Monday, 2021-09-27

rinigusThaodan : just remember to drop also lvm rename of home in droid-config.04:25
rinigusThaodan : alternative would be to install community encryption, go to the office, demo it to others and make it "upstream" in a couple of releases04:27
riniguspiggz  will do later today :)04:27
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x2shenk: joining the dark side? :)08:44
henkx2s: uuuh?08:44
henkwhat do you mean?08:45
x2sas sailfish user :)08:46
henkx2s: no, I have already been a sailfish user since 8 years. but my jolla1 is falling apart and I’m looking for new hardware but all mobile phones on the market seem to suck /-:08:51
x2shenk: oh, didn't know that.08:55
x2sYeah, I'm looking for a replacement for my X, too. The battery is starting to get weak and replacing it needs a lot of tools I don't have08:55
x2sI hope there will be an official port for the fairphone. Even though it's expensive, the ability to repair it and replace stuff easily could make it last long enough to justify the price (for me at least)08:56
henkIIRC I read some very critical things about it not being as "fair" as one would want it, among other things … gotta take a closer look though08:59
x2sI just mentioned it, because I don't see any other phone I'd like to have from Sony...09:25
henkjust on principle and on a cursory glance it looks like one of the more attractive devices to me, too09:29
x2sI'm waiting for the fairphone 4. And hopefully an announcement that it's going to be supported by sailfish os09:39
henkwhat really irritates me: fairphone was founded in 2013 and the idea is to reduce waste and have a repairable phone. WTF is there already 3 phones made by them? o_O09:41
henkI’d expect it to be just one …09:41
x2sSince I worked for five years at a small hardware development company I can tell you, it's a pain to get parts for more than five years, especially smartphone parts.09:52
x2sAnd when you have to redesign your hardware because you don't get some parts anymore you can do a full redesign anyways.09:53
x2sAnd the newer versions are not an endorsement to replace your old phone in any way.09:54
henkhm, ok, fair enough11:13
riniguspiggz: just accepted and pusged to :chum as well11:49
piggzrinigus: thx ...11:49
piggzwondering if i should submit python-gbinder11:50
riniguspiggz: I will have to rename sailfishos-presage-predictor into maliit-plugin-presage and also submit the same package as keyboard-presage (multiple specs in the project).11:51
rinigusas package renaming is impossible, will delete the old one first.11:51
riniguspiggz: will ping you when it is ready for review :)11:51
piggzrinigus: sure ...11:51
piggzwith dnsmasq, im able to run whatsapp on waydroid on the pinephone11:52
rinigusas for python-gbinder, no idea. if it is useful, why not.11:52
piggzrinigus: required for waydroid11:52
rinigusso, do we have waydroid working now?11:52
piggzyup, ive been testing changed from erfan last few days11:53
riniguspiggz: :)11:54
riniguspiggz: kbd is ready for review - I'll deal with the rest of the storm12:51
piggzrinigus: yeah, was wondering how we deal with storm submissions from eager devs!12:52
riniguspiggz: as soon as it all stabilizes, I will push new packages to sfos:chum from testing. may have to take a short driving brake, though12:53
riniguspoetaster: is supposed to be disabled for newer SFOS?13:07
attahAren't Bluetooth headset keys supposed to be relayed to mpris now? I can't seem to get it to work.17:42
attahThe lockscreen controls work fine, and the bt headset works with Media Player17:44
attahHmm, train to Berlin: 16h... not great, not terrible - Ferry Stockholm-Helsinki, slightly more... meh!18:43
x2sattah: at least you get a bed on the ferry...19:21
attahx2s: night train, with bed19:21
x2sattah: that sounds much better. :)19:57
attahthan a ferry?19:58
x2sat least you get sleep :D19:59
x2sI did a 750 km drive a week ago. Took over 10 hours. That's torture.20:00
x2stwo hours for the first 50 km...20:01
x2svery much off topic, but I wished the DB would've went forward with the CargoSprinter concept. We could have a very flexible auto train system by now that take for a good part of that distance on rail.20:05
attahauto as in automobile or automatic?20:06
attahIsn't car-on-train the worst part of both worlds?20:06
x2sah, motorail seems to correct translation.20:07
x2s*the correct20:07
attahnot sure i'd have gotten that either tbh20:07
x2syou could make it clever. By having closed cars you can keep everyone in their cars. Just add a toilet each train car and you're fine.20:07
x2sAdd an electric motor to each train car, provide the power with special cars at the front. Make the thing self-organising, so train cars can uncouple easily at their destination20:09
attahWhy not just have either self-driving cars or actual trains instead?20:10
x2sand since there are only cars on the train you can build the stations for it away from cities and everyone who gets off can drive where they want.20:10
attahand all of a sudden everyone needs to own a car? no thanks20:11
x2sself-driving cars still aren't as efficient as trains (and tires generate a lot of micro plastic particles). And true self-driving is still a few years away. (Pretty sure it'll take another two years.)20:11
x2snobody said you have to use that special kind of train. It's just another option.20:12
x2sThe drive I did a week ago was from a very poorly developed region, where you can go by public transport, but not everywhere if you want (or have to) go quickly.20:12
attahExcept when they start planning the stations for it, away from where people want to go20:12
attahThe eternal problem, especially in sparsely populated countries20:14
x2sA cargo station needs space. In urban area you can't just place it anywhere. 30 km outside or maybe inbetween cities even sounds like a good plan. There are only cars on the train.20:14
x2sIf you don't want to take your car (which you most of the time don't want to if you want to go inside of a city), you can still take the regular train. This is just for getting cars of the road (and making long trips not that painful)20:15
attahI'm also not so sure people would want to pay for it20:16
attahAnyway, i'm all for more integration... just not convinced that one would fly20:20
attahand somewhat apprehensive it would divert focus from person-centric transport20:21

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