Sunday, 2021-07-18

fridlHaha, I wanted to ask you people here yesterday something about OBS in this IRC, but accidentally asked in the openSUSE chat. lol. And I realized only as I couldn't find my question in the log.09:14
fridlIs it very naive to think I could package a python package for sailfish like described here: ?09:39
fridland is this the right way to set a alias for osc when using it with the sfos obs? alias sfosc="osc -A"09:39
rinigusfridl: I have a section [] in .oscrc with user and email specified. for hosts with aliases (suse obs), I define "aliases" key as well09:55
fridlso is the right endpoint?09:56
rinigusit still works. not sure what is the "right" one09:56
fridlok. I think it does not make a great difference.09:59
rinigusas for python packaging - no idea.10:00
riniguslbt: ping. would you mind giving permissions to sailfishos:chum as well? or make a separate project sailfishos:chum:release and let us work there?10:02
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attahkarry: o/13:06

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