Friday, 2021-09-17

lbtnp - and isn't single signon great ;)07:46
x2smal: I've seen that there's an update for my phone. Will try that and see if bluetooth dies again11:34
dcalisteHello flypig, is the material about Buteo for the newsletter fine with you ?13:53
flypigHi dcaliste. Did you see the email I sent to you about it this morning? The short answer is that it's great! Thank you.13:54
dcalisteOh, great, sorry, I didn't checked my email today !13:55
dcalisteI'm reading it and I've some time at the moment to look at the changes you're proposing on the Etherpad.13:56
flypigThat's great, thank you. Hopefully I didn't mess anything up. The changes I made were all small. Oh, I added EAS in. We can remove it if you don't like it.14:11
dcalisteIt's fine. Thanks for the rephrasing when my English was too obscure ;) No problem adding EAS there.14:12
flypigNot obscure at all :) I think I barely changed any of your English.14:16
dcalisteWell, there are some sentences that I definitely prefer the way you said them. I've added a paragraph on plugin implementation, giving the webcal one as an example.14:21
flypigSorry, I was just doing something else, but having a read now.14:34
flypigdcaliste, that's lovely, thank you!14:35
flypigdcaliste: It looks ready to me. Are you happy with it like this? I'll add some preamble text covering other news, and with a brief introduction, just for context (but this isn't written yet).14:37
flypigDid you have any thoughts about an image for the start?14:38
dcalisteYes, it's fine. I'm wondering an introductive picture, but I have no good idea at the moment. There are some schemes on the Mer wiki that may describe the idea though…14:39
flypigYes, I saw those and thought about them, but I'm not entirely sure they're going to still be correct.14:43
dcalisteWell they are not that wrong. But they look a bit austere. Otherwise, we continue the "pun" on word started on a previous newsletter by puting a buteo picture
flypigYes, I agree, they are a bit austere :)14:47
flypigI'm wondering if we could recreate something similar: a high level diagram showing the Settings app, Buteo, messageserver5, etc. and how they interact. Just something simple, but to give an idea of the concepts.14:47
dcalisteYes, but I won't have time to do it before Sunday… Wait, no, yes, I've a three hours of train Saturday evening. I can make a quick sketch during that time.14:51
flypigIt wasn't my intention to give you extra work. I don't mind creating it, but would appreciate if you could review it.14:52
dcalisteNo problem, I forgot about these three hours.  As you prefer, the slot is free for me.14:53
flypigThe image is really only for colour, so I really think it's not good for you to spend time on it.14:54
dcalisteWell, as I said, it's train-time ;) It will be night anyway, so no landscape watching possible anyway.14:55
dcalisteI'll send something to you late on Saturday.14:55
flypigIf you'd like to do it, then that would be great. But we could just use the hawk image as you proposed?14:56
flypigIt will certainly add colour.14:57
dcalisteI should manage to get something from my time in the train. Let's do like that. In case, we can fallback on hawk pictures.14:57
flypigOkay, that sounds good :)14:58
dcalisteI've seen your starting point in figma. Yes, I'll do something like that, with plugins also. And trying to highlight services from a user point of view (calendar data, contacts…)15:00
flypigThat sounds great, but I leave it in your capable hands, however you think it will work best.15:02
dcalisteThank you flypig for the feedback. I have to go now. Enjoy your week-end.15:04
flypigAnd you too!15:04

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