Thursday, 2021-10-28

riniguslbt and piggz: we have blocked for older SFOS releases with something "downloading X dod packages". how to resolve it?08:19
piggzrinigus: i wonder if its even compatible with the old versions08:21
riniguspiggz: I am not sure (sailfishsecrets + crypto). but dod downloading message should not be probably there08:23
piggzrinigus: yeah ... and i think ive seen that before08:25
riniguspiggz: on Sailtrix channel got info that it should work fine on SFOS 3.4. So, there is something missing in OBS for those versions. cc lbt08:29
* lbt is a bit busy - I'll look later08:30
rinigusthank you!08:37
hnjpiggz: do you happen to have any ideas about the problem I posted 10h ago? AFAICT I’m following the steps you told me: flash the ubuntu touch image you uploaded to my server using sp-flash, then try to use the ubports installer to flash volla os 9. should I be doing anything in between maybe? or should I maybe not install twrp using ubports installer?08:40
piggzhnj: what point does it fail? iirc you are doing it right08:56
piggzhnj: you could always try fastboot for the volla install ... the installer downloads the files to ~/.cache/....08:56
hnjpiggz: in ubports the step displayed at the bottom is "restoring nvdata partition". in the shell where I started ubports it says: Error: adb:shell: Error: {"error":{"code":126,"cmd":"adb -P 5037 shell mkdir /mnt/vendor/nvdata"},"stderr":"error: exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory"}08:57
hnjpiggz: the ubports installer mentioned that there are "manual install instructions for every device" but I was unable to find them following the link … the ubports page for gs290 didn’t seem to have any either.08:58
piggzhnj: can you tell if its flashing volla 9 or 10?08:59
hnjpiggz: uuuh, I think the dropdown menu only offered 'volla9'. I’ll go check, gimme a minute …09:00
piggzhnj: thats ok, it should be 909:01
piggzthough, im not sure /mnt/vendor/nvdata is correct for 9 ...09:01
hnjpiggz: hm, no, it doesn’t say, just "volla os" …09:06
hnjpiggz: how would the fastboot method for volla work? boot into bootloader/fastboot mode, I guess but after that I’m a bit lost … is it documented anywhere?09:28
piggzhnj: looking at the ubports installer, it downloads this file
hnjd’uh, sorry, yes, I could have told that because the installer fails to download the file because a "cert is expired", which is just a programming fuckup because the certs aren’t really expired, the truststore is just not up to date. I had to download that file manually and put it into ~/.cache/ubports/[…] so the installer was able to use it.09:34
piggzhnj: that file looks like it might be flashable with twrp09:44
piggzyou could try adb push it to /sdcard, then flash using twrp09:44
hnjpiggz: tried that just now and pushing to /sdcard always gave the error "read-only filesystem". it seems ubuntu does not mount the sdcard there but on /media/phablet/<FS-ID> or something. transfer is running now, but I have to go back to work. will continue in a few hours.11:26
kamrohi, do you also have broken swipes in 4.2.0? When I open jolla-notes, rotate to landscape then lower right of screen doesn't react to edge swipes. Similar is in 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 but only when virtual keyboard is opened15:23
hnjpiggz: ok, that seems to have worked now. I’m in volla os 9 now and will update now.15:41
piggzhnj: phew!15:41
Nicokamro: It is a known issue with 4.2, yes15:42
piggzNico: oh cool, i just noticed that swiping fingerterm away... thought it was the volla!15:42
kamroNIco: thx, do you have any more info about it?15:43
NicoIt is marked as fixed in 4.2 :D15:44
kamrocould be related but definitely not the same issue15:45
kamrothe only similar thing to that bug report is random bottom swipe detection in 4.2.0. I hope that it will be not another landscape bug which will survive several release like rotation bug introduced in 3.315:58
piggzrinigus: lbt: interesting issue ... what happens when a sfos upgrade adds a package that already exists in chum and conflicts due to a name clash? :D16:15
riniguspiggz: then we disable it for newer SFOS versions and live happily ever after?16:16
piggzrinigus: yeah, i expect so16:16
piggzFile /usr/lib64/
piggz  from install of16:16
piggz     libkf5archive-5.75.0+git1-1.4.1.jolla.aarch64 (jolla)16:16
piggz  conflicts with file from package16:16
piggz     libKF5Archive5-5.34.0-1.1.1.jolla.aarch64 (@System)16:16
riniguspiggz: which one is in OBS?16:17
piggzrinigus: the one with capitals16:17
rinigusthat's good, I guess. afk for a bit ...16:18
lal883[m]rinigus: Do you have any thoughts on this? I did a zypper ref, zypper up today on XZ2c and ever since the reboot pulseaudio wouldn't start.... (full message at
lal883[m]Wonder if I messed things up some other way! Wanted to try to fix it without a reflash if possible, but also I am stuck at trying to debug it.16:27
kamrolal883 you can't start it like that, see systemctl --user status pulseaudio what command is used to start pulse16:32
kamroalso if pulse is still running then first you must stop it16:33
lal883[m]Oh thanks. That now shows more details. Apparently it failed. And looks like something to do with configs.16:35
lal883[m]s/Oh thanks. That now shows more details. Apparently it failed. And looks like something to do with configs./Oh thanks. That now shows more details. Apparently it failed. /16:42
riniguslal883: no idea. could you change UID of home directory by interference with waydroid bind mounting it?17:00
rinigussee `ls -l` at /home17:00
riniguspiggz: as long as new package is newer than what we have in chum, it should be OK17:06
lal883[m]Oh, yeah, looks like that?17:08
lal883[m]drwxr-x---   24 media_rw media_rw      4096 Oct 28 10:05 defaultuser17:08
riniguslal883: not good :) .17:12
riniguslal883: now, what about inside?17:12
lal883[m]Owner should be defaultuser, isn't it! :D messed!17:12
rinigusproblem is that some files are owned by `root` as well in our homes17:13
rinigusso, can't just change to defaultuser ... :( would have to start to be selective17:13
lal883[m]Inside looks defaultuser:defauultuser17:14
riniguslal883: ok, maybe lucky then17:14
rinigusdrop all bind mounts with waydroid, stop it, and then change just /home/defaultuser ownership17:15
rinigusnot `-r `17:15
lal883[m]Okay, I'll try that. fingers crossed.17:15
rinigusx - crossed17:16
riniguslbt: have you had a chance to look into säd state of ?17:16
lal883[m]rinigus: Pulseaudio is happy now! :D Thanks a lot!17:22
riniguslal883: enjoy!17:33
piggz[m]Rinigus: 4.3 somehow breaks container start17:53
piggz[m]Unfortunately i upgraded, and went out expecting it to work :D17:54
riniguspiggz: I never hurry with those SFOS updates. anyway, 4.3 is probably super-closed group right now. no OBS either, no release notes to see which packages to update to which version, and so on.17:56
hnjyay, more progress: upgrade to volla 10 is done (:19:21
hnjNoticed an oddity during the "intro guide": at one point it says something like "here is the clock app" but highlighted is the "media player". tapping that still opens the clock app, though. not sure if that’s a problem in all of sailfish or just the yggdrasil port. piggz[m]?19:59
hnjoh, that was the guide, now I’m all set up with SFOS on a gigaset gs290 (:20:00
hnjyaaay, now I just need to migrate everything from my jolla1 … is there any guide how to go about that?20:01
poetasterhnj! cool. do a backup from settings onto an sd card, insert into volla, recover from backup in the settings.20:03
poetasterhnj! If you have a lot (>150 photos > 100 videos) I recommend reducing that or being able to wait.20:04
poetastersashikknox: you got the tux racer aarch64 done already?20:05
hnjhmmm, my sdcard is 84% full it seems but how much is that total …20:09
poetastergood idea to have space. the backups are gziped, I think, but still.20:10
sashikknox[m] poetaster yep20:22
hnjha! seems to be a 500M sd card in there :D20:28
hnjwill a backup include all stuff in ~/.local/share? or phrased differently: what does a backup contain?20:33
poetasterhnj: that's a good question.20:33
poetastersashikknox: I tried the aarch build. wrote a comment with the error I get on install. I think it's a forum post worth.20:34
poetasterhnj: stuff like cached or db files from apps is not backed up. that you have to do manually.20:38
poetasterbut account information (store, email, calendar entries) should be. I usually do a tar ball of .cache and .local20:38
poetasterhnj: might make sense to read up on the forum about issues people have with backups. I think, if I remember correctly, I had to reconfigure email. It also produces error messages which you can ignore.20:42
poetasterhnj: did you install 3.4 or 4.2?20:46
hnjpoetaster: 4.220:47
poetasterhnj: ok cool. have fun, I'm off to bed!20:48
poetaster<sashikknox[m]> I'll try a build tomorrow.20:49
hnjpoetaster: thanks for the advice! good night20:49
hnjhm, strange the settings see 2 memory cards …20:50
hnjor even three? one encrypted? o_O20:51

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