Tuesday, 2021-10-26

rinigusFor waydroid users: there looks to be major memory leak if you open / close sessions. waydroid sensors daemon keeps running and expands in ram. Hopefully, will be fixed soon15:47
hnjdoes it make sense (or better: is it even possible) to install TWRP "TeamWin Recovery Project" on a gs290 when wanting to install the sailfish port onto it?18:40
hnjuuuh, ok, when I go into fastboot (vol-down + power) I get a very small menu with asian characters in the upper left corner o_O is that normal? it’s a german device and I thought I knew germany is not in asia …19:58
hnjhm, no, vol-down+power is not fastboot mode, it seems … I just booted to fastboot from recovery and it just sits there saying "FASTBOOT mode..." in the bottom left … so WTH is that other asian menu?20:08
poetasterhnj: are you using the uports installer? what is 'on' the device? you need an android 10 base to work with20:39
poetasterhnj: if it sits in fastboot mode, start ubports installer and you should be able to go straight to SFOS. I believe it will install the android base image. BUT20:40
poetasterhnj: I'd do a Volla OS install (and upgrade if it's still 9 to 10) first. It's a bit laborious, but works (tm)20:41
poetasterpiggz: I'm a bit, well, not so interested, but if I can be of assistance, I can try waydroid.20:42
poetasterpiggz: I honestly don't get why anyone wants android :) But then, I'm debugging. dumm, di, dumm, dumm20:43
piggzpoetaster: im pretty happy it works ok .. the sensor support uses a -lot- of ram an needs fixed20:43
poetasterpiggz: cool. then I'll just sit it out and wait. are you using 4.2 daily now?20:44
piggzon X20:44
poetasterNot volla?20:44
hnjpoetaster: no, I’m following https://www.piggz.co.uk/sites/pgz/blog/volla-manual-install20:44
poetasterhnj: oh, I'm not sure following piggz advice is such a .... :)20:45
piggzi really dont get ubports installer ... manual flash is so much easier20:46
poetasterpiggz, hnj: yes, my last install were all manual, but I'm responding to the irritation with the 'modes'.20:47
poetasterpiggz: I had a couple of installs where I couldn't recover manually and the 'stupid' installer actually worked.20:47
hnjit was fresh out of the box, I just started android (I guess 9? don’t really remember) to get into "developer mode" to unlock the bootloader. then I followed https://www.piggz.co.uk/sites/pgz/blog/volla-manual-install. now it’s just sitting there with a black screen and not responding to buttons …20:48
piggzhnj: maybe you should have updated to 10 first20:49
piggzyou can use ubports installed to flash 9 again20:49
piggzthen update ota to 1020:49
hnjpiggz: oh …20:50
piggzi guess i need to update instructions to say volla OS 1020:50
piggzthat was my intention20:50
poetasterhnj: so, I'm the guinea pig, so if I say, a, b, c it's probably AFTER I've failed with other means ;)20:51
hnjhm, ok, any idea how to get it to do anything?20:51
poetasterhnj: hold the power button down 10 seconds and release, what happens?20:52
hnjpoetaster: nothing. no vibration, nothing on the display.20:52
piggzim sure hold power and vol up will got back to recovery20:54
hnjpiggz: also no reaction …20:55
hnjit seems bricked o_O20:55
piggzhnj: on PC, dmesg -w20:56
poetasterhnj: not likely. I had a bunch of 'do it again, do it again' episodes with my gs290 and my volla, but they always came around20:56
piggzany activty from USB or boot?20:56
piggzworst case, you would have to use the meditek flash tool to recover20:57
poetasterhnj: you do have power/usb to the device?20:58
hnjpiggz: http://ix.io/3CZp when I plug it in20:58
poetasterpiggz: usb 3 issue?20:59
piggzhnj: so, you atleast have the pre-loader ... the mtk tool will recover it20:59
hnjpoetaster: oh, that’s reassuring! (might sound sarcastic, isn’t)20:59
hnjpoetaster: it’s plugged in on a usb2 port. let me try usb3 …20:59
poetasterhnj: I'm sorry. I did give you my take on how to do this. usb2 is safer, but the paste bin you sent says usb321:00
hnjpoetaster: oh, right! that port is usb3 … wasn’t aware of that21:01
piggzi never had a usb3 issue on volla ... only on pro121:01
poetasterpiggz: ah, cool to know. I'm using an ancient (x220) thinkpad, so I wouldn't know but by word of mouth.21:02
poetasterhnj: although it's not how the cool guys do it, run the ubports install, press power + volume up, follow the instructions.21:03
hnjpiggz: ok, cool, found the tool, will look into that, thanks21:03
hnjpoetaster: heh, I’m on an x230 here (:21:04
poetasterhnj: works for me ;) for building, I must admit I'm very happy that piggz and rinigus have put the effort into chum.21:04
poetasterhnj: some of my projects 3 or 4 build targets build in the time it takes for my laptop to do one build21:05
hnjuuuh, is mtktool only for windows?21:06
piggzhnj: no .. i had a linux version, one moment21:07
hnjhm, wait, I found https://mtkflashtool.com/ and https://mtktool.com/21:07
poetasterI'm off, happy hunting. It'll all work in the end.21:08
hnjpoetaster: good night and thanks21:08
hnjthe latter has some tools for linux, it seems …21:09
piggzhnj: https://spflashtool.com/21:09
hnjah, thanks21:15
hnjok, got it running21:18
hnjpiggz: just not sure how to proceed now. do you have some more advice for me? (:21:20
hnjoh, I need to go to bed ):21:22
hnjpiggz: thank you very much for your help! if you can point me to any good guide for recovering the phone or have any other advice what my next steps need to be, I’d appreciate that (: in any case I’ll likely continue my attempts in about 21 hours or so :D good night21:24
piggz[m]Hnj: i think i have the image to flash here21:28

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