Monday, 2021-08-02

attahpiggz: so... what are the chances for a "chum for chumps" write-up?17:43
piggzattah: in what way, from a dev perspective, ie, build on obs?18:35
attahlike a bit of hand holding, hello-world as a project, basic rpm spec and some  links to where to read more... a few screenshots of OBS and so on18:36
attahthere are few pieces of software i can't figure out... but OBS - i haven't got the foggiest where to even begin18:41
piggzattah: sure, will help, let me eatfirst19:03
attahno hurry, definitely doesn't have to be today19:04
attahor rather, other days are even preferred... first day back at work after vacation so my brain is extra mushy :)19:05
attah(i tried to understand OBS a few times before, but got nowhere then either)19:06
piggzattah: so, do you have an account?19:10
piggzattah: so, what would you like to build ... i recon we can quickly do this tonight without hurting your head at all19:14
attahsure, let's try19:15
attahi was going to try for Eralng/OTP... but i haven't dug up a rpm spec yet19:15
attahwould SeaPrint work as an example?19:15
piggzsure, whats its github url19:16
piggzattah: so, 1) click "create package"19:18
piggzgive it a name, eg, harbour-seaprint19:18
attahunder home project?19:18
piggzthen, click "add file"19:18
piggzthere are 2 ways to do the net bit .. ill do the easier way first, then ill explain how i do it....19:20
piggzcreate test file on your computer called _service with the content from
attahsounds good19:20
piggzin the add file page, add that file19:20
piggzand, that is about all you need to do!19:20
attahi think i'll want to change branch, no?19:21
piggzthats up to you19:21
piggzyou can also specify git revision etc19:21
piggzor a tag19:22
attahbut hybris-17 will not resolve right?19:22
piggzoh,, yes,19:22
piggzremove that!19:22
attahjust nuke the line?19:22
piggzkeep the line, put master in19:22
attahokay, uploaded19:23
attahoh, and i should have named it something special, shouldn't i?19:23
attahah... mu irc client easting underscores :(19:24
attahwow, more files appeared19:25
piggznow its building19:26
piggznd its failed, becuase your .spec dosnnt specify correct build requires :)19:27
piggzit found a bug :D19:27
attahi guess it still uses yaml19:27
piggzim pretty sure OBS wont use yaml ... when we added a project without a spec, just a yaml it complained19:28
attahbut none the less, proof of concept achieved19:29
attahthank you19:29
piggzyou can do other things, like create subprojects.19:29
piggzi have sub-projects for certain packages19:29
piggzyou can click the "trigger service" button to re-trigger fetching source19:30
piggzand, on the list of options, if you click advanced, and click "meta" ... you can edit the project config xml manually19:31
piggzits easier to add build targets there, instead of through the UI19:31
piggzsee the meta forone of mine
attahhmmm, currently i have none it seems... but it still built?19:33
piggzyou have 2 targets19:33
piggzone is misconfigured though19:33
piggztargets are in the project, not that package19:33
piggzincase you clicked meta in the project19:33
attahstill don't see that meta button for "not the package"19:36
attahactually, that too ran away19:36
attahi got logged out, but logged in again... and now they are gonesky19:36
attahnevermind.. advanced mode19:36
piggzyup :P19:37
piggzattah: when you are happy a package can build ok, and want to add it to chum:testing, click "submit package" and enter "sailfishos:chum:testing" as the destination19:38
attahwill do... i need me some Erlang on the phone19:39
attahand maybe this
piggzsure, add some packaging fr them, and im sure they can be added no problem19:40
attahpiggz: success!
attahthank you20:07
piggzattah: gr8, now add targets for aarch64/i486 :)20:08
piggzattah: so, are you fully on-board now, get the benefits?20:17
attahwe'll have to see (:20:17
attahbut yes, i'm definitely up and running20:18
attahsince i don't have any fancy dependencies i guess i'm just at the basic level... but it's already pretty neat20:18
attah(i.e. docker and github actions could do it too)20:19
piggzattah: much easier to have zypper repos than docker/actions i assume?20:27
piggzif you had a bunch of things you wanted to package, you could just add the repo to your device with zypper ar, and install20:27
attahyes, that end of things is definitely better20:28
attahi remember reading that GitHub now had "packages" or whatever for releases.... but it was all just hipster BS :P20:29

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