Monday, 2021-08-30

xybhello,does anyone know the SSH password of the sailfish os emulator?05:09
mahrainHi all, given Apple’s recent moves I’m pondering a switch to Sailfish on a Sony device. I have two questions.07:02
mahrainOur company only gives access to Exchange resources after accepting MDM via Microsoft Intune portal, would that work with Sailfish’s Exchange implementation?07:03
mahrainsecondly, how actively should I look for 64-bit support, do you see android apps requiring this at this point?07:03
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Guest5797mahrain: i don't know the answer to your questions, and while there are some knowledgable folks on this channel, I would also post your questions on the forum if I were you07:38
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enderIMHO, if a company wants me to have company e-mail (and all the control that this implies) on my phone, the company should provide the phone10:37
Renaud[m]rinigus: it seems you imported ecl into chum a bit too early… builds on and have been stuck for 4 hours. I recall having some issues with qemu and ecl before and I had to make the package directly on device13:03
rinigusRenaud: I was sure it will be fine. sounds like I will have to disable those builds then13:07
rinigusRenaud: disabled in chum and chum:testing13:08
rinigusthanks for keeping an eye13:09
Renaud[m]thanks, I have another package coming soon that depends on it, I'll do the same preemptively13:10
rinigusRenaud: I don't think you can - as meta is not propagated through submission. but you could try13:14
Renaud[m]okay, I'll write a reminder in the request then13:15
poetasterrinigus: so videoworks does build on chum. BUT, it includes both libs and bins that you probably don't want in chum (ffmpeg-static costum build, fre0r plugins for same).15:01
poetasterrinigus: it's obviously going to remain in openrepos but I'm not sure if I should just remove it from obs again:
riniguspoetaster: but why not to build them as separate dependencies and request as such? there is no need to put binary blobs into sources...15:05
poetasterrinigus: you mean, create a project for ffmpeg and for the plugins and maintain those in github and on chum?15:07
poetasterrinigus: the value proposition is declining. chum already makes me jump through hoops with releases. It's becomming more work that jolla store.15:07
riniguspoetaster: yes, assuming that ffmpeg is not available in official repos15:08
rinigusBut it is there, at least I can get it through zypper15:09
poetasterrinigus: yes, it's even more complicated.15:09
poetasterrinigus: I'm already in the process of branching all the repos (it's 'only' 3 where it's of consequence).15:10
poetasterrinigus: now it's looking like feature set branches (for instance, sharing with Transferengine), and build limits15:11
poetasterI simply won't have enough time.15:12
poetasterrinigus: what I'm looking at now is 3 branches, one feature reduced to the jolla ruleset, one chum, and the full extent openrepos.15:15
riniguspoetaster: it is puzzling that you make branches for it. it should be simple %if in RPM SPEC that could differentiate between chum+openrepos vs store15:18
rinigusit is also not clear why you have different builds for chum and openrepos15:19
rinigusif you request ffmpeg as dependency, this would work (assuming that I understand your problem) for chum+openrepos. if you add it as build dependency, you could pull it into jolla store build15:20
poetasterrinigus: frankly, I just don't grok the rpm spec nonsense. But I also have legary .pro file bits, (ie. python libs installed in the .pro file,not the spec).15:20
poetasterrinigus: I'm sure I could find the right approach with conditionals in spec files. but I'm not sure I care.15:21
poetasterwell, obviously I care.15:21
poetasterhow many 'aliases' exist for %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/15:21
riniguspoetaster: it could be easier maybe to explain using some of your projects as an example. which one is tricky for you to fix?15:22
poetaster +15:22
poetasterrinigus: in this case, I've already considered just removing the plugins for ffmpeg and reducing the app to what can be done with ffmpeg-tools15:23
riniguspoetaster: ok, do you have sources for frei0r?15:23
poetasterrinigus: yes.15:23
riniguspoetaster: is frei0r packaged somewhere?15:24
poetasterrinigus: all over the place. but building stuff built by Fabrice Bellard, always costs time.15:26
poetasterunless you're fabrice.15:26
riniguspoetaster: is it this: ?15:27
poetasterah, shit. how cool.15:27
poetastersorry, I just realized a friend is maintaining the source.
poetasterrinigus: it's a bit older but would probably work.15:29
riniguspoetaster: we could also pull it from your friend's repo - just would need to be sure it is easy to build15:30
poetasterrinigus: that's my point, wasn't that easy to build. well, ffmpeg-static was the real pita. for aarch15:31
riniguspoetaster: wait a sec - frei0r for start. let's keep on a same package15:32
poetasterrinigus: fri0r is plugins for ffmpeg. so ffmpeg first. but, don't wast your time.15:33
poetasterrinigus. I have to go back to basics and see whether I can: 1. get rid of static ffmpeg without losing too much functionality. 2. see if I care enough about the plugins.15:33
riniguspoetaster: ok ffmpeg. we have ffmpeg itself, -tools and -devel. so those seem to be packaged for SFOS already, right?15:33
poetasterrinigus: yes.15:34
poetasterrinigus: but we don't know for how much longer. until 4.x they were installed by default (apparently to support the web browser).15:34
riniguspoetaster: among that what is already packaged, do you miss some other plugins except fri0r?15:34
poetasterrinius: no, it's just not clear which parts of the app will work with SFOS ffmpeg and which (IF any) require the static build I had.15:35
poetasterrinigus: this is 'history' I'll just have to test. the problem is, it'll all be moot in three weeks when I have to test everything with 4.1 and aarch64.15:36
riniguspoetaster: see how it is packaged at
rinigusand what is there / what is missing. I don't think it will disappear from sfos15:37
poetasterrinigus: yeah, I need to learn how to build with submodules. this would also be 'the way' for PIL (which 2 other apps use)... python-imaging.15:37
riniguspoetaster: look at ffmpeg as example. that way you could also package fri0r and then suddenly pieces will fall together :) .15:38
poetasterrinigus: but frankly, I don't know how to use this in the SDK context. Ok, I can clone it, get the submodules with git, but after that, packaging it seems pita.15:38
poetasterrinigus: I get it 'in the abstract'. Just have no idea how to use this in a qt context15:39
poetasterrinigus: I assume that I could also go:
poetasterrinigus: but can I just USE those SFOS repos? I don't think so?!15:40
riniguspoetaster: it works as any other lib or dependency. you build it and install into your SDK. or, build at OBS, add your repo to sdk and it will pull that dependency in on building of your package15:41
riniguspoetaster: yes, you can use it. `sb2 -t .... ssu ar ...`15:41
poetasterrinigus: Ummm. I have no idea how to do any of that. I do not understand how submodule stuff is done 'properly'. I mean, I can read the code, but don't know where to begin. And frankly, would rather work on code.15:43
riniguspoetaster: ok, no problem. let's work on code and maybe we can solve it in future. in principle, you just need to package missing plugins as a separate RPM and then you can use it for your builds.15:45
rinigussubmodule is just convenient way of doing the packaging15:45
poetasterok. at some point I'll have to learn how to do that.15:45
poetasteryes, I know, I just don't know how to use them. And I hate git. with a passion :)15:46
poetasterI'm a darcs/fossil (svn, and even older) guy.15:46
poetasterrinigus: so I just create .gitmodules in my app git context and fill it with15:47
poetaster[submodule "Pillow"]15:47
poetasterpath = Pillow15:47
poetasterurl =
riniguspoetaster: used to use svn and so on - so had to do transition myself. possible and, after bit of time, learn to use these new tools15:48
riniguspoetaster: no, you search on web "git submodules" and get lots of help15:48
rinigusyou don't fill that file manually, use cmd tool for it15:49
riniguspoetaster: with Pillow - I would suggest to start with some other non-python code. some simple lib15:49
poetasterrinigus: yes, sorry, I was just being cheeky. I use 3 different systems as it is....15:49
rinigusok, I am off to code a bit :)15:50
poetasterrinigus: ok, thanks and till then.15:50
riniguspoetaster: quick feedback - yes, it would make sense to have as submodule15:51
poetasterrinigus: ok, I'll do some reading.15:51
rinigusyou're welcome15:52
gathererRegarding org.sailfishos.secrets: How to administratively delete a collection using "secrets-tool --delete-collection org.sailfishos.secrets.plugin.encryptedstorage.sqlcipher XXXX" ? Error: Sailfish::Secrets::Result::ErrorCode(PermissionsError) "Collection XXXX is owned by a different application"16:57
riniguspoetaster: unless you want to spin-off libsynth, there is probably no point in having submodules in your example. (just a short not).16:59
rinigusassuming that the lab was developed for that app only17:00
poetasterrinigus: yeah, that's my quandry. sometimes it's not worth it. Also, using submodules is brittle.18:08
poetasterrinigus: libsynth is an odd example. i have to communicate with the author. it's a thing i really like and have two use cases for, but think won't get much traction.18:09
poetasterrinigus: so, it's probably ok 'as it is' as a static lib in a qt project.18:09
poetasterrinigus: my big problem is figuring out what i have to do in .pro (like target.path=/usr/share/harbour-simplesynth/lib) and what I can offload to the spec.18:12
riniguspoetaster: to pile problems - you should also look when to package libs as separate rpms and not try to bundle them into one mega-project. frei0r is a good example of something that should have been packaged separately from the start18:19
rinigussuch package splitting would work really well on OBS18:20
rinigusas for PRO vs RPM - it is partially style.18:20
rinigusjust imagine your software being used in some other Linux distro. then PRO would have to be "smart" part in the equation allowing to easily package in some other format.18:21
rinigusbut sometimes it is just easier to do in RPM18:21
riniguspoetaster: ^18:21
rinigusmaybe one more aspect - RPM should deal with distribution-specific aspects.18:22
poetasterrinigus: having looked, for instance, at smurfy's packaging for fahrplan to cover a lot of distros (or you maps app, for that matter), I've been trying to get my head around the multi platform approach.18:28
poetasterrinigus: but it's also a question of priorities. the PRO approach yields resulst in the SDK, the rpm/spec approach independant of the SDK????18:29
riniguspoetaster: lets skip multi-platform for now - it mainly requires rewriting QML into platform-independent and dependent parts.18:30
poetasterrinigus: yo.18:30
riniguspoetaster: PRO should be independent of SDK as well. I would put most to PRO18:30
poetasterwait, should go torture piggz on the other channel.18:30
poetasternah, he's already avoiding me :)18:31
poetasterrinigus: the problem is that somethings expressed in the pro files effect the build but are not apparent in the spec.18:32
poetasterrinigus: I think that's a no go in the long term.18:32
riniguspoetaster: don't think I follow. PRO takes care from sources to `make install`. all what is installed is packaged by SPEC.18:33
poetasterexample: python.path = "/usr/share/harbour-simplecrop/lib"18:33
poetasterINSTALLS += python18:33
poetasterrinigus: ok. let me think about that a while. PRO to make, spec to install. sort of BuildRequires?18:34
riniguspoetaster: no, not buildrequires but %files section18:36
rinigusmaybe you should select the solution you feel best about right now (PRO vs SPEC) and then it will be changed when you feel it is right. let's not overthink it too much18:37
poetasterrinigus: that's what I'm trying to figure out. at the moment I have two branches because I have both PRO and SPEC differences because of libs available in SFOS.18:38
poetasterrinigus: I'm taking about
riniguspoetaster: let me see18:38
poetasterrinigus: in 3.4 I have to supply the libs, but I've inherited the code and just cleaned it up enough to get into harbout.18:39
x2sCan someone tell me what version of Android apps are supported on the X? I forgot somehow...18:39
poetasterrinigus: in 4.1, there is a 'usable' library (PIL) available from jolla, but I can't Require it.18:39
riniguspoetaster: love to look into difference with 315 files changed :)18:40
poetasterrinigus: the german's have a saying 'suffering on a higher plane'18:40
poetasterrinigus: I'm working on a go project with about 150+ services.18:41
riniguspoetaster: I guess nobody will notice if you make one service extra...18:42
poetasterrinigus: it's actually nice. I like the fine grained approach. I also know you're right about keeping the libs out.18:43
poetasterrinigus: but we always have a compromise with including libs in sfos context.18:43
riniguspoetaster: in that simplecrop, I'd crop the libs out and build them separately. but it has been suggested all the way. if you do that, I will help you later to get them back into RPM18:44
riniguslooks like branch 4.1 has done that :)18:45
poetasteryup :)18:45
riniguswhere is new PIL packaged?18:45
rinigus... as a part of SFOS?18:45
poetasterideal :)18:45
riniguspoetaster: do you have github repo URL for PIL as done by jolla?18:46
poetasterbut to get into harbour (I know, I know) I have to include it some perverse way. or convince them to include it.18:46
rinigusone problem in a time18:46
poetasteractually, the jolla folk are working for me. I just can't use Requires depends.18:47
rinigusyes, you can't. but you can use buildrequires and then just `cp` all bunch to your /usr/shared/harbour-simplecrop/lib folder18:48
poetasterYeah, I know I can just cp but I've never figured out which absurd macros get me from what part of the build to install.18:49
poetasteryou pointed me to an example. sec.18:49
riniguspoetaster: let's take a simpler one - osm scout server. there are just libs in it, see
rinigusso, you do that after you had your `make install` in SPEC18:50
rinigusand as you include full /usr/share/appname subfolder, it will get into files as well (see
riniguspoetaster: ^18:51
poetasteryo, but buildrequires python3-imaging won't put something in  %{_libdir} to cp, now, will it?18:52
poetasterosmscout server scares the shit out of me !18:53
riniguspoetaster: it will and that's a beauty of it18:53
poetasterBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(mapnik) provides the files that are copied with ....18:53
poetastercp %{_libdir}/ %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/%{name}/lib18:53
poetasterah. well, that's a fucking completely broken system if ever I've seen one :)18:54
poetastersorry. I'm a scheme / erlang guy. I usually only touch c for embedded :)18:54
riniguspoetaster: broken is that we cannot have requirements.18:54
rinigushence the "fix"18:55
poetastertrue. true. true.18:55
poetasterI think I'm going to start threatening Jolla with money.18:55
poetasterOk, I thinkg I'm slowly grokking how this could go in 3 directions at once. or rather, chum->openrepos, chum->harbour.18:57
poetasterthere's still the problem of features allowed here/there. but that's a spec thing in the long term.18:57
rinigusgreat. back to coding ...18:58
poetasterrinigus: not so fast. python3-imaging in buildrequires doesn't get me to a simple copy paste.18:59
poetasterah, but just go back to coding.18:59
riniguspoetaster: try to run `rpm -ql python3-imaging` on device with it. this is something you will need to copy and make sure python loads it from there19:02
poetasterrinigus: thanks!19:04
riniguspoetaster: welcome!19:05
piggzrinigus: how will your new encryption stuff handle native devices?20:32
FlohackHello guys, we observe on UT that switching to 2G network speed will drop any data connection (will reestablish however when set to at least 3G again). Does that sound familiar?20:58
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