Tuesday, 2021-08-31

riniguspiggz : you still can use regular password, just would have to type longer one. As for hardware assistant modes, probably some kind of USB device is needed04:58
piggzrinigus: cool ... ill also have to consider my partition layout07:15
dcalisteHello chriadam, sorry to be late today, I had trouble with my badge to enter work site.07:19
chriadamhi dcaliste, no problem07:21
chriadamI hope you have had a good week07:21
dcalisteAnd the meeting will have to be quite short because I've a work meeting in 15 minutes… Sorry.07:22
chriadamno problem at all07:22
chriadammaybe the best way for us to start would be if you listed the PRs which need review from us07:23
dcalisteI think you have already quite well work to review most pending things. The Buteo one bringing QML is the last major one.07:24
dcalistepvuorela have done various recommendations that I fullfill (hopefully) in the past week.07:24
chriadamah, great07:25
dcalisteI can rebase it on master since the logging PR from Bea.07:25
chriadamwe will follow up on that one this week, then07:25
chriadamyes, that would be helpful, thank you07:25
dcalisteI checked yesterday, there is no conflict and it is compiling.07:25
chriadamfrom our side, I don't have much to report: the bug which I failed based on the voicemail notification issue you mentioned hasn't been prioritised yet, although I cc'd Joona onto that one so he's at least aware of it07:27
chriadampvuorela pointed out one issue with my QMF PR, and I ended up changing that one.  it has now been merged and tagged.07:27
dcalisteI will try to sort it out also myself, but I was travelling most of last week.07:28
dcalisteI've seen your both work on the QMF patch. That's great, thanks you.07:28
dcaliste(I've just rebased and pushed the buteo QML PR)07:28
pvuorelachriadam: raised the voicemail a bit myself, and there was one possibly related fix alreayd. no idea if it affects the earlier discussed problem07:29
chriadamah great!07:29
dcalisteFollowing flypig community letter, one user reported a issue with some ICS data : https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sailfish-community-news-26th-august/7688/1107:29
dcalisteThank you pvuorela.07:29
chriadamRDATE and PERIOD support...07:31
dcalisteYes, it's not implemented in KCalendarCore, but I've an idea on how to do it with miimakl changes.07:32
dcalisteI've started working on it, it looks good.07:33
chriadamnice one - let us know if there's anything we can do to help07:33
dcalisteI'm going to submit it later this week.07:33
dcalisteIt will requires support in mKCal…07:33
dcalisteI didn't look on it, but I'm afraid it will need extensive changes.07:33
dcalisteWe may need to migrate finally ;)07:34
pvuorelahey speaking of mkcal, started myself looking into those schema updates a bit. hoping i'd get something soon enough on that.07:34
chriadamexcellent, might be something which dcaliste could use for the schema migration for this RDATE+PERIOD thing, once you've got the migration framework stuff in place, pvuorela07:35
*** Malinux- is now known as Malinux07:35
pvuorelaexactly. once it's used for something it's a lot easier to use for something else.07:36
dcalisteGreat, thank you pvuorela, don't hesitate to contact me if you feel so.07:36
pvuorelathere was actually some mechanism already, but it didn't have any use and the whole implementation was funny, doing update after trying to create the tables.07:37
dcalisteI'm sorry I'll have to quit, my work meeting is starting. Let's take more time next week to speak about these matters. Sorry for this short discussion today.07:38
chriadamno problem, thank you dcaliste07:38
chriadamhave a great week07:38
chriadamI hope the issue with your badge is sorted out ;-)07:38
dcalisteThank you, you too. (yeh issue sorted out but made me late...)07:38
chriadamGood night!07:42
flypigdcaliste, just in case you pick this up later, thank you again for the community newsletter text. It went down really well as I guess you saw from the comments.07:45
riniguspiggz: see proposed config file in https://github.com/sailfishos-open/sailfish-device-encryption-community08:08
rinigusso, there is a flexibility in partitioning layout as well. you could either use physical partition, LVM one, or a file to keep /home data.08:09
rinigusyou can also have multiple partitions / mounts defined, if you wish. not sure about use case, though08:10
riniguspiggz: ^08:10
piggzrinigus: ta ... for now, probably just have a regular partition ... our install script creates /boot and /data (for rootfs) ... should be able to add one for /home08:11
riniguspiggz: that's via lvm?08:13
piggzrinigus: no, traditional partition layout08:14
riniguspiggz: I see. good to have flexibility in this respect. although, lvm provides quite similar experience08:14
piggzrinigus: i could look at that ... i think PP needs a regular /boot, the rest could be lvm potentially08:16
riniguspiggz: zfs?08:17
piggzrinigus: KISS principle08:21
dcalisteThank you flypig, the articles are always very well done and interesting. Layouting was of particular interest this time also.10:04
poetasterdcaliste: ditto. now I need to revist all that qml.10:35
attahHmmm, update not showing... but it should be, or still being deployed?18:50

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