Monday, 2021-08-09

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piggzlbt: ping14:47
lbtpiggz: pong15:02
piggzlbt: did you see our questions about having some kind of hook/event on successful build/publish? any ideas?15:04
lbtSo we have this thing called Boss15:22
lbtit's a process automation system which responds to many of  the OBS events15:22
lbtwe use that system internally to do QA checks and things like that15:26
piggzoh right, you do....15:26
lbtand it runs on public OBS too - although it's not been used properly for a while15:26
lbtso that's probably where we'd start15:26
piggzlbt: that exists just on irc? is it moved to oftc?15:29
lbtthe irc thing was just a bot pushing messages to a channel as part of the process15:29
lbtI haven't moved it yet15:29
HengYeDev[m]1I need an OBS account to get Sailtrix into chum15:30
piggzok, how do we configure boss?15:30
lbtHengYeDev[m]1: msg me your email and username15:31
lbtpiggz:  we plan out what it should do and I write some python15:31
piggzlbt: nice15:31
piggzrinigus: ^^15:31
riniguspiggz and lbt : very good. so now we just need to know the webhook for openrepos ...15:36
riniguspoetaster: that lib in simplecrop contains 3 copies of the same python modules. I have added it to chum:testing, but maybe you want to adjust that before publishing in chum?15:44
riniguspoetaster: note that OBS ignores 1.1-1 last component (-1). please tag with a.b.c notation...15:45
lbtrinigus: piggz: what do you want to happen and when?15:47
lbtwrt openrepos, webhooks, automation etc15:47
riniguslbt: see discussion on openrepos and chum integration as FSO - you should have received notification regarding it15:48
lbtjust reading15:48
piggzpoetaster: (rinigus) you can also tag as a.b.c+something ... its common to see eg 1.0.0+git2 or such16:00
piggzrinigus: lbt: i imagine the discussion with open repos guys will be along the lines of, "we can make OBS notify you on any event, and lbt will build it for us......tell us what you want"16:02
lbtyep - looks like Basil is happy so maybe we continue the msg thing in a public space16:05
rinigusasked basil regarding it, let's wait for reply.16:15
riniguslbt and piggz ^16:16
lbtyep - I'll reply after it's opened up then16:16
riniguslbt: do you know whether there is a knob for switching messages to public?16:18
lbtnope - I assumed you did :D16:21
piggzrinigus: tinyxml2 packaging is done, do you think i should create the github project in my personal or chum16:55
riniguspiggz: I would suggest in chum. something 3rd party, not our original work17:04
piggzrinigus: yeah, thats what i think17:04
attahilpianista: about that nice application list you compiled... out of curiosity, did you spot any major holes?18:04
piggzlbt: still around?19:17
piggzlbt: ok.....19:22
piggz(you need to mention me so i see thises things!)19:22
piggzare 3.2 and 3.3 known to be broken?
piggzshould i just delete those repos?19:23
lbtpiggz: let me take a look - I may not have enabled them19:31
lbt2.x is known broken19:31
piggzlbt: yeah, probably dont need to go that far back! its just a weird gap between 3.1 nd 4.019:31
piggzrinigus: well, ive done it now ... deleted kf5 from openrepos ... amazfish users will -have- to use chum19:33
lbtpiggz: and are nearly ready19:56
lbt3.3.0.16 is working too - try them out...20:01
piggzlbt: gr820:01
lbtit's a fiddly bit of clicking and pasting but not too hard20:02
piggzlbt: thx, things building now20:16
riniguspiggz: good luck with kf5!20:30
piggzrinigus: needs to be done ... i think nows a good time, mid sfos release, gives users time to enable/dup20:32
riniguspiggz: Let's see how fast we can get that integration working maybe switch will be easy. But it makes sense to shift to chum20:34
rinigusLate over here, gn20:35
HengYeDev[m]1is chum suitable for development/unstable builds or just stable releases21:20

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