Thursday, 2021-08-05

flypigpiggz, I just saw your message. Thanks again, for putting together the OBS doc (thanks rinigus and attah too). I'll certainly be linking to it!06:51
riniguspiggz: thanks for merging! turned out that link was wrong in README - I fixed it and committed directly to master10:02
piggzrinigus: i used it on the latest request10:05
riniguspiggz: nice!10:07
piggzrinigus: license didnt match ... maybe nitpicky :D10:08
riniguspiggz: yes, I saw. classic mal - type of nitpick :)10:09
piggzrinigus: shame dcaliste isnt logged on ... he may not be getting obs notifications10:28
piggzi dont think theyre on by default10:28
malrinigus: oh, there a special nicpick type named after me :)11:11
poetastersticks and stones!11:12
poetastermal, maybe you know how I can get BuildRequires pkgconfig(libtiff) going with obs?11:12
malpoetaster: can you show the project11:13
poetasterhmm, the repo doesn't have the spec update yet since it breaks builds in the SDK, but:
poetasterBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(libjpeg), for instance, added to the spec, works, but I can't get libtiff and libfreetype.11:15
malpoetaster: it might be libtiff-411:15
piggzmal: poetaster it is11:16
piggzi just checked on device11:16
maland freetype211:16
poetasterah, I had just tried: zypper info --provides libtiff11:17
poetaster (which returns libtiff) ...11:17
malpoetaster: just a hint for the future, check the spec file of those packages and
poetasterah, cool, thanks.11:17
piggzpoetaster: should have been libtiff-devel11:17
malor rpm -ql libtiff-devel to see what files it lists11:18
piggzpoetaster: process for working out ...1)  high level search "zypper se tiff" 2) jot down libtiff-devel 3) check what it provides zypper info --provides libtiff-devel11:18
malmany ways to check it11:19
poetasterjo, I thought I had tried devel.11:21
poetasterOk, that works. python libs with c dependancies and harbour lint clear. Now I'll try it on obs.11:21
poetasterpiggz: you figure out what the issue was with the 4.1 586 repo?11:23
poetastersigh. still doesn't work on obs.11:30
piggzpoetaster: in your meta config, you are missing the path for the 486 project
poetasterbut the install post will only work for a limited number of repos anyway.11:32
piggzneed to add <path project="sailfishos:" repository="latest_i486"/>11:32
poetastershould have seen that.11:33
rinigusmal: it is not one nitpick type, it's a special class of them. The one you know 'he is right' and 'why am I so messy'11:33
poetasterI'm messy. You guy's are virtuous.11:33
rinigusBut better not to sidetrack the real work here...11:34
malpoetaster: why are you installing all those libs?11:36
poetasterI had rebuilt tobias app, which depends on python PIL (imaging lib) to get it into harbour. That required installing the cpython requires to app lib.11:38
malpoetaster: I mean that install step where you copy system libs11:39
poetasterto get around: ERROR [/usr/share/harbour-simplecrop/lib/PIL/] Cannot link to shared library:
poetastermartyone had tipped me off at:
poetastervige gave me the final form.11:42
poetasterstill, it's very brittle. I'd only tested on 3.4 arm but jolla had it working with x86.11:43
poetasterstill, so far, 5 pkgs that work.11:45
poetasterpiggz: still unable to walk on path 'sailfishos:'11:46
piggzpoetaster: i408?11:53
piggzpoetaster: can you add me as a maintainer to your home project, and ill try and fix the config12:14
poetasterIt's the config from the GettingStarted.12:33
poetasterremoving sailfish_4.1.0.24_i486 works.12:33
poetasterAnyone guess why this: Files could not be expanded: service error: ERROR: Need single spec file in rpm12:34
poetasterusing webhook that one just built.12:34
poetasterah, there is a yaml file, too.12:35
piggzpoetaster: ah thx, i see what you mean, typo in doc12:42
poetasterI should have just said 'typo in docs'. sorry to be so verbose.12:43
piggzpoetaster: so, can you fix that on your project now12:44
poetasterit's a bunch of projects but I'll do one as a test, sec...12:44
poetasterpiggz: cut and paste from docs works now ;)12:46
poetasterpiggz, for the ones I've fixed to no longer use webhook, should I re-submit?12:48
piggzhave you checked licenses in the spec against the repo? thats one of our new checkks12:49
poetasterI believe mine are all License:    GPLv2 or GPLv312:50
poetasterhmmm. I have two MIT, and a mix of GLLv2 and 312:52
poetasterah, do you mean are the correct license files in place?12:52
piggzpoetaster: i mean, i the .spec, license: says "LICENSE" shoudl say GPLv313:03
piggzie, make sure .spec specifies the correct license13:03
piggzi just checked in the mahjong13:03
poetasterI'm not always sure of the nomenclature. github says GPL-3.0 where my specs have GPLv2 or GPLv313:04
piggzi dont think we'll be that fussy about packages in chum, as long as the license is approximately correct, a different spelling wont matter13:10
poetasteryo. one of my packages get's odd lint errors, but I'm doing too many things at once. that's your fault.13:11
poetasterodd, tidings won't build using tag/commit for release. hmmm. webhook works.13:12
malpoetaster: piggz: please use the license name formats listed here if possible
piggzmal: will add a link to that to our documentation13:17
malthat lists GPLv3 as valid13:17
malpiggz: runinng rpmlint is also a good idea13:17
malnot all issues can be fixed in rpmlint output but at least it gives some hints what could be made better13:17
poetastermal: will do.13:18
poetastersadly rpmlint output is different on obs (vis. sdk)13:19
poetasterif we're missing libraries like libtiff / freetype, should I ask lbt about base images?13:22
poetasterah, it's more. damn.13:22
malpoetaster: probably you can use that simple path for those, I think OBS could be storing things in different location, lbt probably knows13:27
mal*can't use13:27
poetasterlooks like conditional logic time. I could go hunting. where should I look?13:30
riniguspiggz: to simplify our workflow, should we decline packages instead of waiting for resubmission of the same package? that way developers can just submit it again and we get a new task at OBS13:39
rinigusright now I have to go through older tasks and check if someone replied13:39
piggzrinigus: yes, i was thinking that ... you get duplicates13:39
rinigusjust feels impolite to "decline" the package13:40
poetasterah, I'm used to rejection :)13:41
poetasterBut I'm stubborn. Got imageworks into harbour :)13:41
riniguspoetaster: thing is that it is not really rejection, but asking for resubmission. in this sense, button decline is wrong and send a wrong signal. but if we can all agree on semantics, it would be OK13:43
riniguspoetaster: I'll go through your packages with webhook enabled and send them back to you13:44
poetaster? sorry, I don't get it. I just removed all the webhooks as you asked yesterday?13:53
poetasteraudioworks, beamdimensions, concretemixer, harbour-dwd, simplemahjong all are to spec13:54
poetastertidings and imageworks won't build or complain.13:54
poetasteran videoworks needs my attention (everywhere, it's also not harbour yet).13:55
poetasterAh, it's raining.13:55
riniguspoetaster: after you have done it, you need to submit again. otherwise we wouldn't get it on submission14:04
piggzso, thats concretemixer added, and poetaster made maintainer14:06
poetasterrinigus, i modified them all, added build targets and re-submitted the ones that built properly.14:41
poetasterpiggz, thanks. damn it. more to dos.14:44
poetastersorry for doing so many at once.14:46
riniguspoetaster: no worries, it is way better than nobody caring about it!14:55
poetasterheh :) well, I'll do my best to get all 'my' apps working.14:56
riniguspoetaster: dwd is in chum, you are maintainer in chum:testing. took a liberty and added human title (German Weather Service client)15:41
riniguspoetaster: while some mixed licenses are easy to fix, audiocut has ffmpeg binaries bundled in the source. so, we need to get that packaged separately from sources and then add as a dependency (build or use, on your preference)15:53
piggzrinigus: first potentially contentous request :)20:35
piggzbut, it looks ok .. license is a funny one20:36
piggzactually, they have webhooks20:40
riniguspiggz: so we have time to read up on licenses :)21:03
riniguspiggz: the both licenses are in the list that mal gave to us21:05
rinigusshould be ok on that side.21:05
piggzrinigus: i agree its not nice declining ... i wish everyone was on irc for feedback!21:06
riniguspiggz: we should probably write it somewhere that this is just a mechanism to give feedback and keep our tasklist up to date. maybe there is some trick we miss at obs....21:07
malrinigus: if some reasonable licenses are missing from the list let me know, those are taken from fedora rpmlint config so should be good21:10
rinigusmal: we will. So far it is looking good21:18
piggzrinigus: nephros clearly isnt getting notifications21:37

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