Friday, 2021-10-15

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bane07_hi, i am new to sfos development. Can someone point me to the api documentation for tab view?04:33
rinigusThaodan: : looks like Qt/geoclue2 is very untested leasing to such bugs in a minimal amount of code04:40
Thaodanrinigus: That sounds bad.. Geoclue1 is again, depends on old libraries like dbus-glib05:26
rinigusThaodan: at least we have testing going on now with Pure Maps users on Pinephone or L5 and running debian and other Linux distros. speed was hit by a bug; direction reporting by geoclue was rather unclear and now they are hopefully figuring out what to report there05:35
Thaodanrinigus: that's nice to hear08:03
Thaodanmaybe on sfos we can find a way to use Geoclue2 at some point08:05
rinigusThaodan: that testing can be considered as future proofing SFOS as well :)08:08
piggz[m]rinigus : private15:14
riniguspiggz: good evening to you too :)15:26
piggzevening :)15:26
piggzive switch phons to volla, dont have matrix yet15:26

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