Friday, 2021-10-29

hnjok, got rid of one, that was a strange thing how it was displayed …10:57
sashikknox[m]poetaster:  did you try latest tux racer aarch64 build (0.9.0-4)  ?15:12
poetasterbtw: my son was playing it yesterday (on 3.4) as we were waiting for the doctor ;)15:14
sashikknox[m]poetaster: you should try Quake 2 too ) i was succesfully replay this game on my phone )15:15
poetasterok. that got us farther ... icon is missing, music starts, screen goes black.15:15
poetasterI'll try running it from terminal later this evening. I still have some 'work' work to do....15:16
poetasterwhere would you like feedback? git repo?15:16
sashikknox[m]poetaster: ok, send me log15:16
poetasterwill do... where? gitlab?15:17
sashikknox[m]poetaster: git repo, here in matrix, anywhere15:17
poetastersashikknox: I posted an issue, but the terminal didn't really help.....16:36
poetasterrinigus: you about?17:49
riniguspoetaster: hi18:05
poetasterrinigus: hi! I think I resolved my issue. With all the issues I have, I should find a psychiatrist :)18:06
poetasterrinigus: and how are you?!18:07
riniguspoetaster: I am not qualified as a psychiatrist ... and getting issues from the left (flatpak which doesn't work for me anyway) and right (some tama crash on wifi)18:08
rinigustrying to see if I can fix them :)18:08
poetasterrinigus: I'm in the same boat. In one case, two patch submitters, I'm trying to balance all the PRs, having realized to late that one of them (which I had merged) caused chaos.18:09
poetasterrinigus: but I cherry picked my way to freedom. Still wasted peoples time, in a sense. I hate that.18:10
poetasterrinigus:personally, I think flatpak is a 'not good idea' (tm). Unless you understand the code and the libraries involved.18:11
poetasterrinigus: flatpak installs of matrix clients on linux left me with 3x kde and co. It filled me with angst and dread and angst.18:12
poetasterand obviously, wifi on tama matters. the rest is gravy.18:12
riniguspoetaster: it was a way to get qt 5.<insert current version> with qtwebengine for web browser. some used it for other apps as well. but anyway, I couldn't make it work on aarch64/hybris - could be that some hybris patch resolves it18:13
rinigusas for tama - it crashes while logging into wifi hotspot login on Deutsche Bahn. sounds weird18:14
poetasterrinigus: yeah, that's plausible from my experience (with matrix apps on an old ubuntu) but I'm so optimistic.18:14
poetasterah. the deutsche bahn. each switching station is 3 times redundant. all errors propagate to what might as well be infinity.18:15
poetastersometimes the trains run.18:15
poetasterrinigus: does the DB login involve a browser? or is it the 'open' wifi at train stations?18:16
riniguspoetaster: please feel free to comment
poetasterrinigus: I'll do some basic testing when I drive into berlin monday.18:18
poetaster(fights with the sdk).18:18
poetasterone question.18:18
riniguspoetaster:  great, looking forward to test results18:18
poetasterrinigus: sava mentioned that uploading packages build with armv7 targeted to 4.2 would keep people with lower versions installing. Can you verify, or should I just test it.18:20
poetasterrinigus: my work-a-round would be to build armv7 within a 3.4 target.18:20
riniguspoetaster: I have no idea. and all my devices (tama+tama) are on 4.2 :)18:20
poetasterrinigus: ok. I'm in parallel mode. sadly there are 3 things keeping me from just using 4.2 daily.18:25
poetasterrinigus: I do believe those issues will go away with 4.3.18:25
poetasterrinigus: I know it's not a priority for you, but I'm also really concerned to get the old harbour up to speed. It just seems so obvious how much leverage apple and google get out of stores.18:29
poetasterrinigus: I'm just as adamant to get a chum store and support openrepos, though.18:30
riniguspoetaster: not much we can do with the official store - out of our hands. as for chum "store", hopefully will get it rolling.18:30
poetasterrinigus: well, I'll do all I can... just submitted an update for chum :)18:31
rinigusspeaking of chum - lbt, could you look into why is getting blocked on dod packages downloads?18:32
riniguspoetaster: already accepted18:32
poetasterrinigus: thanks. back to the others.18:32
hnjpoetaster: you said you usually make a tarball of .cache and .local. is there anything important in .cache? or do you just do it to make things snappier because that stuff is already there?20:33
hnjI’m migrating from a jolla1 to a new device. I’d like to not have to install all software I installed over the years manually from the jolla store (i.e. harbour, I think?). What’s the best approach to do that? Can I save a package list with pkcon and just make the new device install those packages automatically? also with pkcon?21:27
malwhich device will the new device be?21:31
hnjI found which seems like a good start but only has "saving the package list", not how installing automatically would work21:31
hnjmal: gigaset gs29021:31
poetasterhnj: I use the the pkcon/zypper approach. make a list and install with a for loop on cat :)21:32
poetasterhnj: you will probably find that not everything can be installed.21:33
hnjpoetaster: I assume that will be obvious from errors in the output, correct?21:34
malhnj: the main issue is that jolla1 had armv7hl userspace and that gigaset gs290 has aarch64 so the app binaries from old device do not work in the new device (sailfish doesn't do multi-arch to save space)21:36
malwhich means you need to install the apps again from store or openrepos, wondering if openrepos config can be copied to enable all repos you had before automatically21:37
poetastermal: in theory the repo files can be copied. But won't matching package names gleaned from pkcon/zypper install regardless the arch?21:38
malinstalling the app you had from openrepos should be possible to script21:38
hnjmal: installing from repo is fine, I don’t want to copy package files.21:39
malso the way would be to grab the repo list and package list and then on new device add the needed repos (or open repos config also if needed) and just running pkcon install followed by a list of the packages you had from openrepos21:40
hnj says 'ssu -lr' would give a list of repos but doesn’t mention how to insert them on the new device. I’m not using any other repos anyway, though. only apps from the jolla store …21:40
malssu ar repo_alias repo_url21:41
hnjah, ok, so just a 'for' loop as well, it seems21:41
hnjmal, poetaster: thank you, I’ll try that tomorrow (:21:41
malhnj: so if you have only apps from jolla store then you probably need to install those manually from store, I think those apps are not directly installable from terminal21:42
malbut you can still have the list of packages and repos just in case21:42
hnjargh /-: that’ll be a lot of work21:42
poetasterhnj: /usr/share/ssu/repos.d features.d21:42
malhow many apps do you have installed?21:42
malalso remember to copy any app data21:43
poetasterhnj: I recently did 3.4 -> 4.2 on the same phone with a script. got most things.21:43
hnjmal: I don’t know, how can I check?21:43
hnjrough estimation based on the numbers on the folder icons in the main menu: 20021:44
* hnj .oO( fscking hell, where did they all come from … )21:44
malheh, that's a lor21:44
mal*a lot21:44
* hnj .oO( well, the store, dummy )21:44
poetasterhnj: I did zypper se -s | grep "^i" and edited the list21:44
hnjmal: well, used for 8 years :D21:45
poetasterhnj: cool. I only used mine for 4 years.21:45
hnjbut I only really use 20 of them or so …21:45
malgrepping for "harbour" just list from zypper (or pkcons) would list community apps21:45
mal*from such list21:45
hnjpoetaster: sounds promising (:21:46
hnjmal: they all must have harbour- in their name?21:47
hnjI mean apps from the jolla store21:47
poetasterhnj: it's a shortcut but you can also grep for 'store'21:48
poetasterzypper search -i is a shorter way than grepping for 'starting with i'21:50
hnjok, will try that tomorrow and see how it turns out (: thanks again, gotta go to bed /-:21:51
poetasteroops wrong. I need to go to bed too, obviously.21:51
malhnj: yes, the rpm validator for store requires all app names to start with "harbour-"
poetastermal, how are you? For my part, I'm now going to bed. finally.22:33
poetasterhmmm how do we deal with <NAME>-<VERSION>-<RELEASE>.<ARCH>.rpm. in chum for all those harbour-name types.22:50

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