Saturday, 2021-09-25

klahrHi! Is there an officiell roadmap for Sailfish available somewhere? I'm curious about what to expect in the upcoming releases. :)10:23
riniguspvuorela: just pinged you via github regarding presage based keyboard issue. looks like language selection code is somewhat changed and there is no more `layoutRow.layout.languageCode` available12:17
rinigusas a result, presage based keyboard is failing miserably and cannot set its language. result - rather poor predictions :)12:18
rinigushopefully, you can tell us what should we change to get the languageCode in the new code.12:18
poetasterrinigus: I'm using presage with 4.1 and it works just fine. I'm using just english and german. is this a 4.2 thing?12:34
rinigusit is 4.2 thing :)12:35
attahrinigus: what is the context for this? QML?12:35
rinigusattah: should have added reference for context:
riniguslooks like closed source jolla keyboard has changed and we are in trouble with the predictor12:36
attahrinigus: maybe try keyboardLayout.languageCode ?12:37
attahthe QML is on device and open to read12:37
poetasterrinigus: ok, 4.2 thing.12:37
rinigusattah: nope, didn't work - tried few minutes ago. handlers are loaded probably earlier. if someone has xt9 (official device) maybe could see how language is set there12:38
attahi do, but what to look for?12:38
poetasterah, progress sucks.12:40
rinigusattah: not sure. somewhere should be lang selection in Xt9InputHandler.qml .  however, I may try to see if canvas.layoutModel.get(index).name would help (based on lang selection component)12:44
rinigusOK, at least we have that var. now would have to get langcode from it ...12:46
rinigusattah: found the fix: `canvas.layoutModel.get(canvas.activeIndex).languageCode`12:49
attahgood job12:49
poetasterrinigus:  "languageCode": lang.getLanguageCode(), would be javascript hack.12:49
poetasterrinigus: or language: lang.languageCode,12:50
rinigusnot the prettiest though :( . and no idea if it works on older SFOS12:50
riniguspoetaster: is lang defined?12:50
rinigusas a current selected keyboard language?12:50
poetasterwas in the wrong context, switch.12:52
poetasterrinigus: you mean selected by presage?12:55
poetasterrinigus: I'm confusing selecting from settings and selecting in the qml interface.12:56
riniguspoetaster: somehow presage needs to know which language are we using on the keyboard. I have 3 languages in use, for example. code for passing that info seems to have changed12:57
poetasterrinigus: got it.12:57
poetasterwhat does: import com.jolla.keyboard 1.012:59
poetaster provide12:59
poetaster vi /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/text_input/EnabledLayoutModel.qml might be helpful13:00
poetasterpresumably, the version I have doesn't help13:01
poetasterrinigus:  /textinput.qml also.13:03
riniguspoetaster: I have the fix already, no worries. will just have to check with pvuorela whether it is a correct one13:04
poetastershure thing. just curious.13:08
poetastercan't find any docs, either.13:09
rinigusit is closed source13:09
piggzrinigus: i wont be much use for a short while, i lost the HD with all my ports :(16:41
piggzneed to get the hadk open and set up all sdks, targets and checkouts16:42
riniguspiggz: ouch!!!! will deal with the requests - no problem16:42
piggzthat hard part is figuring out what i cant remember was on there, and the hopefully small amout of stuff not pushed!16:44
riniguspiggz: if it was useful, it will get written again and better...16:50
rinigusmaybe I should setup some backup for the ports bits as well. that is something I never bothered to backup as those android trees are just too large16:51
piggzrinigus: yeah, thats why i dont back them up17:32
piggzi wont have lost any configs ... probably just some kernel configs17:32
riniguspiggz: kernel configs should be on devices - /proc/17:37
piggzrinigus: sure17:38
piggzrinigus: i feel a new laptop is on the horizon17:39
riniguspiggz: :)17:41
piggzrinigus: trouble will be getting one at right price, with space for additional storage ... unless i move sfos builds to usb, but that seems less than ideal17:42
riniguspiggz: those will be really slow over usb. maybe desktop? for ports I use that and laptop for smaller bits17:43
piggzid need a desktop for that :)17:43
riniguscan only recommend it. it can also be some pc far away to keep noise levels down. and then keep current laptop as a terminal17:45
piggzwell, my son just built a gaming PC ... i could re-purpose his old HO Prodesk ... with a better CPU ... just make it slightly faster than my laptop17:47
rinigusOur use that gaming PC for compiling as well :)17:50
piggzrinigus: yeah, its about 6x cpu power than what i have!18:04
attahsounds like a plan then :)18:05
attahwhat's in that a 5900X or something?18:08
piggz3600 .... cpumark is about 17000 ... my 6th gen corei5 mobile is just over 300018:09
piggzi think if i got a new laptop, id go for a 5500u, which is about 1300018:10
attahoof, and yet you do all of this great work18:10
piggzwhy im big on doing as much as poss on OBS18:11
attahi see :)18:11
attahmeanwhile i'm wasting a 3950X on not being clever enough to get into porting18:11
piggzporting is easy ... its basically follow the guide18:12
attah39000 passmark18:12
piggzthen ask when stuck18:12
piggzwow, if only :D18:12
attahi failed at needing to run outside of ~18:12
piggzwell, my root disk is 120gb ssd, and all my ports on a 1tb hd, mounted to /data18:14
piggzwith symlinks in ~18:14
attahsuspected that was the key18:14
attahrather silly that it doesn't work "normally"18:14
piggzrinigus: what are the potential upgrade issues with encryption you mentioned18:41
riniguspiggz: I think I resolved them, see end of
rinigus%post section18:43
rinigusbut there is a risk with any storage config change that something can go wrong - hence backup is recommended.18:43
rinigusthis is for tama. if you have encryption enabled already you are probably into more pain. as stock encryption LUKS pin is used for unlocking the device as well. not sure what will happen if you move home LVM away18:45
rinigusI suspect, it will just ask you to make new pin...18:45
riniguspiggz: ^18:45
piggzrinigus: ah, so that is concerned with an existing sfos lvm ... i dont need to worry about that18:47
riniguspiggz: but you cannot make update from non-lvm to lvm, right?18:48
riniguswhich update do you consider?18:48
piggzrinigus: i dont think i need to consider any18:51
riniguspiggz: then it is easy :)18:51

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