Sunday, 2021-09-19

rinigusM4rtinK: all looks good, thank you!07:01
riniguspoetaster: for simplecrop you have meta config at OBS that disabled 4.2.0 builds. maybe you should use the same meta as for patchmanager?07:04
flypigThanks rinigus for promoting pwdhash into chum.08:25
rinigusflypig: very simple for us - press a button once :)08:27
rinigusthese updates from chum:testing don't need much from maintainers08:27
flypigrinigus, that's the sort of task that can quite easily take me two weeks.08:27
riniguswe try to keep decent response time. helps to have slightly shifted timezones with piggz08:28
flypigI realise it's a lot of effort to run chum generally. This just gives me the opportunity to thank you for all that.08:28
flypigLow latency makes a huge difference for end users like me, so not a small thing.08:30
lolekI'd like to ask how's the status regarding FDE in sailfish os?21:04
b100dian[m]what's that, full disk encryption (as opposed to home?)21:08
lolekb100dian[m]: sorry for the shortcut, yes, It's Full Disk Encryption21:11
b100dian[m]Only home encryption23:22

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