learn OBS20:16
lbtit's easy :)20:20
attahi might just hold you to that at some point ;)20:20
henkwhat’s OBS?20:21
malopen build system
lbtwhen I fix webhooks it's a no-brainer20:35
piggzattah: take advantage so we can keep it for > 12 months20:42
piggzive just finished the 4.1 builds of kf5 and amazfish ... will make people happy20:47
attahwould have been cool to make a calligra build from latest20:48
attahi have to sleep... but perhaps something for next week, as today was unexpectedly productive for SeaPrint20:52
piggzattah: today is suddenly productive for all my ports/apps21:09
malpiggz: now devel common should be also ok22:09
piggzmal: t5 is building, amazfish has a tricky issue to solve in its .spec22:10
piggzbut, its late22:10
piggzmal: any thoughts about how to alter the BuildRequres based on sfos version?22:11
piggzi dont think the methods by either vige or Thaodan work22:13
piggzmaybe i should just support latest22:13
malpiggz: why do you need to support many versions like that?22:23
piggzmal: cos i want to be awesome and support everyone!22:23

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