Sunday, 2021-08-08

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szopinwhat is a good (minimal) spec file for a package that just goes configure/make/make install for chum?09:06
szopin want to try to get irssi and FISH-irssi compiled as don't have aarch64 and the spec files I used to package those on phone have no parts relating to making/installing09:08
szopingonna use mc as base for irssi, but fish-irssi uses cmake09:29
rinigussee generated RPMs at
rinigusszopin: releases are good as then RPMs will have that as their release version. currently you would have RPM as 1.6.1+master.202108081..16:07
riniguscompare with
szopinok so release is needed to get rid of that16:07
rinigusas you can see, all this +master component is gone if you tag them16:08
rinigusyes, exactly16:08
szopinok, looks like all's fixed, thanks again16:12
rinigusszopin: thank you for submission and packaging! I pushed fish to :chum as well, should be ready in few minutes.
rinigushopefully, it all works as well :)16:15
szopinawesome, hopefully with the proper paths /load fish will work on 64bit systems too out of the box16:16
piggzrinigus: so, is it too early to call chum a success?16:31
riniguspiggz: it is. as soon as we can get integration with openrepos up and running. but it does look good :)16:32
rinigusnice to have developers coming in and uploading their work16:32
rinigus(it is too early)16:32
piggzstill, with 88 packages, its going well i think16:34
szopinit's great for libs/cli16:34
szopinbut not planning to pull qml projects from openrepos to chum with the conflicting vendors16:35
rinigusthat vendor aspect we may have to revise. it was set to keep it simple for users to follow chum repos. but maybe it is more harm than benefit16:36
riniguspiggz and szopin ^16:36
szopinyeah, not sure if this is working as expected16:37
piggzi think im decided to remove the kf5 libs fro open repos, chim is much easier, i already asked if forcing users to install chum would be an issue and no-one complained16:37
rinigusI guess we will get a proper feedback when openrepos will be able to show chum apps and users will start installing via storeman. then we may get lots of questions why the app doesn't install16:38
rinigusszopin: it does work as expected. question whether it is more harm than benefit16:39
szopinrinigus: yeah I meant the overhead and confusion when you have OR repo + chum added both, how will storeman display packages from chum, separate category?16:40
rinigusszopin: we don't know yet. sounds like you will be able to register app with chum backing. early days and mainly planning discussion with openrepos/storeman devs - let's see how it will work out.16:43
rinigusideally, you could publish all RPMs at chum and users can see the updates and install them via openrepos16:43
szopinI'll leave the OR irssi/fish packages as they are should be older (thanks to the extra work on fish both), we'll see if maybe GUI breaks, don't suppose it handles vendor changes16:43
szopinoh OR pulling info from chum sounds great16:44
rinigusso, maybe we should disable vendor and set it to empty string...16:44
szopinis anyone using it for some extra checks?16:44
szopinprobably puremaps etc might have some weird rules on build depending on it16:46
szopinwithout vendor would adding chum as just a repo on OR work? could it break something?16:49
rinigusszopin: openrepos - chum integration is in discussion phase right now. we are looking into how to make it possible, so too early to say.17:28
rinigusas for puremaps, builds are different for jolla store with few things disabled. chum and openrepos are pretty the same17:29
riniguswell, except vendor set by repository itself17:29

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