Friday, 2021-07-23

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lbtpiggz: where on the forum?07:25
piggzlbt: .... the biggest discussion is ont he meaning of "chum" and whether its appropriate :/07:26
lbtahhh ... I just saw that and replied07:26
lbtrinigus: you mentioned github stuff for chum...  I can't see a link in the logs ... is that potentially a sane place for a maintainer list (maybe a wiki)07:28
rinigusissue for maintainers and software link at
riniguswe are thinking on how to automate it...07:30
riniguslooks like it should be possible to write a script that generates the list. especially if we add some appropriate tags to description at OBS (is it a lib, app, and so on). also it would help to have proper title for the package07:31
rinigusat OBS, so we could pull that too07:31
riniguslbt: ^07:31
riniguswork-in-planning right now07:32
malrinigus: did you notice the latest comment in that forum thread?13:19
rinigusmal: just saw it. you mean wakeup from suspend? sounds like red herring to me. although uninstall instructions are needed13:23
rinigusmal: btw, uninstall will hit
riniguscan someone with ssu expertise look into that issue?13:23
malrinigus: what happens if you do "touch /usr/share/ssu/features.d" after removing the file13:33
malor "touch /usr/share/ssu/features.d/*"13:34
rinigusmal: will check that tonight. but I expect removal would change folder mod time.13:34
rinigusthe second option (with files) could lead to something different13:35
riniguswill have to check13:35
malI remember some magic like that for dconf13:36
malrinigus: for reference
malrinigus: check the line 63813:37
malsome cache remains so the repos won't disappear easily13:38
malwhich means you probably some similar %post in your spec13:38
rinigusmal: so, instead of fixing ssu it was preferred to work around it :)13:39
malseems like it :)13:42
malnot sure what would be needed for ssu13:42
malrinigus: ssu is open source, go fix it :D13:43
malprobably not very common issue to happen in normal use13:43
rinigusmal: I was hit by it earlier when testing those self-hosted port repos. so, in 2021. but it is not very common, indeed13:45
piggzmal: do you have any submissions for chum?14:54
malpiggz: nothing I can think of14:58

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