Wednesday, 2021-08-04

piggzattah: rinigus: pls see updated starter branch to see if it implements your comments07:02
riniguspiggz: looks good for me.08:09
rinigusWill be next to pc in later today. Feel free to merge. My text will be submitted after that, would have to rebase to starter branch after merging08:12
piggzflypig: you can now link to the documentation for OBS14:45
riniguspiggz: PR submitted15:04
riniguslooks like we need to update chum repo link in FSO post - see last post15:05
piggzyeah, just seen15:08
poetasterringus, maybe we can save some forum lines and do obs conforming lib depends here.16:26
poetasternifty work guys, btw. I'm trying to feed the beast.16:30
poetasterhmmm. BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libjpeg) causes the build to fail in the SDK.16:37 is there but libjpeg isn't I'm a bit off. libmagic doesn't work without libjpeg. Ah. Details.16:46
riniguspoetaster: yes, we can17:18
poetasterI know you can :)17:18
rinigus... catching up ...17:19
poetasterI managed to get the buildRequires for tidings working without conflicts in obs, but those were Qt5 depends.17:19
riniguspoetaster: so, which app do we look at? ? the buildrequires still is missing libjpeg buildrequires17:21
poetasterI didn't git commit since it broke my local build.17:22
rinigusand how did it break builds on SDK?17:22
poetaster'pkgconfig(libjpeg)' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.17:22
rinigushmm, I wonder if it was something else in sdk 3.217:23
poetasterI did the last builds in 3.4 and just upgraded to 3.5. so maybe it's 'now' broken locally?17:24
riniguspoetaster: it is not necessary libjpeg. try to add those buildrequires one by one. I suspect some of them are with a bit different provides17:25
poetasterOk. Reverting the spec get's me build/install/run operational.17:27
riniguspoetaster: regarding chum submissions - please remove webhook and specify revision in _service files. your last submissions still have webhook17:28
riniguspoetaster: now add one by one :)17:29
poetasteroops. was following lbt's quide.17:32
poetasterlibtiff/libfreetype seem to be the problem17:33
poetasterI don't quite get the version. I was assuming this was driven by release tags pushing a webhook? Is this pull?17:35
riniguspoetaster: if we accept webhooks in chum, we will get packages updated as soon as you add new git tag. so, we could suddenly get packages breaking in chum => not good17:38
rinigusre version: just specify git tag or its commit id as "release"17:39
poetasterah, ok, update meta in obs when I release a new tag on github?17:39
riniguspoetaster: no, you will update _service. see example at
rinigusnotice "revision" in it17:40
poetasterI ONLY use tags for releases, so I guess I'm not the tooling tool you have to account for.17:41
poetasterok. so remove the webhook service parts, leave tar_git, add revision.17:41
poetasterdoes give me control of when chum gets stuff. hmmm.17:42
poetasterSo, actually, 'I' could probably leave webhooks. Aw, common guys, make an exception for me (just kidding!)17:43
riniguspoetaster: if you use git tags, you could put those in _service. that would work just fine.17:48
rinigusas soon as we get the version in :testing, we will make you maintainer of your package. later, on update, you would just change revision and would then submit from chum:testing to chum17:49
poetasteryeah, it just means one more step for every release. git build uploads, harbour build uploads, open repos uploads, obs edit (minimal, I grant)17:50
piggzpoetaster: i use git tags in the <revision> param, its fine17:50
poetastersure, it's just not the lazy programmers ideal :)17:50
poetasterthe sb2 command. what context is that/17:50
piggzits certainly something to think about ... for now, you should have specific releases in chum, and in your home repo, keep the webook for automatic dev builds17:51
riniguspoetaster: ideally, we should get to the phase where chum compilation would trigger update at openrepos. to keep us lazy devs happy17:52
poetasterok. have to figure out how to structure that. I have subprojects (since some things will end up with library builds).17:52
piggzpoetaster: btw, we have some fresh documentation to skim through on the github project .. you;d be a good candidate for going through it and working out if its ok/makes sense17:52
poetasteralready on screen :)17:53
poetasterso, if I've understood correctly, once in chum, it's a separate pkg and the webook can be put back in place in the subprojects under my home?17:55
riniguspoetaster: yes, that's correct17:56
poetasterok. cool. on it. and sb2?17:57
riniguspoetaster: sorry - what was about sb2? you mean the command I used in FSO?17:59
poetasterI'm trying to track down what provides libtiff and libfreetype18:00
poetasterok, first switch to tag succeeds. I'll re-submit the pkgs as the builds succeed.18:00
poetasterI noticed the rpmlinting was producing a bunch of different output than customary for the sdk.18:01
poetasterI could just ssh to the phone and see what rpm searching tells me :)18:02
riniguspoetaster: that was running on HADK. you could ssh to phone and search with zypper. or to SDK build engine (virtual machine or docker)18:04
poetasterso, just to be clear. the packages in chum are no longer the packages in my home. so, once the packages are in chum, my packages can reverted to webhooks.18:08
poetasterI think this could be improved upon.18:08
riniguspoetaster: yes, package in chum can differ from your package. they are different18:09
poetastergot it, thanks.18:10
poetasterafter the initial effort, it's minimal. getting this into openrepos would be great.18:12
poetasterhmmm. looks like I need to be explicit:
poetasternope. but providers for libtiff and freetype are there, but specifying them doesn't get me there.18:19
poetasterstrange. libtiff No provider of 'pkgconfig(libtiff)' found. that's not what zypper says.18:22
poetasterok, never mind. I'm on it. it's gonna get hairy with the frei0r libs for ffmpeg :)18:23
rinigusIf we can get these libs to chum, you could just add them as dependency and handle as you do with libjpeg18:36

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