Tuesday, 2021-08-03

flypigattah, piggz, any chance you could write up your conversation for the forum? It's a really useful walkthrough.07:35
piggzflypig: sure08:04
flypigsuper, thanks :)08:05
flypigMaybe there's a page somewhere (on TJC?) that summarises it so well, but if there is I've never seen it.08:06
riniguspiggz: maybe add it to chum github as a separate starter help as well?08:09
piggzrinigus: in readme, or new doc?08:11
rinigusilpianista: replied to your submission requests at OBS, see there. we shouldn't use webhook at chum as it will start updating without any interaction in testing. which would make all process bit out of control08:11
riniguspiggz: new doc, I think. and just link to it from readme08:11
piggzbtw, im not getting notification email from obs, did you have to enable it?08:12
riniguspiggz: I do get notifications, but not always. it was enabled by default or maybe I did that earlier...08:36
piggzrinigus: flypig: https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/pull/17/files09:06
flypigpiggz, great! Do you mind if I make comments?09:08
piggzflypig: absolutely not09:09
flypigpiggz, 👍, will do so then 🙂09:10
riniguspiggz: I will be able to look at it later tonight.09:10
piggzflypig: any packages youd l ike to submit?09:14
flypigYes :) Definitely. But their projects need restructuring a bit first, and... well, I need to find the time.09:15
flypigI'm on vacation in a couple of weeks, so hopefully then.09:15
flypigpiggz, I added some comments, but it's really clear and nice.09:29
flypigI think the main thing is just that the XML formatting gets messed up in markdown.09:29
piggzflypig: oh, i tried it in a markdown previewer and it looked ok¬09:35
flypigMaybe github does something peculiar? I was checking against this: https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/blob/888eb49d4cfc49dbad8bab9e3ceb5a2ec5d99d82/GettingStarted.md09:38
piggzflypig: oh yeah, that looks dreadful :D09:46
piggznot at all like on https://markdownlivepreview.com/09:46
flypig:( I guess markdown isn't exactly a standard.09:47
piggzflypig: github uses GFM ... Github Flavoured markdown, FFS :D10:15
piggzflypig: view https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/edit/starter/GettingStarted.md?pr=%2Fsailfishos-chum%2Fmain%2Fpull%2F1710:27
flypigpiggz, this is great, but I'm afraid the code blocks are now messing up the remaining items in the last which follow them. I'm not sure what the solution is I'm afraid.10:33
piggzflypig: https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/blob/5a4a4a14f5b1d4caa53b43c697ec1558c8c032b8/GettingStarted.md11:43
flypigThis is a great resource, thanks piggz.11:50
piggzflypig: do you want to copy for the forum, or link when its merged?11:50
flypigIt's entirely up to you, but my personal preference would be a link; having two copies seems like a recipe for divergence.11:51
piggzsure, youll just have to wait till this evenging then :)11:51
flypigNo worries. In my experience the OBS docs are a bit hard to get started with so this is filling an important gap, but it's been like that for a while, so another day won't hurt :)11:55
piggzrinigus ... wondering if we should also add a chum-maintainers doc? currently, im thinking of a checkist of things to look out for in submissions13:22
riniguspiggz: good idea! Also we probably should add that webhooks are not allowed as well as handling of updates14:11
piggzrinigus: thats what i was thinking of, as you mentioned webhooks this morning, so i went through the 5 requests to check for them14:12
rinigusI.e. developers are made maintainers of packages in :testing and can then submit from testing to chum. Thus, updates are easier on us :)14:14
riniguspiggz: I guess its license, fixed version in service, no webhook, no odd binary upload. Anything else to check?14:15
piggzrinigus: looks like a good starting point14:16
riniguspiggz: I'll be next to pc in 1-2 hours, then can read your text from the morning. But sounds like you already went through it :)14:18
piggzrinigus: in 2-3 hrs ill be on my mtb!14:19
piggzso, i can review the maintainers doc you add ;)14:19
rinigusSounds like a plan :)14:20
riniguspiggz: will take a bit longer with writing a list. as for OBS email - check spam. I have a list of them there17:06
poetasterlbt? you about?19:37
poetasterobs question (or 2)19:37
piggzrinigus: im getting mail now i enabled notifications19:41
piggzlots of spam while riding tonight :D19:41
riniguspiggz: no wonder, ilpianista did a great job!19:42
rinigusstarting to look into that maintainers list19:43
poetastercan anyone advise how to organise obs projects/sub-projects?19:49
riniguspoetaster: what in particular? usually you try to collect into a same project apps/libs that are related via dependencies. or some other logical way of partitioning19:54
poetasterok. that sounds about right. I'm using subprojects for clearly 'unrelated' apps.19:55
rinigusin my case, one of the projects is "maps" (pure maps and osm scout server and a zoo of dependencies)19:55
poetasterI've got my 'trivial' weather app now added the tidings rss reader and noticed there were some redundant steps.19:56
riniguspoetaster: if you have just a bunch of apps that are not related but don't need many dependencies, I think it is just as fine to keep them in the same project19:56
poetasteroh. hmm. ok, i've gone down the sub-projects road.19:56
poetasterbut it's probably good sanitation.19:57
rinigusin principle, whatever keeps you happy19:57
poetasterah, less work ;)19:57
poetasteranother question. it seems that 486 builds are not supported but the arm7 and aarch64?19:57
riniguspoetaster: it may depend on SFOS version. but I think large fraction of latest ones should be fine for 486 as well. see https://build.merproject.org/project/show/sailfishos:chum for config (in advanced/meta)20:01
poetasterI'm in a bit of a quandry anyhow since I'm still only working on 3.4 (I only have non-supported devices).20:02
poetasterOk, I'll have a look at the chum meta and see what I can manage.20:02
poetasterdamn: Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: concurrent xml - https://build.sailfishos.org/package/live_build_log/home:poetaster:tidings/harbour-tidings/sailfish_latest_aarch64/aarch6420:03
attahyesterday i learned.... that means missing BuildRequires20:04
poetasterAh! attah! How goes!20:04
attahpretty good, back to work this week20:05
poetasterrinigus! that chum meta seems to suggest all is there !20:05
attahprinter hoard +1 soon20:05
attahwhat about yourself?20:05
riniguspoetaster: some older versions are missing, as far as I know20:06
poetasterattah: I'm well, was back to work yesterday ;< modular synth hoard +1 tomorrow :) so I'm back in fun mode.20:06
attahnice :)20:06
poetasterrinigus: 3.4 and up is great.20:06
poetasterAttah: did you manage something fun for a vacation?20:07
poetasterAttah: a requires like: Requires:   qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel maybe?20:09
attahparents lives down by the coast, so basically free summer home - nice food etc, can't complain20:10
attahI had to add this for a similar error with QtSvg https://github.com/attah/harbour-seaprint/blob/33388dd4fb91084d9f245dc605163d2d32b4ae6a/rpm/harbour-seaprint.spec#L1520:11
poetastercool. ditto. we were three weeks boarding house grandma on the baltic.20:11
attahvery nice20:11
poetasterI even managed to fly some kites :)20:12
attahmust have had some pretty good winds with all this warm weather moving around20:13
attahAlso this https://www.swedenzipline.com/sv20:13
poetasterAh, fun. I went climbing with my son one day. Just in the trees but with the usual traps and bits.20:15
poetasterattah: have you got all your builds working on obs?20:17
poetaster(I've only tried 2 so far).20:17
attahjust got seaprint running only yesterday20:17
attahby pestering piggz20:18
poetasterthat's timing:) I'd pestered lbt a month ago, but just got to it yesterday.20:18
attahthe other ones are quite trivial, so i suspect they would work with at most the same treatment20:18
piggzjust implementing attah's suggestions on the guide20:18
poetasterI've got 4 apps with python library depends that might break obs :)20:19
attahi have had access for some year(s), but never got started20:19
poetasterI didn't want to dissapoint lbt (or piggz!)20:20
poetasterSince I've 'inherited' a bunch of maintenance, I thought I'd try to get it out there 'beyond' github20:20
attahI'm still trying to figure out what i want for my apps... but i do want to add some more "regular" packages to chum20:23
poetasteranyone know where QT: concurrent xml lives (QT5XML is where I'd put it:)20:23
attahisn't that concurrent *and* XML?20:24
poetasteryeah, I believe you're right.20:24
poetasterI hadn't even heard of chum till today, but it sounded like a good idea and since lbt had done the work (and piggz told me I should do it ;)20:25
attahcongratulations, you apparently have a life20:26
attahevidence that i do not: https://forum.sailfishos.org/badges/47/devotee20:26
poetasterjeez. I'm bad. really. I'm way to verbose for forums. but you're worse ;)20:27
poetasterat least you don't spam threads like me ;<20:27
attahsome might not agree (:20:28
attahalso, what spam?20:28
poetasterah, well, not really spam, but too much thinking aloud.20:28
poetasterQtConcurrent and QtXml should do it without the 5, or?20:30
attahthat's what i found on google... but i honestly don't know20:30
poetasterI don't feel good about pounding obs with test runs.20:33
attahsame, but more apprehensive about web traffic20:34
poetasterpresumably an issue first when people start using chum, or?20:35
attahCPU usage should be fine now though...20:35
attahsure, on the package end... but i was thinking humongous repos20:35
attahlike if i throw in fastboot which has half of Android as deps, but just use a few files from all over20:36
poetasteroh. let's not do that. :)20:36
attahif that's not a shallow clone, people might have a bad time20:37
poetasterummm. I'm a mere application developer. I leave booting the device to the mea culpa devs.20:38
attahi can't do anything useful there either20:38
poetasterah, my impression was that if we 'bother' to add our projects to obs it will be of benefit to jolla, too.20:39
attahi just made the fastboot client application build outside the Android build system, just with Make... so i could try to troubleshoot the USB3 issues20:39
attah(but found nothing whatsoever)20:40
poetasteroh, dear. what are you working on!!! I like usb 1.1 (or was that 1.2?)20:40
attahi guess community porters benefit the most, and who doesn't like those guys? (:20:41
attahmost USB3 ports seems to not work for unlocking/flashing phones20:41
poetasterlove and cherish.20:41
attahthe phone goes out of sync and throws "unknown command" etc20:41
poetasterI wonder if I've seen that before. I'm so conservative, I'm not sure I even support usb3 in my kernels.20:42
poetasterIntel: 6 Series/C200 does that do 3?20:44
poetasteryes it does. lshw says so. Hmmmm.20:44
attahThe datasheet i found said it didn't but i trust lshw more20:45
poetasterI've always managed with my thinkpad and the vollaphone (and gigaset gs290/gx290), fairphone20:45
attahdo you have blue usb ports? :P20:45
poetaster(fumbles for a light switch)20:45
poetasterthinkpad's docked, so I have lots of ports. none of them are blue.20:46
attahWhat cpu generation?20:46
poetasterIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M20:47
attahHmmm, that's early20:48
poetaster pkgconfig(Qt5Xml) and Qt5Concurrent worked.20:48
attahprobably it doesn't20:48
attahMy previous was 4th gen, and it only had a few USB3 ports20:48
poetasteryeah, I like my old x220 and x230 machines. relatively slow, but reliable in every regard.20:48
attahthey don't make things like they used to, indeed20:49
* attah looks at Thinkpad R6020:49
attah4:3-display mater race20:50
poetaster16:9 is a pox!20:51
attahwell, at 32'' it starts being reasonable20:51
attahi should sleep... nice talking to you! good luck and good night20:53
poetasterI'm off too, thanks! You've got me one step further!20:53

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