Friday, 2021-09-03

FlohackNico: We can fix the problem with adding the precise hidl interface: transport=binder:name=slot1;interface=radio@1.1 in the ril-subscription.conf file09:51
NicoOh, neat :D09:51
FlohackSo there is at least kinda workaround, but its now hard to distribute that knowledge to all device porters, they need to do this manually. A proper solution is still appreciated ;)09:52
Nathan[m]1Was something changed in the way the camera works in one of the recent releases with regards to (auto)focus, particularly on the Xperia X? For some reason, the 'trick' to make the camera only focus manually with a half-press on the shutter button (setting "focusDistanceValues=[8]" in /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt) no longer works, and the camera only uses autofocus. I just installed 4.1 and then 4.2 and it's no longer10:36
Nathan[m]1working, but I'm sure it was working fine before.10:36
Nathan[m]1Renaming the jolla-camera-hw.txt file apparently has no effect, so I'm assuming the settings file was moved elsewhere. But where...10:51
malFlohack: hi, what does that transport value fix? on which devices?11:00
Flohackmal: We have observed on Ubuntu Touch that switching radio to 2G disconnects data connection, and that probably affects various devices with that ofono version. It seems ofono stopped understanding some status from the modem when in 2G and thinks data is no longer available.11:01
FlohackYou can try it out if you are affected, if you switch back to 2G and open a weg page. Does it still work?11:02
malFlohack: which hardware?11:13
maljust wondering how common that issue is11:13
Flohackmal: Link to our bugtracker, I will try to confirm with more common devices:
malFlohack: which versions of libgbinder-radio and ofono-ril-binder-plugin do you use?12:01
malFlohack: also can you get output of radio related entries from binder-list (from libgbinder-tools package)12:06
piggzmal: will wayland on sfos get xdg-shell?13:18
malpiggz: if/when we upgrade Qt13:23
NicoOh how I would wish there was no if in that sentence :D13:28
gmcPart of me really would like to upgrade Qt, another part (the part that needs to update his apps when it happens) doesn't ;)13:38
NicoYeah, but imagine if we could use required properties!13:39
malNico: it was there to make sure people don't start to ask when13:39
NicoOkay, what if I still ask? Will that delay it by another year? :D13:40
gmcOh yeah, there's a long list of things I would really like to have from newer Qt versions :)13:43
Flohackmal: Sorry not at my PC, and I need to see if I am affected on one of my devices. Will come later14:11
malFlohack: one more question, did changing that value affect how the signal strength is shown?14:13
FlohackI also dont know this, I relay this from another user who tried but I can ask ^^14:13
malFlohack: I tested that change on one sailfish device and noticed some differences in behavior14:14
FlohackYeah for sure its not a solid workaround, rather it needs to be fixed for the default behaviour, means getting a more recent ril interface14:14
FlohackHi mardy ^^14:15
mardyFlohack: hi :-)14:15
Flohackmal: mardy has tested this. You can ask him about whatever you need14:15
malmardy: did changing that value affect how the signal strength is shown?14:16
mardymal: no, it remains at full strength14:17
mardyI should clarify that I'm also seeing another issue, where the connection drops after about 5 seconds, but I see that on 4G too, and it could be due to either the porting (it's a lavender, BTW) or to the SIM itself14:18
mardyI need to check with another SIM, I can do it later today14:18
mardybut they seem to be orthogonal problems14:19
malmardy: interesting, did you see the network activity indicators in both cases (assuming ubuntu touch has those)14:19
mardymal: I see that when it connects, I get the DNSes and I can use the internet, until it disconnects 5 seconds later14:20
mardyactually, let me try right now with another SIM which I know for sure is working14:21
mardymal: yes, it was either the SIM or the operator: with my primary SIM, everything works like a charm: I can connect to the 2G network (using radio@1.1) and the connection is stable14:26
Flohackmady: Just curious, you might want to try puttin 1.2 and 1.3 and see if there is any difference14:42
FlohackIdk however if those versions were published at all :)14:43
malFlohack: that binder-list command would tell which are available on the device, other way is the android side command lshal14:58
malbut 1.1 is essentially the same as 1.0, no significant change, 1.2 has bigger changes and 1.4 even more changes15:00
NicoIs this the browser version available in
attahLooks familiar... doublechecking18:55
NicoZypper says: Version            : 2.1.13-1.4.1.jolla18:56
NicoSo I assume it is the same, but version numbers sometimes are weird :D18:56
attahsame her... and that should indeed be as per that tag18:56
NicoOkay, awesome, thank you!18:56
NicoNow lets see if I can build it and not break my phone :D18:57
attahWhat shenanigans are you up to?18:58
NicoI want to experiment with some UI changes and then maybe open a PR :D18:58
attahYes, please18:59
NicoI mean, the browser is open source. I always say that is important, so that the community can contribute. I should actually do that then :318:59
attahSounds like i'll be owing you beer in the not to distant future19:00
NicoWell, lets see if I actually get something done19:01
NicoI haven't even cloned the repo yet19:01
attahSo i'm still ahead then (: git-blamed that new stuff and well, it had a bit of a disturbing lack of revisions19:02
attahand couldn't find a PR, but maybe that's just a me-problem19:03
NicoAt least this will probably be a neat visual improvement to the menu:
NicoAlthough still no visible scrollbar ._.19:03
attahIndeed, nice19:04
NicoI'm a bit scared, that there are 30 tags since the version in the current release though :D19:04
attahESR78-related mostly /methinks19:05
NicoMost of them seem to be small visual improvements and bugfixes19:05
NicoHm, maybe I should build "next", so that the conflicts are smaller19:09
attahyeah, that's where the PR would need to go more or less19:10
NicoThe diff doesn't seem that bad :D19:10
attahor bad that there isn't more diff :P19:11
attahNo but, mostly the UI update is to the better, it just really missed the mark on some use cases19:12
NicoNah, I would expect 78 to bake somewhere else19:12
NicoYeah, I think they had the right intentions with the update19:12
NicoBut a few things can be done better19:12
NicoAnyway, need to go out for a bit, see ya19:12
attahtake care19:12
piggzrinigus: problem with chum is apparant20:08
piggzupdates are not out fast enough for ea users ... already i have questions why X is not working :D20:11
NicoI didn't know was in chum ;p20:17
b100dian[m]piggz: remember when you fixed sleep tracking and we didnt get amazfish because no obs? :) these are good times:p20:23
NicoSeems like one can't just install 2.1.45, it complains it would break my system :D20:31
piggzNico: thats what chum versioning is designed to prevent!20:33
Nicopiggz, does that work with the sailfish-browser?20:33
NicoI think it is just a new dep in the rpm file tbh ;p20:33
NicoAnd chum feels a bit overkill to start messing with the browser :D20:34
riniguspiggz: this great obs/sfos update iteration. We should make a bot answering those missing version questions.20:41
Nicoattah, it seems like the tab close button not working is an accident :D21:37
NicoOr at least the menu close button calls closeActiveTab(), it just never has focus and the "click outside of menu" counts instead21:38
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