Wednesday, 2021-10-27

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hnjpiggz[m]: I found an image with android10, which was linked in the /e/ docs, flashed it, and it boots to android10 (: will report back how my next sailfish flashing attempt goes07:50
piggzhnj: stop07:51
piggzhnj: you need to do the OTA upgrade path becuase it has a different partition layout etc07:52
hnjpiggz: uuh, "the OTA upgrade path"? so I need to flash android9 then upgrade to android10 via the phone itself, not flashing via USB, do I understand that correctly?07:53
piggzhnj: correct07:54
piggzhnj: i know ... it s abit of a long path!07:54
hnjyeah … the sad thing is, that technical people consider it "normal" while "normal" should be that I can just install anything I want on it without any hassle because of "right to repair" and "own your own device" and yaddayaddayadda /-:07:55
hnjok, so I need an android9 image. if you happen to have it or a link to one at hand, that’d be cool. if not, I’ll go STFW tonight07:56
piggzhnj: are you on telegram? i have one there and can forward07:56
hnjpiggz: no07:56
piggzhnj: ok, i will find somewhere to host it later07:57
hnjpiggz: if you are ok with ftp, you can upload it to my ftp server: upload.netwichtig.de07:57
hnjin the folder 'incoming'07:57
piggz[m]Its an android 9 based, flash that to ubports, then use ubports installer to flash volla 9, then ota to volla 10, then flash sfos ...07:59
piggz[m]. All because my instructions werent clear!07:59
hnjpiggz[m]: well, I’d be kinda pissed (not at you but at myself) if the device was bricked but it isn’t so I just see that I get to learn about "pre-loader" and "mtk flash tool" and more of the process needed to get SFOS on a device that is not even particularly heavily secured …08:03
hnjalso: at least there are some instructions! they might not be perfect but it’s better than if there weren’t any (: so thanks for making the effort!08:05
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piggzhnj: uploaded to your server13:40
hnjpiggz: cool, thank you16:36
hnjlol, rounded corners … such a great idea … it’s currently 16:4? on my phone m(16:47
hnjabout as ingenious as apple, see
hnjyeah, exactly the same issue with the "camera notch" at the top … GAAAAAH, who the fsck designs stuff like that?16:50
NicoNot sure if this is the right channel for it, but the problem seems to happen because of a third party extension, doesn't it?16:51
NicoAt least the charge port isn't at the bottom16:51
hnjNico: the second video does some more stuff. it doesn’t matter whether it’s an extension, 3rd party application, or apple application. this stuff needs to be handled properly by the OS IMHO …16:53
NicoThe second video seems like a really minor issue... The mouse cursor jumps past the notch, when it otherwise can't enter. That is super minor, barely worth even mentioning16:58
hnjNico: I’m not sure what you are seeing but there is stuff _hidden behind the notch_. that’s not minor …17:14
NicoThe only stuff hidden behind the notch is a third party application, that hasn't been updated17:15
hnjNico: uh, the battery icon is third party?18:25
NicoNo, but there is a third party app right of it, that changes how the top bar is rendered. Otherwise there is probably no way to reproduce that18:27
hnjoh ok18:46
hnjoh, btw: that is with ubuntu in my case …19:15
hnjI’m now trying to install volla via ubports installer but the application is crap and doesn’t properly refresh its display. only when I resize the window … and it fails with: error: Error: core:download: Error: core:download Error: Error: Download Error: Error: certificate has expired19:17
hnjwhich is because one of the root ca certs of letsencrypt expired … which shouldn’t matter because the other root ca is still valid … but, well, security is hard, let’s go shopping19:19
hnj helped: download the file and put it somewhere in ~/.cache/ubports/19:27
piggzrinigus: good job on sensors .. im fighting a weird BT issue on volla20:11
riniguspiggz: yes, saw you complaining about it.20:14
piggzrinigus: yeah, i dont undersrand why BLE isnt working but regult BT is20:14
rinigusbtw, waydroid PR merged. I will be off (late here). if you wish, bump waydroid packages  +1 git... or I can do it tomorrow night20:15
piggzrinigus: will try ... im off work for another 2 days,so sue will have time ... off to buy a (nother) piano tomorrow20:36
hnjhm, flashing my gs290 with the ubuntu image I got from piggz worked fine, but then installing volla via ubports fails … installing twrp succeeds and booting to it works fine but the next step fails with »error: Error: adb:shell: Error: {"error":{"code":126,"cmd":"adb -P 5037 shell mkdir /mnt/vendor/nvdata"},"stderr":"error: exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory"}« any22:27
hnjidea what could be the issue?22:27
hnjoh, "restoring nvdata partition" is the step22:27

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