Saturday, 2021-09-18

mike7b4[m]Hi does anyone here know if jolla has released the SDK for the early accces of the latest version? I tried to update the SDK via qtcreator with the EE update active but got no updates? But looking it says: 2021-09-03 Early Access Build Targets updated to (Verla) should be avalable? The reason I ask if to see if this version has a newer rust compiler in the toolchain?16:24
Nico4.2.0.19 EA targets are available, yes. I used them already18:04
NicoMake sure you enable the early access repository in the SDK18:04
M4rtinKsshfs submitted to chum - hope I got it right :P19:20
M4rtinKaand submitted also wget and tig20:18

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