Wednesday, 2021-10-06

frojndHi there.09:12
frojndIt seems current browser won't resolve ipv6 address? I tried to enter: http://[fd01:d59f:51bf::dce]:3000/login but I get can't resolve?09:13
riniguspiggz: is there any great reason why we have python3-gbinder-python as a name of the package? isn't there one python too much?12:51
piggz[m]rinigus: sure, its just initial packaging17:04
riniguspiggz: just got it working for me as well by following lal883 instructions18:35
piggzrinigus: neat18:36
piggzrinigus: wonder if we should package some systemd units for it18:42
riniguspiggz: maybe touch early? somehow easier install would be nice18:43
rinigusalso, see issue that I had in
rinigusis that known?18:43
piggzi dont recall that happening to me18:44
attahderp :)18:50
attahthat's not the search field18:50

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