Tuesday, 2021-08-24

tqghello,does anyone know how to get the "droid-make" command?05:55
tqgI am building droidmedia,but can't find the command05:57
chriadamit might be discussed in the HADK docs https://sailfishos.org/content/uploads/2021/06/SailfishOS-HardwareAdaptationDevelopmentKit-
tqgchriadam:I have read this,but can't find it.06:08
chriadamwell, I know nothing about it - probably better to ask in the porters channel.  but I would naively assume that it is part of the android base which you build in the android build rootfs chroot.06:11
tqgchriadam:where is the porters channel.I think I need poters help TKS! :)06:18
chriadamit's listed on the website https://sailfishos.org/develop/hadk/06:20
tqgok,thank you.06:23
dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?06:57
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm well thanks - how are you?06:57
dcalisteI'm fine, thank you. I've just seen your fix for the regression in imap protocol.06:59
dcalisteSorry for being the author of the regression.06:59
chriadamnot at all07:00
dcalisteI'll look at at it more closely this afternoon.07:00
chriadamwith so many changes and moving parts, it has to be assumed that something will regress07:01
chriadamthank you for doing the work in the first place to do the backporting, of course07:01
chriadamit's interesting to me that our unit tests didn't catch this case07:01
chriadamwhich is something I should look into a bit further, tomorrow07:01
chriadamaside from that, I just merged the webcal PR, I will tag it shortly07:03
dcalisteIndeed, I didn't look at the imap protocol tests, is there any actually ?07:03
dcalisteOk, thank you for the webcal PR.07:04
chriadamI'm not sure ;-)  I ran all of the tests manually and didn't see any failures other than the logging ones I mentioned / can ignore07:04
chriadambut I don't remember precisely what the tests covered07:04
chriadamI also asked pvuorela if he could take a look at the buteo-syncfw PR given the DateSet changes, but I guess he might not have had a chance to look at that one, just yet07:05
chriadamflypig is on vacation this week07:05
chriadamwell, for two weeks07:05
chriadamso, for this week, I guess we need to review and finally merge/tag the buteo-syncfw + nqpc related PR07:06
chriadamwas there anything else outstanding on our side?07:06
dcalisteOk, thanks. I'm using the logging UI very often at the moment to check for issues. It's giving feedback nicely in my opinion on what is going on well.07:06
dcalisteI'm preparing one PR for CalDAV to log details on failures.07:07
dcalisteBut it's not ready yet.07:07
dcalisteIt requires to modify a bit the Request class and friends from CalDAV to also return the message from the servers, not only error codes.07:07
dcalisteAbout the UI part, moving the EventListDelegate to the component section, I've clean the various cases a bit according to pvuorela remarks.07:08
dcalisteAnd added comments also to clarify the use cases.07:09
dcalisteIt's jolla-calendar#30307:09
chriadamadded one minor comment there07:13
chriadamapproved, but would like pvuorela or jpetrell to approve also07:13
dcalisteYes, I see, you phrasing is clearer. I'll update the comment.07:15
dcalisteJust one out of topic question : do you have any knowledge about notification mechanism in lipstick ?07:17
chriadamhmm, I used to know a bit about it, but I've forgotten07:18
chriadamI think pvuorela and adenexter are the people who know the most07:18
chriadamdo you have some specific query about it, or?07:18
dcalisteOk, no problem, I'll ask them later. It's about fixing the voice mail notification that doesn't do anything when tapping on it.07:18
dcalisteIt used to call the voice message server, but not anymore since the notification UI revamp.07:19
dcalisteI guess one config file linking the default action of the notification to the phone UI is missing or something.07:19
dcalisteFrom my reading through lipstick code, I arrive to the point that tapping on the notification should launch the "default" action.07:20
dcalisteIn the Notification DB, there is indeed one entry for the default action, but with no further details.07:20
dcalisteAs for other kind of notification default action.07:21
dcalisteSo I guess there is a file somewhere describing that default action, but I didn't find it yet.07:21
chriadamso, another thing which might be involved here is sandboxing.  the default action in the past could be a uri which would be handled similarly to xdg-open, but it could also (IIRC) be a dbus call07:21
chriadambut now these days there are some complications related to cross-process dbus calls07:21
chriadamwell, just some extra things needed to ensure that the calling process has been given access to the endpoint07:22
chriadamso it could be that in this voicecall case we have missed something which is required there07:22
chriadam(or it might be something entirely unrelated)07:22
chriadamlet me quickly search bugzilla07:23
dcalisteYes, I'm saying that it is happening since the UI revamp, but sandboxing started around the same time, so it may be related too.07:23
dcalisteThere is a forum entry for this bug, let me find it also.07:23
dcalisteThis one is a mix of it also : https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/voicemail-calling-stopped-working-in-koli-4-0-1/471907:25
dcalisteThe notification issue is independant from the long pressing on 1 in dialer issue.07:25
dcalisteI can long press myself, but the notification does nothing.07:25
chriadamthanks - I've created JB#55258 to track this one internally07:31
dcalisteGreat, thank you.07:32
dcalisteI think that's all for today. Thank you for the discussions. I'll approve your QMF fix later today or tomorrow.07:34
dcalisteI need to check if I didn't let the same mistake elsewhere, this capture(0) pattern thing...07:35
chriadamI checked for lastIndexIn() with grep07:36
chriadambut didn't see any other cases -- but I think I only grepped in the imap subfolder07:36
chriadamI will look into the unit test thing tomorrow also (or maybe Thursday)07:36
chriadamthank you again for your time and effort, and for raising that notification issue also07:36
chriadamI hope that you have a great week!07:36
dcalisteThank you, you too.07:37
dcalisteGood night chriadam.07:37
lbtrinigus: https://repo.sailfishos.org/obs/sailfishos:/chum/09:05
riniguslbt: thank you very much! piggz notice https above09:07
piggzlbt: <cough> https://github.com/mer-hybris/community-adaptation/blob/master/adaptation-community.ini.in </cough>09:23
mallbt: should we change the links in the obs download repo pages to point to sailfishos.org url, for example https://build.sailfishos.org/repositories/nemo:testing:hw:fairphone:fp2-sibon those links still point to merproject12:19
malpiggz: while at it we should thing about the common repo issue on aarch6412:21
lbtgenerally the merproject.org urls are deprecated13:33
lbtThey should continue to work but I may make mistakes and miss testing them when consolidating services13:34
lbtI'll fix them if they do break though13:34
piggzmal: whats the common repo issue for aarch64?13:39
malpiggz: testing common doesn't have arch in the repos, we have the new naming on obs but it's not in use yet13:41
malpiggz: https://github.com/mer-hybris/community-adaptation/blob/master/adaptation-community-common.ini#L713:42
piggzmal: ah yes13:42
malsome smart idea long time ago to not include arch in that :)13:44
piggzmal: why would anyone want more that armv7?13:48
malpiggz: also note that we have had x86 support for a long time :)13:49
piggzrinigus: i like the siggestion the other day that chum was effectively f-droid for sailfish14:08
malpiggz: did you yet make some storeman like app for chum?14:50
piggzmal: no14:50
rinigusmal: we hope to get support for chum apps/libs by openrepos and storeman directly. If it works then there is no need for separate app14:55
malstoreman repo handling is quite a mess14:56
poetastermal, piggz, rinigus: I now see the following coming: supporting jolla store as solidarnosc. supporting chum for broad build suppurt. continue using openrepos for all the cases I can't get into jolla or chum.15:07
poetasterhmm. should not have hacked that. /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/statusarea/StatusArea.qml15:22

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