Thursday, 2021-09-30

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lolekhi, I'm trying to find out how to record calls, it seems there's no option for this. Using X10 and
abrlolek: you can enable call recording in the settings app, under the Phone app08:06
lolekabr: ah, that was the missing info, thank you!08:10
lolekNico: that bruteforce hacking showing really bad security of sailfish09:42
NicoYeah, but it was known for a while already :D09:43
lolekthe question is if we can improve it?09:43
NicoYeah, use an alphanumeric password and/or the hardware key storage on most devices09:44
NicoWith alphanumeric alone the crack time would be 36^6 for a 6 digit password instead of 10^6. If you use a longer password to unlock your phone, it would take much, much longer09:45
lolekNico: well hmm I'm not a security expert but just a stupid idea, how about just duplicating the user password? So we have right now 6 digits we take the user input and just make it 12 digits then it would be 10^12 or we can even tripple it be 10^18 I'm just not sure if that's fine or it's just poor man solution?09:49
rinigusflypig: (from reading todays meeting logs) - if you want to add map component to an app, you could use mapbox qml without any additional c++ init. . the catch is simple: not jolla store compatible. for latter, c++ init is needed09:49
NicoIf you know, that the password is duplicated, it will take the same time to guess it :309:50
rinigusflypig: there is also qt location qml maps, but those are probably very old and broken in qt 5.4/5.609:50
riniguslolek: you can improve it dramatically if you use . not just alphanumeric but if the hardware allows to get hw bound key using or similar, you can use short passwords as well09:52
lolekrinigus: thanks for the link it looks good. I'm quite new in thew SFOS world what should I need to do to have it on my SFOS enabled device? I read the but that looks like something for porters, I also look at the general readme but hmm found not so much. Did I miss something?10:06
riniguslolek: it is for porters - for end-users it is a tall ask right now10:38
lolekrinigus: yeah that's why I thought. Well it's not good then I'd like to have this if I'd want to sailfish become my daily device11:28
lolekrinigus: btw, did you check icons? I know those aren't the best but maybe it will last?11:28
riniguslolek: I'll get to them when I am back home. left as something for the end of the day :)11:29
lolekoh ok, no gurry then11:29
flypigrinigus, thanks for the embedded-map hints. I'll take a look at the repo and try to get the example app working.12:24
flypigBut to clarify: if the C++ init is used, then it can be made harbour compatible?12:25
rinigusflypig: yes, it can be. as Pure Maps is now (in some kind of bit limited version, but it is unrelated to map component). for harbour compatibility, you would have to ship qmapboxgl and qml plugin as well in /usr/share/appname/12:28
flypigThanks; I need to give it a go.12:28
flypigI'm actually thinking it might make a nice article for the newsletter: "how to include maps in your app".12:29
flypigPlus I'm interested to try it for my own interest.12:29
rinigusflypig: indeed, it could be interesting for devs12:32
piggzflypig: same componenet is used in amazfish16:16
attahis aurora store broken?18:40
attahFor those still looking
x2sit looks like I can trigger my bluetooth problem by just disabling/enabling bluetooth... weird.19:23
x2swait, now it's working again, just took longer than usual... (weird, too)19:24
Mister_Magistermal: small question, is it doable to manually control usb and make it mass storage out of file for example? or even better hook up some read/write functions?20:48
malnot sure what you mean20:50
malcan you explain what you want to do20:55
Mister_Magistermal: i have an esp32 that acts as a usb stick with mass storage and i was wondering if its doable on liek any sfos phone, because its doable on raspberry pi 0 w20:55
malhmm, not sure really, I still don't quite understand how that even works21:13
Mister_Magistermal: oki no worries21:18
malyou really are not giving enough details to figure things out21:22
Mister_Magistergave everythin21:37
NicoMister_Magister: You mean use a phone as a gadget? Should be doable, there is a util on openrepos to use a phone as a virtual DVD drive using ISO files22:49

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