Wednesday, 2021-09-29

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x2sand again, bt is dead. This time I just deactivated and activated it. Restarting the bluetooth service doesn't help.11:21
x2sWill provide logs, soon.11:21
x2sThis time I've got to restart the phone to get bt working again, it seems.11:58
x2sBut since I don't expect any calls today anymore it can stay this way.11:59
x2sSo if you need me to test things, you can ask me the next 10 hours to do so.11:59
x2sMaybe even 18 hours11:59
elrox2s: your issue is probably caused by busybox killall. I reported it in sailfishos-porters channel but probably nobody at this channel use xperia x. Try to installing psmisc-tools, this should help. Busybox alternatives: diff, bash, pidof caused few issues in past already16:21
x2selro: how does busybox killall cause this?16:25
elrosimply bluetooth-rfkill-event use --wait argument which is not supported by busybox killall: In your logs you have "killing hciattach failed". Maybe there is also another issue but this one is most obvious16:27
x2sthat would mean, if there is hciattach running and I kill it restarting bt should work.16:29
x2sLet me try.16:29
elroor simply install psmisc-tools16:30
x2shciattach is not running. But that doesn't mean it did run.16:31
x2sThe main issue seems to be "src/rfkill.c:rfkill_init() Failed to open RFKILL control device"16:32
elrodid you reboot?16:36
x2sno, I've promised to keep this state for at least another five hours16:38
elroI thought you can reproduce it on every BT enable/disable/enable after reboot if not then this is probably something else besides busybox incompatibility16:43
elrothis "src/rfkill.c:rfkill_init() Failed" is after first bluetooth-rfkill-event failure so I wouldn't worry about it for now16:49
x2sThis is not that easily reproducible. It happens with my car stereo, but last time I connected it did not. Then I just disabled and enabled it and were in that state.16:55
x2sOh, last time it did happen with my car stereo, but a restart of the bluetooth service fixed it.16:56
x2sBut before that I had the same problem and a restart did not fix it (just like now)16:56
x2sso it's not quiet obvious to me how to trigger it. And no, I wont walk to my car and take a drive (because that was a good way to reproduce the problem lately, but not always) to test it.16:57
x2sI will be waiting until tomorrow, then reboot, and then I can retry reproducing it by restarting bt16:58
malelro: if such an issue is known why hasn't anyone from community made a PR to that bluetooth-rfkill-event17:18
attahI seem to recall there was a way to write custom/plain firejail rules, but i can't find how to have sailjail use them... does anyone know?17:20
elromal: I do not have device with such an issue and I do not want to use busybox version of these tools so I will not make PR. I just notice this while debugging some issue for other device. I do not know whether it's know, I just posted it at sailfishos-porters once and pinged you about it but never got any feedback.17:21
malelro: hmm, I must have missed it then17:22
malelro: the issue is that the busybox version is installed by default on devices17:25
elroyes, for ports Requires: psmisc-tools is enough but for official devices proper fix is needed17:26
elroBe aware I do not know whether this is x2s's main issue but for sure worth to try17:26
malx2s: so hciattach is not running at the moment?17:26
malx2s: do you see /dev/ttyHS0 device in the file system? can you should output of "rfkill"17:29
attahStill can't find it in the docs, but apparently it is /etc/sailjail/permissions/<desktop file name>.profile18:03
x2smal: no hciattach, devices are there.18:33
malx2s: you can see the failing hciattach command in logs, what happens if you run it manually, use devel-su if needed18:38
malalso check dmesg after running the command manually18:39
x2smal: what is the type I should use for hciattach?18:40
malx2s: check the logs you provided me18:42
malthe latter log you provided shows the whole command18:42
mallook for "executing hciattach"18:43
x2sCan't get port settings: No such device18:43
x2sCan't initialize device: No such device18:43
malcan you install "strace" and the prepend strace to the command and send me the whole output18:44
x2splease remind me how to install tools from the shell.18:44
malpkcon install strace18:45
x2smany thanks18:45
malanything in dmesg when you run that?18:48
x2s[531256.948481] bluesleep may not be used18:48
x2sthat's it.18:48
malwhat do you see in output of "rfkill"18:49
x2s0 bluetooth bcm43xx Bluetooth   blocked unblocked18:52
x2sunblocking and running hciattach gave no error.18:53
malwhat do you mean, now hciattach worked?18:54
x2sas I said, exit code 018:54
x2sshall I try restarting the bluetooth service?18:55
malhow does dmesg look like, any issues there?18:55
x2s[531632.225102] Bluetooth:         pK-error18:56
x2sbut let me show you more18:56
x2smaybe there's something I don't see.18:56
malyou still got the bluesleep message?18:57
x2sthat was from earlier18:58
x2snot much happend since then.18:58
x2sbut you are right, it showed up when I ran hciattach18:58
malyou can try restarting bluetooth service18:59
x2s(If you consider it helpful I could do some screen sharing over jitsi)19:02
malx2s: try toggling the device of and on again using rfkill19:04
maland check what dmesg shows19:05
x2s[532339.354805] Bluetooth:         pK-error19:05
x2s[532375.138503] Bluetooth: hsuart_power: Turning UART clock off failed (-1)19:05
x2sunblocking does not create any dmesg message19:06
malnow try hciattach19:07
x2sbut this might be interesting:
x2shciattach is still running.19:07
attahHow do i make an arbitrary non-build-artifact file available in my shadowbuild directory?19:15
attahgoogle is giving nothing :/19:15
x2sbluetooth runs somehow, but it doesn't show up in the ui19:17
malx2s: no at all or the toggle is in wrong mode?19:18
x2snot at all19:19
x2swell, not as symbol19:19
x2sI can try to activate it, but nothing happens19:19
malI mean does the toggle exist in settings app19:19
x2swell, rfkill shows bluetooth blocked afterwards.19:19
malmaybe it got out of sync somehow19:20
x2sor the ui blocks the device automatically when nothing happens...19:21
malx2s: is there some way you know you can make bluetooth start failing?19:21
x2smal: it usually happens when I drive some time with it connected to my car stereo. When I switch the car off it wont reconnect afterwards, disabling it over the ui makes it not able to reenable it (like it is now)19:24
x2sToday I made it happen by just disabling/enabling bt. I will try tomorrow after a reboot if I can make it fail that way.19:25
x2s(and my car stereo seems to be something special. BT had problems with it before. Many.)19:26
malok, maybe we can try to reproduce it by enabling and disabling bluetooth many times19:31
malx2s: one thing you could try, install bluez5-tools and run bluetoothctl and then in the terminal of that app try running "scan on"19:34
maldo that after you made hciattach work again19:34
maltry doing the rfkill toggling and the hciattach19:34
x2smal: Controller on not available21:36
x2shcitool dev doesn21:51
x2shcitool dev doesn't show any device at all. Even though hciattach is running.21:51

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