Saturday, 2021-09-04

fridlHi :-) Has someone a Idea why my systemd journal on the Xperia 10 II with the current 4.2 EA is spammed with `kernel: sec_ts 1-0048: [sec_input] sec_ts_read_event: event buffer is empty` messages? Can i somehow debug, what is causing them? I did not install patches or something on the device...09:36
fridlOh, could it be, that this is spamming, if NFC is off?09:57
fridlno, thats not. But it seems to occur with every touch input like 24 times or something.10:02
Nicoattah: I somewhat fixed the menu, but the patch to make the menu slideup from the main repo just makes it not render any contents :D13:00
NicoThat's pretty much all it needed:
NicoLet's see what feedback it will get:
*** _pcfe_ is now known as pcfe15:05
Flohackmal: I see the issue is already being looked into with your
malFlohack: yes, not sure if that fix is enough though21:42
fredldotmeHello! Is someone with a little bit of gst-droid understanding around? I'm trying to create a C++ program that feeds individual raw RGBA frames into the droidvenc and pulls the encoded frames out again.21:42

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