Saturday, 2021-08-14

malb100dian: obs doesn't support downloading anything during build, it can only download the package sources itself and of course dependencies but no downloads from within actual build00:43
malb100dian: normal way of packaging projects is to add the upstream repo as submodule and then just the rpm folder with spec, at least when only packaging is needed without a lot of changes to upstream00:45
b100dian+1 thanks that sounds like a great idea for the 2nd problem00:46
b100dianfor the 1st- I think there should be other _service(s) other than tar_git, that would make it possible to download from other type of sources - this one sounds like it would do
malb100dian: an example of a repo with submodule
b100dianThere were also services like download_files or download_url mentioned in the OBS docs00:47
b100dianmal: yes, that was not something that crossed my mind but repo + rpm + submodule I see how this works now, thanks!00:48
b100dianoh, git_tarballs is 9y old, maybe that's not what I mean - I mean like tar_git, but without git:) Outside of the RPM spec00:49
malb100dian: hmm, trying to understand that other issue you have00:50
malb100dian: that ldc service file is not really nice00:51
b100dianI would like to not have to upload a tar.gz in cases there's one on the web -00:51
b100dianthat ldc should be pulled from
b100dianwell - to be fair, it should be compiled from sources00:52
b100dianbut ldc needs ldc to be built00:52
b100dianso I didn't go the whole route (bootstrap ldc from gcc, then current ldc built by ldc)00:53
malnot sure if that kind of thing is supported, I need to ask the obs maintainer00:53
b100dianIt should, see ldc_bootstrap here
malb100dian: would bootstrap like this work: create temporary package of binary upload of ldc (with some other name), then create ldc package and it should see the temporary package for dependency and then remove the temp package after normal one has built00:56
b100dianI think you nailed it00:56
b100dianwait, not binary upload00:57
b100dianthe temporary package -> C++ compiled # v0.17.6 is the last version buildable with a C++ compiler, so use it for bootstrapping00:57
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b100dianI should probably try the whole bootstrapping some other time. What didn't you like about ldc, the %files section?:)01:00
b100diananyway, there's still time tomorrow. thanks for looking into this, I'll have to go, it's late here and there too:)01:05
malb100dian: I meant the _service file, which was completely commented you, you don't need one if you upload files like that01:12
ssWhat are consider flagship Sailfish phones? Judging by the website it seems like the Xperia 10, 10 II, and XA2 are preferred, but those seem like older devices.03:06
pherjungss: officialy, there are no more recent devices than these03:44
piggzb100dian: hi, will you be working on fixing up patchmanager?09:06
b100dianpiggz: you mean making it work on 4.x? I made a request for what I have already hacked as seen here
b100dianor you mean the  /etc/firejail/whitelist-common.local fix?09:23
b100dianmal: yes, ldc _service has different services I've tried commented out. It is not needed no09:25
b100dianooh I think I get it - chum needs compatibility across 3.1->4.109:37
b100dianI think the git tag was in the wrong state when I made the request piggz, I corrected it immediately after that but it was probably cached with the old version that very moment09:39
b100diannow what we should be seeing is build failure for older releases..09:41
b100dianpiggz: done09:44
testfunthanks for the answers!11:36
piggzb100dian: im not sure what needs to be done for pm on 4, but good to see it building11:47
b100dian[m]I've also tested the build, but only on 4.0 and 4.1, wonder if I should disable 3.4 since I'm not able to test and there is a working one in openrepos.11:48
sspherjung: I see, thank you. Is there one that seems to be a community favorite?12:20
attahss: not really... out of those, all are good choices12:52
attahof course the 10 II is the must future-proof, but being on the initial release software, not all apps being available for aarch64 and it costing upwards of 2X the others... XA2 and 10 (I) are still valid choices12:55
attahAny ideas what might be causing this in OBS: ERROR: Source filename in .spec must end in .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2 or .tar.xz ?15:29
attahIt builds fine locally, i don't have any source archive nor do i particularly want one... and adding the generic Source0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2 does not do anything15:30
renalcalculus[m]attah: Yes, the Source0: definition must have one of these at the end for the OB builder to work.15:30
attahi'll retry with it, an dreport back...15:31
attahrenalcalculus[m]: so now i have this, still same error:
renalcalculus[m]Weird. maybe remove the empty revision tag from the service file.15:36
attahit's a copy from a working package... but i can try15:36
attahno dice15:37
renalcalculus[m]i see it. i think it doesn't like something about the spec, maybe it needs a proper version: set? just guessing here though.15:39
attahrenalcalculus[m]: how do you mean proper? package_ver seems to resolve fine15:42
renalcalculus[m]I think OBS tries to construct the tarball filename from the tags, but doesn't fully parse the .spec so gets confused about the %globals15:43
attahrenalcalculus[m]: hah, that did it! thanks15:45
renalcalculus[m]heh there we go! :)15:46
renalcalculus[m]what do you need erlang for?15:46
attahneed? want!15:46
attahno, nothing in particular really... but it is my primary language nowadays, could come in handy to have it easily available for experiments15:47
renalcalculus[m]Ah I see. Nice.15:49
renalcalculus[m]Now you need a '%setup -n -q %{name}-%{version}/upstream' I think15:50
attahrenalcalculus[m]: nice :) so does that make the silly cd command redundant or not?15:52
renalcalculus[m]it should, unless you have a upstream/upstream dir you want to patch in.15:53
attahi have it in %build and %install too... guess i can test that locally though15:54
attahhmm, sfdk prepare did not like that15:58
renalcalculus[m]I never used the SDK, so I'm not sure OBS and sfdk are compatible15:59
attahwell, taht would suck... but surely there must be a common way to do it16:00
renalcalculus[m]hehe, sorry, it's %setup -q -n not -n -q16:03
attahright... that other stuff is a parameter to -n16:05
attahah.. and now the cd is redundant16:07
renalcalculus[m]maybe you can do something like [ -e upstream] && pushd upstream if you need that for sfdk16:07
attahno, now it doesn't like that either16:08
attahwith the proper setup, no cd is needed at any step it seems16:10
attahi'll just let the build finish locally before trying again16:11
attahand again, without systemd16:22
attahhmm, maybe i should have put that in BuildRequires, and not just dropped it... but good enough for testing16:24

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