Tuesday, 2021-07-27

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fridlmuerinigus: The new packages in chum have a prefix "openrepos-". Somehow "harbour-" is common, is openrepos as prefix also common? Isn't it a kind of confusing in chum? (Just a thought)11:25
rinigusfridlmue: it depends on the author. in this case, slava has 2 variants of the software - one for openrepos and one for store. due to the store restrictions11:26
pherjungI'm trying QML Live, but it doesn't work. I'm testing this project (https://github.com/foolsbazar/sailfish-ease-vkb), had to adapt the spec file and I can run it on the emulator.11:39
pherjungBut QML Live won't connect to the host (emulator is running on virtualbox)11:39
pherjungand I'm using SDK 3.5.711:40
pherjungWhat do I wrong? Thanks in advance11:40
fridlmueringius: hmm, ok.11:40
EA3ICNDoes anyone know when the next update for the 10 ii is coming out?12:25
fridlmueEA3ICN: I think no one can tell a ETA. But the last translation round has a deadline till end of month. So I would say later then that. ;-)12:37
EA3ICNOof... It's getting hard with many of the bugs on the 10 ii12:45
EA3ICNHope they release some fixes soon12:46
EA3ICNIs there a specific reason why Jolla doesn't release bug patches more frequently?12:46
ViGepherjung: Have you tried following the tutorial in https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Tutorial_-_QML_Live_Coding_With_Qt_QmlLive ?12:46
pherjungViGe: Yes, but perhaps I'm doing something wrong12:47
pherjungOr there are some problem with the project12:47
pherjungI'll try once again12:48
pherjungI finally tried with another project (exemple given by community news from the 15th July) and it works...13:24
pherjungSo there should be a problem with the project or something else13:25
pherjungok, I'm sorry13:27
pherjungI just didn't understood how QML Live worked. My bad13:27
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pherjungOk, I understand a bit more how QML Live works. Does the app have to run so that QML Live works? With the project sailfish-ease-vkb, host remains offline13:36

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