Sunday, 2021-10-17

Ingvixhmm, anyone know where exactly is the keyboard's gradient color defined? Only one in /usr/share/maliit is in HwrKeyboard.qml and that's, assuming from the name, only when there's a hardware keyboard attached08:12
piggz[m]rinigus: waydroid package got a settings page12:34
riniguspiggz: ha, under rpm? :)12:35
riniguspiggz: maybe should be moved to src or similar?12:36
piggz[m]yeah ... was just a quick mod ... i wouldnt mind a way to run arbitary processes from qml, like "waydroid show-full-ui" ... but for that ill have to add a qprocess wrapper12:37
riniguspiggz: that means making qml plugin, right?12:41
piggzrinigus: i found reference to a single use case where someone was doing "require("os"); os.system(....)"..... but, afaict, that must have been using some node.js wrapper maybe, and the full code asnt available to see what it was doing12:46
riniguspiggz: you can also use pyotherside for it. but then we need some location to store python codes installed together with the settings page12:47
rinigusmight be easier than starting to implement qprocess wrapper12:48
HengYeDev[m]How do i install an rpm to the build engine as another package requires it in build-requires?13:17
HengYeDev[m]i tried engine exec and rpm -i but it gave tons of dependency errors13:27
rinigusHengYeDev: on OBS it is automatic. on sdk you could set a folder from which RPMs are pulled.13:30
rinigusHengYeDev: see `sfdk --help-building` - SHARED OUTPUT DIRECTORY13:33
rinigusthere is something similar for `mb2` as well, check out its help13:33
HengYeDev[m]thanks, i will see what i can do13:54
HengYeDev[m]with the libgbinder on armv713:54
rinigusHengYeDev: you caxn probably just grab it from
rinigusthere should be armv7 version available14:19
riniguspiggz: as integration with openrepos is not progressing much, wrote down my suggestions regarding some kind of chum store app/web15:37
rinigusposting it here to get bit larger exposure. maybe others want to chip in and discuss it15:38
stormfingerhi can you tell me how woul SailfishOS work on
stormfingercan SailfishOS be ported for other procesors ?19:04
stormfingermy friend has experia E3 when i return from  vacation ill try to port19:05
attahstormfinger: that's a 7 year old budget phone?19:12
stormfingerhave no clue i asked around who has phone i can either turn into a stone or story :D19:13
stormfingerim not much familiar with android so i thought if its sony i would make easier start19:15
stormfingeri see it works with android 4.4 so must be old19:16
stormfingerthe goal is to make run with SailfishOS19:19
stormfingerif possible19:19
stormfingerthats what i currently use19:19
attahafaik porting has evolved quite a bit from those early devices... so i don't think it would have been easier to start there and move up19:21
attahmaybe start on just replicating build of an existing port for practice19:21
poetasterrinigus: re issue 29 at chum, package signing? I had asked several Jolla employees if the perspective chum -> harbour was on the horizon and that seems something to consider. generally.19:22
stormfingerim sory i dont exactly understand what do you mean replicating build19:22
attahfollow the steps to build Sailfish for an existing phone (which you don't have, but none the less)19:23
poetasterattah; hej! hur the mor you?!19:23
attahfor example the supported Xperia that has the closest base to what your phone would start on19:23
attahpoetaster: alles gut, haha19:24
attahslowly back to some semblance of normality19:24
stormfingerwould virtual android device help simulated on computer ?19:24
attahstormfinger: no19:25
attahpoetaster: how was the celebration?19:25
poetasterattah: It was nice to seem some faces and talk shop. I drink too fast, though :) In the end I had some Jolla folk at the office and regaled them with beer and tall tales (cough, cough).19:26
attahsounds quite nice over all19:27
poetasterattah: it was. I'm off to put a child to bed! .... ahoi!19:27
attahsee you around :)19:28
x2sI have to admit it. It looks like installing psmisc and replacing the regular killall with a standard one fixed my bluetooth problems21:18
x2sThis is probably the weirdest fix I've ever done...21:18
malthat means the bluetooth-rfkill-event code needs to be fixed21:20
x2sGot several times in and out of the car this weekend and usually that was enough for it to just break21:25

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