Tuesday, 2021-10-05

frojndHi there.07:04
frojndI'm having trouble connecting to home OpenVPN. After importing file.ovpn I see this: Problem with conneection / Idle07:05
frojndSame file I then transferred to lineage os phone and it worked without any problem.07:05
frojndAny ideas what might be wrong with OpenVPN client not registering something on SailfishOS side?07:05
frojndWhen I press Edit -> advanced I see Packet MTU Size is empty, Interval to ping server is empty and Exit if no ping reply from sersver is empty. All of these are marked red.07:07
frojndDo I have to manually set those?07:07
frojndNo good07:20
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poetasterfrojnd: try MTU 1500, Interval 30 Exit if to yes. Just a guess08:49
frojndNot helping11:00
frojndI ran it manually from cli11:00
frojndAnd there was error nogroup does not exist11:00
frojndSo I Created nogroup and now I get this error:11:01
frojndOpenSSL: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line11:01
flypigDo you have `group nobody` set in your config file? If so, try removing that (and probably `user nobody` as well).11:02
frojndMy config file looks ok though:  https://termbin.com/c2c911:02
frojndflypig: this is my file.ovpn11:02
flypigI'd recommend trying it without the top two lines.11:02
frojndOk let me try without first 2 lines11:02
frojndflypig: ok it was connected for a few seconds but then I got: Tue Oct  5 13:03:22 2021 ERROR: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: Permission denied (errno=13)11:03
flypigDid you run from the command line as root (i.e. using `devel-su`)?11:04
flypigdevel-su openvpn --config file.ovpn11:04
frojndflypig: as normal user11:05
flypigYeah, you'll need to be root in order to use the interface.11:05
frojndOh oh...11:05
frojndInitialization Sequence Completed11:05
frojndThank you flypig!11:05
flypigNo problem. Now you should be able to try that through the UI.11:05
frojndYeah let me try that11:06
frojndIt says connected11:07
flypigGreat :)11:07
frojndLet me check if everything works fine11:07
frojndTime to remove nogroup group11:08
frojndI have user nobody11:09
frojndCan I also remove that?11:09
frojndI just noticed  there is also wireguard client for SailfishOS11:13
flypigfrojnd, sorry, I was away for a bit. Did you get it all sorted out?16:45
jules[m]Hi, i used the awesome oneplus5 port since 1 years. Anybody use it and try to update to 4.x ?17:52
piggzrinigus: apparently waydroid already runs on tama port18:20
frojndflypig: yes! It works now. But I noticed SailfishOS also has wireguard client18:20
riniguspiggz: that's news to me! and how do I get that?18:21
piggzrinigus: it was posted by lal on the sfos fan club tg group18:21
rinigusso, lal (or piggz), what should we install? there were some kernel interfaces that were supposed to be enabled, right? kernel recompile?18:23
piggzrinigus: git clone github.com/waydroid/waydroid to phone ....18:24
piggzinstall dnsmask and python-gbinder18:24
piggzsymlink /home/defaultuser/waydroid/waydroid.py to /usr/local/bin/waydroid18:24
piggzthen run waydroid init as root18:25
piggzthats basically the process im working from18:25
piggzthen, when its downloaded, as root start the container with "waydroid container start"18:25
piggzthen, as user, "waydroid session start"18:25
piggzroot can view logcat with waydroid logcat18:25
piggzand user can open gui with "waydroid start-full-ui"18:26
riniguspiggz: sounds easy. was there something that needed to be enabled in the kernel as well? or did I enable that already?18:27
piggzrinigus: what binder nods are enabled?18:27
riniguspiggz: where do I look for that?18:27
piggzzcat /proc/config.gz | grepBINDER18:28
riniguspiggz: binder,vndbinder,hwbinder,puddlejumper,vndpuddlejumper,hwpuddlejumper18:30
piggzrinigus: yeah, thats ok18:31
riniguspiggz: and lal just posted about success at FSO. will write it all up as well18:31
rinigusI will try your howto in a moment18:31
piggzrinigus: ah good ... im on rebuilding laptop tonight ... got a new 1tb SSD18:31
piggzim wondering how much of ~/.config to save!18:32
riniguspiggz: good to have some space :) . as for config - make a backup and start from zero. lots of cruft there collected over the years18:33
piggzyes, its been many many years18:33
piggzrinigus: the HD that replaced the failed one also failed!!!!18:34
jules[m]<piggz> "rinigus: apparently waydroid..." <- Very good news18:39
riniguspiggz: dnsmask and python-gbinder - where do you hide them?18:45
rinigusnever mind, found them at obs, I think18:48
stormfingerhi anyone online ?18:54
attahplenty of people by the looks of it18:56
stormfingerhi true but question is how many are realy paying attention :)18:57
stormfingercan i ask is sail fish made only for sony?18:57
attahSailfish X - the paid version, is effectively Sony only18:58
stormfingerii see any chance it would be possible to port to other procesors ?18:58
attahthere are plenty of ports out there18:59
stormfingerim strugling looking for info but i got lost in tons of information18:59
attahat least you found some then...19:00
attahwhat are you trying to figure out?19:00
stormfingerlol :) true ..im developer ...im tired of google ...i have realme 8 ...its some indian/chinese phone... im searching for something to get away from google mostly ..i see you run c++ mostly which is ok for me19:02
stormfingeri would like to develope for phones but not hook ppl to google19:02
attahThe question for "does it readily work on the phone i already have?" is generally no19:04
stormfingerok ..then what would be my next step19:04
attahPersonally, i'd just get one of the officially supported phones and be done with it19:05
stormfingerpersonaly i think ..yes its the easy way ...but so wrong on so many levels19:06
attahBut you could theoretically port Sailfish to it as long as it has an unlockable bootloader, and the kernel sources are published19:06
stormfingeri was reading the forum ..but got distracted by comments ...its hard to find any real important info19:08
attahlike what?19:08
poetasternot to contradict attah (sorry) but you could run a community port. easy is volla. cheap is by the gigaset GS290 and just go.19:09
stormfingerwell developing with android studio is extremly easy ...im pretty new to phones in deep ..19:10
poetasterstormfinger: different ballpark. QT creator. But not just c++. I maintain apps: 1. pure QT/QML (+javascript) 2. c++ 3. python19:10
stormfingeri work with wxwidgets  qt is bit expensive if one trys to sell the app19:11
poetasterstormfinger: https://sailfishos.org/develop/docs/19:11
poetasterstormfinger: the SFOS universe is not really producing paying apps (yet)19:12
attahheh, selling apps... how many paid SFOS are there? 1?19:12
stormfingerwell its a start19:12
poetasterhmmm. I'm in it for the glory :)19:13
attahand isn't most of Qt lgpl?19:13
stormfingeri must put bread on table :)19:13
poetasterbut I have to ask attah for help every 5 minutes ;)19:13
poetasteryeah, that's why we're still using older qt, I thought?19:13
poetasterIf you set up the patreon/librepay etc. funding stuff and build something really cool, you can probably earn some money19:14
rinigusdon't count on earning money with SFOS apps19:15
stormfingerwell i doubt ill get rich with one app :D ..sony is not even on list in most cases here in slovenia19:15
riniguspiggz: you may want to do something with the package name - python3-gbinder-python19:15
poetasterrinigus: we are going to change that, aren't we!19:15
riniguspoetaster: number of sony phones sold in slovenia?19:16
poetasterrinigus: I hope not! Hate sony almost as much as google.19:17
stormfingerwell anyway there arent any real hardwer in eu19:17
poetasterok. I'll repeat myself. GS290 made in germany.19:18
poetasterit's middling, but you can get one for about 130 Euro. piggz community port works great. no android.19:18
poetastersotrmfinger: https://www.ebay.de/itm/303913797522?epid=18035794081&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item46c2ac8792:g:lUIAAOSwmRZfdtnH&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%252B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSzaVbXtmGxqmWnpn8RLN2q5MenWAzYrb840z56P%252FbsO6hONrukdzEmn3ZkV98iS%252FGLUuELvfIDHc8egIyexM%252B%252BgR1JgslOzJgoH7xLseuefmMmKP%252BZcZLBiZJ94odS8KHc76GCxkLwfiLZ%252F6ClRTDmUeXyOwOz7NEBzYU0FB%252Bbm%252FxhHjQo%252FFf0ho1weu%252F1vL8XgnJI19:19
poetastershit. sorry!19:19
attahpoetaster: also, fake news... i don't know anything about apps19:19
poetasterthat was a terrible thoughtless act. you should all hate me.19:19
poetasterattah: you're printing apps works like a charm, dude!19:20
stormfingeryou have any links how to turn my phone into stone porting sailfish ?19:20
attahwell, compared to manufacturers own apps perhaps19:20
attahbut that is setting a low bar19:21
poetasterattah: you're being too modest. harbour-cargo should I spend an hour looking at the code?19:21
attahpoetaster: yes please19:22
poetasterattah: ok.19:23
attahlet's add all the google services to Sailfish just to mess with people :P19:23
poetasterexactly. I'll do all unit tests wearing a blindfold19:23
stormfingerthank you both :)19:24
poetastersure thing. I think it's a fun backwater to peddle water in :)19:25
attahno worries, good luck19:25
stormfingerlol i think ill need it :D19:25
poetasterattah: do you have any suggestions to add to https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/apps-that-havent-been-ported-to-aarch6419:25
poetasteronly tenacity.19:26
poetasterand beer.19:26
attahI seem to recall having to build Fahrplan myself19:26
attahlots of beer19:26
poetasterreally, a lot of beer.19:26
stormfingersory must fly away ...again thank you for help :) ill be bach :)19:27
poetasterattah: smurfy does answer. I'll ping him.19:28
poetasterattah: and put it on the list.19:28
attahNice, thanks19:28
attahMy ping on openrepos went unponged19:28
poetasterI'm on github with issues. he responded with some not unreasonable delay19:29
attahI really admire your energy19:31
poetasterattah: I'm middle aged, have a young child and the hounds of hell are at my heals.19:32
attaheven more so then19:32
poetasterI think you have consuming hobbies of your own.19:33
poetasteralso, piggz and rinigus really raise the bar and show the way19:34
attahThat's for sure19:34
poetasterhad you compiled fahrplan locally or with obs?19:35
poetasterok. I've been going through all these projects that are stalled an, where permissible, building them on obs.19:36
poetasterso, I'm going to try that, fahrplan is gpl19:36
attahgood plan19:36
poetasterhad you looked at the multimodal transport app. it's brit and german for the moment.19:39
attahnot further than that, no19:39
attahconsidered asking for resrobot.se19:40
poetasteryeah, for sure. I haven't had time to look at the code. there's quite a bunch of debugging on 4.219:40
poetasteror, are you having a stable experience?19:40
attahwith Fahrplan? rock solid19:41
attahor with SFOS4.2?19:41
poetasterI meant with 4.2 generally. I have a bunch of itsy bitsy pain points19:41
attahAbout trhe same as usual19:41
attahNo blockers and no major annoyances.. perhaps apart from closing browser tabs19:42
attahwhat sort of things are you seeing?19:43
poetastersim card having to be selected after reboot. SailfishHN (c++) doesn't load comments, browser doesn't load a site I use daily19:46
poetasterand a couple more.19:46
poetastersome maybe port19:46
poetasterbut i doubt it.19:47
attahSo you use a Volla(-ish)?19:47
poetasteryeah. well, a volla and a GS290 (same thing)19:48
attahWasn't there something about selecting sim on boot posted just today, or maybe that was you?19:48
attahI don't recognize it.. but i also just use only one sim19:48
poetasterI think I mentioned it today.19:48
poetasterI also only use one sim.19:48
attahSo i'd blame the port19:48
poetasterI already sent piggz an out of band (in band is here) pm.19:49
poetasterbut I hate to wast his time with user stuff :)19:49
attahAnd the browser has only really gotten better is my experience19:49
attahESR78 is coming in 4.319:49
poetasteryeah, generally the browser is better. but it would not load zeit.de. I ran it from a console with js debug and explicitly checked it loaded all js.19:50
poetasterso, yeah. the web sucks.19:50
attahI remember doublechecking that... buut paywall19:51
poetasterthat's the point. on 3.4 I just click the 'show me the adds' and go. since the cookies are stored I don't even have to click.19:51
attahJust stay on hackernews19:51
poetasterAND, my hosts file keeps the ads to 0. null. d'nada. and I spend too much time on hackernews but can't comment without SailHN19:52
poetasterdamn. smurfy doesn't have a spec. yaml.19:53
attahpoetaster: https://github.com/smurfy/fahrplan/blob/master/rpm/harbour-fahrplan2.yaml ?19:54
poetasterexactly. no spec. just yaml. sorry I wasn't being clear.19:54
attahwhen i actually turned on my brain i realized too19:55
poetasterI heaved it into obs, but I'm going to have to use my fork.19:55
attahand/or make a PR19:56
poetasternot sure he has time.19:56
poetasteryeah. but you're right. I've forked anyway. So I'll swap the yaml for a spec and see.19:56
poetasterif fahrplan builds on obs without major work, i'll fall over. and stay down.19:58
poetaster(goes to fetch beer)19:58
attahshouldn't be too bad20:06
attahpro tip: never update your router20:10
attahmine now randomly does not let clients talk to eachother20:10
poetasterI have to admit I use really old, but reliable routers. but my computers are also slow.20:14
attahHmm, or maybe it is sailfish20:15
attahnow the router can't even ping the phone20:15
poetasteryeah, something is odd with network.20:15
poetasteror glue/dbus ...20:16
attahFor me the Android networking wasn't acting up until 4.2, and seemingly i fixed that20:16
poetasterAlthough, 4.2 ssh is more responsive than 3.4 (on volla, anyway)20:17
poetasterah! you fixed it.20:17
attahthis would now be the first actual os issue20:17
attahsetting cellular to ipv4 only did it for me20:17
poetasterI had to use blue tooth to sync contacts because all.vcf would not import. I was a bit miffed. But I think it's been this way for a while.20:18
poetasterah! that always works. I setup dual stack all the time, but am stuck, seemingly with ipV4 only. my cable company gave me ipV4 and TOOK AWAY 420:19
attahi should sleep... first time in office in 18 months tomorrow20:22
attahmy $MEGACORP didn't get the memo that Sweden, for better or worse now has no restrictions20:22
poetasteroh. man. me too. but at least fahrplan tells me I can catch a train :)20:23
attah(it is just that one day, and then back home for the majority of the time)20:23
poetasterI'm in two days a week, but that's actually good. if there aren't too many people around ;)20:24
poetasteryou're not coming to berlin next week are you?20:24
attahthat would be where i'd wished we were20:24
poetasteryou mean two days a week in the office or berlin?20:25
attahNo, didn't really feel like taking time off, and spending 2*16h on a train20:25
attah2 days a week20:25
poetasterYeah. Well, but I'm also 24/7 365 for all intents and. nah. I've got it good. I'm only obliged to 28 hours.20:25
attahyou are on call, but with 28h base time or something?20:27
poetasteryeah, more or less. I'm the only person that can fix about 2/3 of infra. I'm training someone now, but that'll take about 6 years.20:27
poetasterI once took a train from sthlm to rotterdam. that was a grind. but kind of fun. had company.20:28
attahsounds nice! and the company probably gets plenty of value20:28
attahAt least this was a night train, but still20:29
poetasteryeah, it's too much. If you get the itch, I have a spare room with your name on it.20:29
poetasterbut I also live outside city limits (takes me an hour to get to work). so I'm not ideal hotel material.20:30
attahVery nice none the less20:30
attahI'll see if i can beat the travel time to get to Helsinki, and maybe it's a better day20:31
poetasterwe like having people over, so, if you want to leave one depressing germanic city for another, just stop on by :)20:31
attahAnd hopefully there will be more meetups20:31
piggzjust back frm swimming, reading all my pings!20:32
poetasteryou got in some quality swimming. damn you.20:32
poetasterI'm feeding obs and not making music. biatch, biatch.20:32
attahbest of luck with that, i'm off to bed20:33
attahnice talking to you, as always20:33
poetasteralmost done! good night!20:33
poetasterpiggz: lake or pool?20:33
poetasterok. not so much envy anymore :)20:38
poetasterHmmm. Added a spec file (which builds) but get obs: ERROR: Need single spec file in rpm20:38
piggzback in a while, new 1tb ssd to install in laptop .... fresh OS build coming!20:39
poetasterpiggz: how are you and good luck!20:39
poetasterand have fun ( I have a 870 EVO waiting to install, no space here either)20:40
poetasterah fixed with Trigger20:41
poetasterergh. spoke too sone.20:42
poetasterok. too tired. good night all and fare thee well!20:44

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