Sunday, 2021-09-26

x2sI finally managed to break bt on my phone again. Just took a visit to my car ;)13:08
x2sThat's what I get now.13:17
x2sInterestingly enough: A restart of bluetooth.service gets it working again.13:19
x2sI'm pretty sure that this didn't help last time.13:19
*** WoC is now known as Guest103415:12
Thaodanrinigus: Can I disable community encryption on tama?19:21
rinigusThaodan: you can choose not to encrypt. But LVM will be still renamed. Alternative would be to make droid-config fork and drop the packages from patterns19:49
ThaodanI want to use upstream encryption but remove that from pattern is an idea20:45
henkIs there a list of community ports?21:00
malhenk: but that might not have all ports21:11
malalso that has ports that are not maintained anymore21:11
piggzThaodan: why upstream?21:40
piggzrinigus: i will let you review my chum submissions :)21:40
x2sohai henk21:40
x2smal: did you see my paste? (asking to make sure it doesn't get lost somewhere)21:41
malx2s: yes, I saw it, I haven't yet gone though it very thoroughly21:42
malI will have a look at the log tomorrow21:43
x2smal: thanks :)21:47
henkmal: thanks22:10
henkx2s: hey22:11

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