Saturday, 2021-07-17

riniguspiggz: so what that it is more jolla controlled - should be OK? you could also ask to be maintainer for it and take it from there10:33
riniguslbt: we would need permissions for sailfishos:chum as well. idea is to promote from :testing to chum proper. any tips on how to promote? osc and just copy/sync?10:34
MalinuxDoes anyone know of a native mp3 player that let's me shuffle songs in a playlist?13:30
piggzrinigus: is it not sunny where you are?13:32
riniguspiggz: it is tooo sunny. rather hot over here which makes you stay in the shade13:33
riniguspiggz: just made hopefully last change in PR - added missing ssu command13:34
riniguson my side, most is done with chum. would have to deal with hunspell and presage databases, but other packages that I wanted to add are added13:35
rinigusif we get readme fixed for the first version, we could add description to FSO and let's hope it will take off13:36
riniguspiggz: ^13:36
HengYeDev[m]In silica is there something similar to the android "toast" to indicate that an action has completed?14:28
attahHengYeDev[m]: I use this
attahFor me that only publishes old-style slim bars on the top, but that was good enough14:46
attahNot sure if it can be convinced to do any of the more modern notification types14:46
* HengYeDev[m] < >14:54
attahI use it like this
piggzrinigus: spending the day (trying to ) welding16:03
riniguspiggz: now that's more for colder time, isn't it? enjoy16:05

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