Friday, 2021-08-13

kabouikHa piggz, I'd be happy too but I don't know that language. I just host the fork that the dev helped me making for SFOS (he did 999% of the work, I just tested everything on SFOS). If you have any idea how to do it, please don't hesitate to submit a PR.00:41
kabouikhappy to*00:41
poetasterrinigus, piggz: how do I know if obs is building me? for the spec.07:04
piggzpoetaster: what do you mean, which package?07:11
poetasterI'm going to need to add tests for obs since obs won't permit things that harbour does and vice versa.07:13
piggzok, i understand ... let me think07:16
poetasterit's a can of worms. python pkg is a mess without distros getting in on it.07:19
piggzpoetaster: look at the macros section here
piggzwe define a macro "vendor" as "chum" ... so you could check that07:23
poetasterthat sounds good. hmm. worms wiggle.07:24
poetasterI just finally got my c++ subdirs projects with 'own library' installs working properly and it's back to square one :)07:24
poetasterpiggz: I've made the mistake of being available. now people are asking me, when is 4.1 happening for Volla.07:37
poetasterpiggz: say something like 4th quarter, god willing.07:38
poetaster(odn't mention that your an athiest. no, wait, I'm the athiest!)07:38
thilo[m]Some apps show a guide, the first time you use them. Swipe here for that, click that button, etc.... Where do I find documentation on how to create one?07:44
poetasterthilo: I don't believe there is a quide a quick glance at didn't show07:59
poetasterthilo: you'd need local storage to see if the app was started fir07:59
poetasterbefore and then show tips on that basis (that's just QML programming). Could also store a setting.08:00
thilo[m]My research showed that there are TouchInteractionHint components. But there is no documentation on it. I guess this is no official api...08:01
poetasterthilo: ok, I see what you're getting at.08:16
thilo[m]Created a topic for the next meeting08:17
thilo[m]Writing in the forum is really pita on the sfos stock browser08:18
poetasterthilo: TouchInteractionHint was sailfish only? did you have a look on
poetaster:thilo maybe
poetasterthilo: probably the wrong direction.08:21
thilo[m]I couldnt find any documentation on the first duckduckgo page on them. But maybe ive been just blind... Also i dont really now, if this component does what i want because im on mobile ;)08:23
thilo[m]But i think fishtheke had that exact tutorial i mean, and it uses these components08:24
FlohackHi guys, Florian from UBports, I have a few questions re your current ofono fork08:24
FlohackIs this the best place or is this too technical here ^^08:24
thilo[m]Hard to remember what an app did the first time you used it...08:24
WizzupI'm trying to bring up the mer/sfos audio stack on maemo (leste), since it's similar to the old maemo stack, and was wondering if there are some folks around here that could answer some questions. Is this the right channel for that?08:25
rinigusFlohack: should be a right place. although, not sure who to ping regarding ofono09:14
FlohackThx! In fact rinigus do you know, how far does SF ofono support dual SIM operation (calls in and out on both SIMs, SMS, MMS etc. all working, also switching data speeds on both SIMs)?09:16
rinigusFlohack: no, I don't. I have only one SIM in the device, even a dual sim one. I would expect many things would work, but maybe some of the users could give a feedback09:17
FlohackThat would be great. However, I see already issues with one SIM ^^ like call signalling is all over the place. I get 2 calls when there is only one, cannot hangup etc09:21
rinigusFlohack: you mean on dual sim device with single sim? don't see those issues on SFOS09:24
FlohackOki alright. Do you know your Android container version?09:25
rinigusFlohack: I am on sony tama port. all worked on AOSP9 and AOSP10 based ports (two versions of the port were done)09:31
riniguswe don't have containers as that...09:31
FlohackOk thanks :)09:31
FlohackSO it must be on our side, how we handle calls. Even now, 2 hours after test call the phone still thinks I am IN the call ^^09:32
FlohackOk someone needs to tell me how to debug ofono with the binder RIL interfaces ^^09:35
piggzlbt: you cant throw "qt6 plans" into a discussion and not expect a question on upgrading to a later 5! :D09:53
riniguspiggz: when everything will be sorted and home encryption implementation expanded, these posts will be studied in the universities on how you can obfuscate and improve security through excellent off-topic discussion09:58
rinigus... leading to crackers loosing patience and leaving our devices uncracked09:59
piggzrinigus: im supposed to be working, but now have to read your full thread .... srry for not being timely in building hwcrypt on my device, ill get to it09:59
rinigusit can wait till tonight :) . I'd better also focus on other issues09:59
piggzrinigus: in your starting paragraphs, you say you dont have an official device, so cant be sure about how it works .... dont you have encryption on your port?10:00
piggz(i do)10:00
riniguspiggz: I wasn't adding it as it is useless. now back home, made a development image with it and tested on device.10:01
rinigusLUKS is unlocked rather early in the boot sequence which means you should use some kind of specialized UI. implemented in closed source right now, obviously10:03
poetaster'can obfuscate and improve security through excellent off-topic discussion' +110:43
poetasterrinigus: I've lost track in the thread, was hwcrypt supposed to crypt the boot volume? / /home? I lost it in the thread.10:43
riniguspoetaster: hwcrypt allows you to generate key file (32 bytes or so) from some input by signing it through hw backed key. that generated key is planned to be used as a LUKS password keyfile to unlock /home or whatever partition you want. for SFOS - /home10:46
rinigusnice aspect here is that you cannot in practice take LUKS header from device and start cracking on PC. 32 bytes is large entropy and it makes it impractical to do so. so, only way to unlock is to crack it on device itself.10:47
poetaster:rinigus /home ok. I was thinking / ...10:48
riniguswhich we can make harder by allowing one key generation once in few seconds10:48
poetasterrinigus: detached header like in luks2 is not possible?10:48
rinigusit is probably, but in the end it all boils down into password for unlocking LUKS master key. where do you want to store detached header? on SD card which is in the phone when it is nicked?10:50
poetasterno, I'd store it externally. But I don't do anything secure with a phone. I treat my phone like a skin cancer pet.10:50
riniguspoetaster: does LUKS allow to use the partition without LUKS header available after unlocking? never looked into it as I don't want to fiddle with external USB on every boot. but my preferences could be different from others10:52
rinigusas for secure data, it kind of creeps in a bit - better be safe than sorry10:52
poetasterthat reference came from
poetasterrinigus: to be honest, I've given up (except on the freebsd machines where I use geli) using luks.10:55
poetasterrinigus: I just encrypt data (usually just pgp)10:55
riniguspoetaster: I've got it to work on linux pcs and it seems to be all fine10:56
rinigusphone next10:56
poetasterrinigus: no, I meant, in general. I think it's a great effort to get it onto the phone.10:57
poetasterrinigus: I'll install it on a prototype device, but I'll never use it on daily.10:57
poetasterthe question is how do I get passphrases instead of pins ;)10:58
rinigusexactly, passphrases are the target :)10:59
FlohackI let you sort out device encryption and then we do the same in UT :P11:02
rinigusFlohack: good idea!11:05
attahFlohack: did you see this?
attahspeaks a bit about the binder integration, but also adds that if it wasn't already apparent, Slava Monich is the wizard14:16
attahfor example, ofono-logger comes from here:
FlohackYeah Slava is all over the place xD14:53
testfunpixel C (nvidia tegra) project underway?15:19
testfunfor sfos15:19
testfungood tablet, good gpu.15:19
attahIt's pretty old, so unless you get google hits i doubt it.15:21
vlagged[m]is there any way to use OBS to download + additional spec file? I see download_url or download_files services are not present20:24
*** vlagged[m] is now known as b100dian[m]21:58
* b100dian[m] uploaded an image: (2187KiB) < >23:16
b100dian[m]Yay got onedrive23:16
b100dianthere's two things I don't like about the packages:
b100dianI could not make the ldc binary release download from the 'source' (github tar gz), I had to upload it to OBS manually. basically a binary package23:17
b100dianand for the onedrive build I had to fork + include a rpm/.spec. There definitely should be a better way to handle a git repo without rpm/ spec23:18

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