Monday, 2021-07-19

lbtrinigus: done11:22
lbtthe "right" api url is :)11:22
lbtyears ago there were two distinct urls, api and build - they got merged11:22
lbtah fridl has gone11:23
lbtfor reference:
mallbt: did the page with list of webhooks still exist?11:25
lbt ?11:26
mallbt: btw, this has url with merproject
lbtnot sure how correct it is11:27
* lbt rolls eyes at the wiki11:28
mallbt: what webhook page wants me to login and not sure if I should even have account for that11:28
lbtyou can't login11:28
lbtso no, seems not11:28
lbterm.... it's a privacy feature :D11:28
* lbt runs away11:28
malI was just thinking of checking if any of my projects had incorrect or obsolete webhooks11:29
malbut not really that important11:29
lbtall webhooks are owned by the bot11:30
lbtso it's hard to do anything like that11:30
lbtand listing them all is just a huge list - so it'd need some filtering etc etc11:31
lbtyou could reasonably easily use the osc tool to pull back the service files and check them locally11:31
mallbt: I remember there at least used to be the problem that removing webhook from service file didn't really remove it, not sure if it would update it if changed to something else11:33
lbtmmm - yes11:33
malthat was the point of checking for obsolete webhooks11:34
lbtI'll probably have to deal with that as it arises - but yes, very valid point11:34
lbtinternally we delete webhooks using boss under certain situations11:35
malI hope those webhook can update if set to something else even if removing won't work11:35
lbtI suspect I'll need to do that here too - when boss is updated on community11:35
lbtyes, that will work11:35
malbecause I did copied a package with webhook to another name and after that changed the urls11:36
lbtwhich package11:37
malso it updated the url, good11:40
lbt     master    nemo:devel:hw:fairphone:fp3   droid-config-fp311:40
lbtyes - essentially there is only one hook per prj/pkg pair11:40
lbtafk for a bit11:40
riniguslbt: thank you very much!11:41
rinigusI will then populate chum as well. then we just need piggz to go through PR at github and we can announce chum repos properly11:42
mallbt: is the payload url now supposed to be that ?11:42
malon github webhook page11:42

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