Monday, 2021-08-23

poetasterlbt:  400 remote error: /srv/obs/service/27324 not writable for me at /usr/lib/obs/server/bs_service line 120.13:43
piggz[m]rinigus: pure maps was a big help in navigating the big city of london13:54
riniguspiggz: :)13:54
riniguspiggz: wish I could have bit time to work on it. other interesting projects get in between ...13:55
poetasterrinigus: pure maps really is a joy.16:09
poetasternow if only I grokked the spec :)16:10
riniguslbt: same 400 error for me at OBS - trying to update mc at chum:testing16:45
rinigussee above poetaster16:45
lbtrinigus: poetaster: it was out of space - just cleaning up - it'll need the service to be retriggered17:20
lbtI'll say when17:20
lbthaha - it just finished so now...17:21
lbtyep - I triggered clipper poetaster... it seems OK now17:22
poetasterlbt: probably my fault. clipper contains too much cruft.17:27
poetasterrinigus: you'll love clipper ... ok, I'm not even going to submit it. hmmm.17:28
lbtnah - it had git trees in the cache from 201317:31
lbtthere's 75Gb free now17:32
riniguslbt: thank you!18:44
riniguslbt: is it possible/simple to enable https for obs repos?18:44
lbtI'm working on it18:45
riniguslbt: nice!19:11
riniguslbt: awesome! now we need to bump chum repos to https in our installer package19:16
lbtit should be but it seems obs still uses the merproject domain for repos19:16
lbtare you using merproject domain atm ?19:16
riniguslbt: yes, I think we all are using merproject for repos. not sure if sailfishos ever worked19:17
riniguslbt: funny - uses certificate from bugs.sailfishos.org19:18
lbtwe'll see if xfade is around... maybe wait and just move once to repo.sfos19:19
lbtyes - it points to the wrong IP19:19
lbtI need to change the IP and then setup an rproxy and letsencrypt for it19:19
riniguslbt: we can wait and then move it to https sailfishos. one move is easier... hopefully, merproject could stay for some time. we have ports and already installed repos all pointing there19:21
lbtyes the DNS won't go away for the merproject things for the foreseeable19:21
lbthe's not around so this'll happen sometime tomorrow19:23
rinigusgreat to see progress on it!19:24

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