Sunday, 2021-08-15

poetasterattah: I want erlang too!12:40
attahpoetaster: damnit... now i have to make an actually good package12:41
attahany particular use case, or just because like for me?12:42
poetasterattah: I have to rebuild my pythony apps AGAIN to support obs/chum. sigh.12:42
poetasterattah: sometimes I do data processing in erlang.12:42
poetasterattah: backend for scraper while crawling along on public transport :)12:43
attahi'm still a bit skeptical to use it for straight-up apps, at least until there is integration with at least openrepos12:43
poetasterattach: na, I'm thinking of hacking. I'm 'ok' with c and python in the app context.12:44
attahi meant usage of chum12:45
poetasterattah: ah, it's turning up some difficulties but lbt might solve some of those. the base images in obs are not the same as in the sdk so some things just don't work.12:45
poetaster'the same'12:45
attahprobably fixable problems... but i don't quite get they gain12:46
attahfor things like Erlang however, it is perfect12:46
poetasterattah: worst is that my hacks to get Imageworks into harbour are rejected in obs :) That is, the static c depends that I copy into app/lib.12:47
poetasterattah: well, I need to get the libs 'building' anyway, but it's out of sailfish ide scope.12:47
poetasterattah: a question?12:48
attahsounds like obs/chum/openrepos builds should have a different spec than the harbour version then?12:48
poetasteryeah. I have a raft of questions for lbt. but first, trying to help with a port (volla).12:49
poetasterpiggz mentioned to flash the files from an artifacts build an hybris-boot and a system tar ball.12:49
poetasterI'm just not sure that: fastboot flash hybris-boot.img && fastboot flash system sailfishos-gs290-release- is correct?12:50
riniguspoetaster: I am quite sure you don't flash in tgz format12:51
poetasterI meant fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img ...12:51
poetasterrinigus: hmm. that what I thought.12:51
poetasterthe whole this is in a zip, (the tar.gz, boot image and a script)12:52
rinigusattah: I have high hopes for chum & openrepos integration. that would make usage of chum for apps way better and improve overall experience for openrepos users as well via support of multiple sfos version/arch combos12:52
poetasterah, and a META-INF, updater-upack.sh12:52
attahrinigus: that would indeed be awesome... i was purely speaking about how it is right now12:53
poetasterrinigus: I'm also +2 for chum, I'm just a bit worried about having to server too many masters.12:53
rinigusattah: re jolla store vs chum/openrepos SPEC - for pure maps, I have defined special macro in environment. in OBS, you could make separate project and define something like `jolla_store` macro in project definition. then catch it in SPEC and make special version for the store12:54
attahpoetaster: ^12:55
poetasterrinigus: something like was mentioned in -porters the past days.12:55
poetasterrinigus: how do %if !0%{?jollastore} and %if !0%{?sailfishos} work ? env, from?13:42
poetasterrinigus (I'm looking at your pure-maps spec)13:43
poetasterah, probably a cmake . sigh. I'm a qmake victim.13:43
riniguspoetaster: don't have it defined at OBS yet, used it with tbuilder. but you can define it as was done for vendor in
rinigusmake similar prjconf for your project and fill with `%jollastore 1` instead of %vendor14:19
riniguspoetaster: works on RPM SPEC level, not with qmake or cmake14:19
poetasterrinigus: I need to be able to determine target in the spec since I need variable install post steps.14:21
poetasterrinigus: it seems you're doing that in a cmake context. but I'm still struggling to find how target determined (qmake)14:21
riniguspoetaster: target as sfos version?14:22
riniguspoetaster: there should be some macro for that .... just a sec14:23
riniguspoetaster: see line 50 in
poetasterrinigus: that's it! thanks!14:24
poetasterrinigus: I wonder if there is any way we can convince jolla to support the python3 libs they already build as deps.?14:25
poetasterrinigus: I'd help test the stability of libs like imaging, since I use it, but can't actually use it :)14:25
riniguspoetaster: sure. write a killer app14:26
rinigusand ignore jolla store meanwhile14:26
poetasterrinigus: I actually use imageworks but I'm just the maintainer (well, ++).14:26
poetasterrinigus: and my taste is obscure. my next app is a modular synth which will interest 6 people.14:27
riniguspoetaster: but those 6 users can install it from chum/openrepos as well14:28
poetasterrinigus: so, I can use the vendor macro in chum (obs project config) to keep my spec from doing library installs.14:29
riniguspoetaster: yes, in principle. I do it opposite and make installs if jollastore is defined, but same logic works in opposite.14:30
poetasterrinigus: ok, I'll try to get imageworks and videoworks running like that. But I'm not sure about the libs. 'They are there', so to speak. Force the user through hoops? Mainting a PIL build...14:32
poetasterrinigus: but first, I'll get the rest of my apps (simple ones) into chum and help piggz debug volla 4.1.14:33
riniguspoetaster: libs could be pulled with the app as dependency, if we talk about chum and openrepos. so, it is easy for users as well14:34
poetasterrinigus: ok, so with the right vendor flag I can add requires: python3-imaging ... that would be clean.14:35
poetasterrinigus: assuming the sfos version is usable... but that's just testing. once I have an aarch64 phone :)14:36
poetasterrinigus: what killer app do you want to see?14:38
rinigusno idea. hmmm ... browser? (going out for some time)14:39
rinigusalthough current browser is getting better14:39
poetasterrinigus: yo, I need a break to.14:43
piggzrinigus: celeration at 100 packages?15:39
b100dian[m]Which one's number 100?15:44
piggzb100dian[m]: at 99 in testing:15:44
poetasterpiggz: damn, so, if I push one today, I can 100?15:48
poetastertalk about vanity.15:48
riniguspiggz: it's :chum that counts, not :chum:testing :)15:50
rinigus94 over there15:50
rinigusI wonder which ones didn't make it. simplecrop I know, but the rest?15:51
riniguspiggz: audiocut  is one. I'll promote15:54
piggzrinigus: yeah, i once went through and its not totall easy to identify, just gotta page by page15:55
riniguspiggz: will go through15:55
poetasteraudiocut is ok? (also mine).15:55
rinigusseems to be15:55
poetasterpiggz: btw: the artifacts file for 4.1 volla is a zip with a boot img and tar.gz ...15:56
poetasterrinigus: was audiocut ok? simplecrop I'm on the libs stuff.15:56
riniguspoetaster: yes, it seems to be fine. promoted it to :chum15:57
poetasterrinigus: thanks.15:59
riniguspiggz: now it is all in order.16:01
piggzpoetaster: its a twrp image, not a fastboot image16:06
poetasterpiggz: so, sideload/16:06
piggzpoetaster: just install the .zip16:07
poetasterpiggz: with which toolchain? not fastboot, so boot to twrp?16:08
piggzpoetaster: yes16:09
poetasterpiggz: i hate android. how do I do that 'bootloader'?16:13
poetasternah, jah. the usual, adb reboot recovery no go, phone reboot recovery no go. why do people 'do' android.16:21
piggzpoetaster: oh ... usual stuff should work ...16:28
poetasterpiggz: it was 'not really' in developer mode. fucking flaky.16:29
poetasteradb reboot recovery is what I usually use.16:29
poetastervolla is doing something odd.16:29
poetasterpiggz: was really weird. had developer tools, oem ulocking is unlocked, can't be changed AND USB debugging was ON.16:30
poetasterafter 3 reboots, it was clear, it wasn't.16:30
poetasterand now I get the little green guy. hmm.16:31
piggzpoetaster: hang on, need verified recivery...16:31
piggzflash that then adb sideload16:33
poetasteryeah, was just about to. got one from volla, I assume the same?16:34
poetasterhow do you deal with this without going crazy. I mean, I design/solder my own hardware and this makes me feel stupid.16:37
poetasterpiggz: I wonder if my tools are too old. I cannot even do fastboot reboot AFTER just having flashed .16:46
poetasterpiggz: maybe volla's 10 image does something odd (it's volla os 10)16:48
poetasterpiggz: this is why I donated 100 euros to ubports. I cannot get sideload going, I can't boot to recovery. wtf.16:56
attahpoetaster: and you are sure you are not hit by the notorious USB3 issues?17:01
poetasterattah: nope. All installs work fine using the ubports installer. AND I can use fastboot to install the recover image.17:02
poetasterattah: my plan now is to use the ubports installer, get to twrp and then sideload the right file.17:03
poetasteri hope. but first, I have to get a beer. this is depressing. machine should never dominate. ever.17:03
attahwe need more of that in the fishyverse...17:03
attahgood plan, i'm just about to dive in to a lasagna17:04
poetasterguten apetit!17:04
poetasterok. beer haul.17:04
piggzpoetaster: did you succeed?17:06
rinigusI am sure with the beer. with the flashing, that's another story17:19
riniguspiggz: poetaster made it. #10017:22
piggzrinigus: \o/17:30
poetasterbeer, check, ....17:35
poetaster(my girlfriend grows pot, so in an emergancy, I WILL suceed. just slowly)17:36
poetastercool. no pot. I see a recovery screen full of chinese characters.17:39
poetasterwhoa! I hit 100% who ever said that vanity is without utility.17:39
poetasterstrange: picture of my boot into recovery17:45
attahwait, isn't it supposed to be made in Germany?17:48
poetasterattah: yup. that's the problem :)17:58
poetasterattah: whatever you do, don't mention the war!17:59
poetasterattah: frig. I'm stuck. I think I'll go to the basement, disassemble my 1972 Fender roads, mill some new screws and retune it to an ancient Vedic tuning.18:03
poetasterah, maybe that's why I can't flash.18:04
poetasterpiggz: I really don't get it. Installing volla (9), for instance with the ubports installer works (including reboot to twrp, sideload, etc)18:10
poetasterpiggz: but I can't do this. I never get to twrp and adb sideload fails.18:10
poetasterutterly braindead. who cam up with this nonsense. oh. google. waves. say no more, wink, wink, know what I mean.18:23
poetasterSigh. In the meantime, my son pulled a tooth. I kid you not. naught.18:32
poetasterpiggz: flashing the recovery doesn't get me anywhere. using vollas twrp.img I only get the re-install 9. rinse repeat.18:34
poetasterwell, I DO have a functional version 10 of volla. if only I didn't hate that operating system with a passion.18:36
poetasterpiggz: an adb shell, I have.18:38
piggzpoetaster: when you figure out all the steps, youll have to document it!18:39
poetasterpiggz: oh. yeah.18:39

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