Thursday, 2021-09-02

spiiroinNico: for lpm to work in xperia 10, you have to disable on-demand proximity sensor use. Which *can* make p-sensor to get stuck in one or another state after some X amount of time. Which then leads to difficulties with blanking/unblanking on alarms/calls/etc. Which can be confusing if one does not know why it is happening.05:06
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xybhello,Does anyone know how to solve the problem that pixelaligneditem cannot be found in QML09:23
Nicospiiroin: Well, I enabled it now, we'll see :D09:31
xybI can't find the corresponding development package. It seems that some projects can't be found on GitHub10:02
frojndHi there.12:51
frojndHow would one achieve adding new feature for calendar? I need recurring Every 3 weeks. I see 3 weeks is left out. There is Every week, Every 2 weeks, and Every month, but no Every 3 weeks :/12:53
FlohackRepost: Hello guys, we observe on UT that switching to 2G network speed will drop any data connection (will reestablish however when set to at least 3G again). Does that sound familiar? ofono troubles maybe smth changed with capabilities?14:41
renalcalculus[m]OBS appears to be down :)15:55
renalcalculus[m]<renalcalculus[m]> "OBS appears to be down :)" <- Scratch that!16:08
frojndPls upvote:
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FlohackFurther adding to that, we think the terminated data calls on 2G could come from
FlohackCould someone confirm this with SFOS?21:00
NicoFlohack: How would I confirm this?21:33
NicoBut it is pretty well documented in the forums that people lose data connection when getting a call and then need to turn off the network and reenable it to get back network connectivity. But I think that is related to some ipv6/4 issue21:34
FlohackNico: Is there an option in SFOS to limit connection speed to 2G?21:35
FlohackIn my case its not call-related, and on Ubuntu Touch we do not have that call issue, as that will usually only go back to 3G.21:36
FlohackWell then try to switch to 2G and see if you still can browse21:36
* Nico switches of wifi first21:36
FlohackTrue lol21:36
Nicoworks fine21:37
FlohackOk and which device is that?21:37
NicoXperia 10 ii21:37
Flohack(Question if it uses the rilbinder plugin to talk to the modem or not)21:37
NicoI turned the wifi off, but it is still connected21:38
NicoSo that is a new bug somewhere else21:38
NicoLet me see if a reboot fixes that :D21:38
NicoOkay, Networking seems to completely break in 2G mode now21:42
NicoThe data connection flickers between active and inactive21:43
Flohackyeah we see something similar21:53
FlohackNico: Idk how you do this for SFOS but maybe someone can file a bug or look into this? We are kinda downstream and just picked one of the last releases of ofono. Seems to be something from this year since March or so21:54
NicoMhm, usually you just complain in the forum :D21:55
NicoBut I'll do so later21:55
FlohackHehe cool thx m821:55
NicoNo worries, thanks for the pointers21:55

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