Monday, 2021-07-26

abrReally happy to see apps finally in the chum repo! It's been waiting there for a long long time.08:48
abrThough I expected that when that happened they'd be using these automatically generated projects:
piggzabr: feel free to chip in with ideas/help09:53
rinigusabr: it seemed to be easier to keep an eye on one project instead of many, as it is with those subprojects11:42
abrrinigus: yeah makes sense. we should probably clean those up eventually then.11:49
abrone big gain is only having one repo for all those apps instead of adding one for each developer on openrepos. each extra one makes the repo refresh take a little bit longer11:50
abrI'd wondered about appstream for the metadata format too, as I had to package the glib thing for it when playing with flatpak. But I agree it's probably overkill and too much pain for lots of unused features. An extra yaml file bundled with the spec would do the job just as well.12:02
abrIt might even be a possibility to coordinate that with the store metadata somehow too, so devs don't have to replicate the same data.12:02
rinigusabr: I guess we will figure it out eventually :) . I hope to generate the initial list from obs data and maybe some from RPM SPEC. but haven't had time to do that and will probably not have any in the next few weeks.12:47
piggzabr: was abranson taken?13:24
pherjungHey! I'd like to create an account for sailfishos:chum. My username is pherjung and my address is ping lbt14:53
pherjungthank you :)14:53
piggzrinigus: should i promote phototools?19:59
riniguspiggz: I think so, as it looks to compile just fine21:22
piggzrinigus: ok21:28
piggzrinigus: you want me to tackle maintainre.yaml? do you ahve an idea how you want it implemented?21:31
riniguspiggz: sure, if you wish. not much of ideas, I was mainly thinking of pulling meta from OBS via osc and then parsing it to get maintainers for packages. would also give package "human name", description...21:33
piggzk, ill have a think21:34
piggzi understand your away fro a few weeks21:34
riniguspiggz:  I am - but with some net access.21:37
rinigusgetting late over here, gn21:38
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