Saturday, 2021-10-30

Ketohnj: like mal suspected the apps from jolla store can't be just installed from commandline. the store repository is dynamically generated per device, and you need to install the apps with the store client so that the store backend knows which packages need to be included in the repository07:37
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NicoWhat is the current suggested way to do screenrecordings in Sailfish?11:29
attahNico: good question... wonder if a minimum effort version would be Screencast and record with e.g. VLC on a pc11:32
NicoHow do I screencast? :D11:32
NicoThat was the usual "storeman search failed me"11:33
NicoYeah, that should work11:35
attahodd, i didn't get a "desktop" shortcut11:36
attahOh, it goes in settings for some reason11:38
NicoAnd you can add it as a source in OBS :D11:38
attahbleh, it keeps stopping for me11:42
attahor wait.. it keeps *saying* that it stopped11:43
attahVLC also isn't performing at all with it... so i see how i got tricked11:45
NicoJust open it in your browser or in obs :D11:45
attahyes, browser was great...11:46
attahseems everyone is a streamer nowadays ;)11:46
NicoI am not, but OBS is fancy for recording videos11:46
attahHmmm, wonder how i turn it off11:48
NicoPress the button at the top11:48
NicoI hope so :D11:51
attahit is going inactive by itself for me and most certainly keep sworking11:51
attahand reboot didn't help it get back in sync11:52
NicoIs there a way to highlight taps? :D11:52
attahit goes to waiting for connections, and then the browser connects and it starts11:53
NicoUninstall? :D11:53
attahapparently that is how to turn it off11:54
NicoAnyway, here you can see me trying to tap links on the page and then closing it using the close button. It is a bit jittery from the recording, it seems.11:59
* Nico uploaded a video: (543KiB) < >11:59
NicoSadly I have found no way to show, where I am clicking :D12:00
attahfair enough... can't argue with results12:03
poetasteranyone give me hint how I pass a qmake var (CONFIG+) on obs? in the spec?12:09
NicoOh, different obs :D12:09
attahthe + isn't part of the name, is it? (but the += operation)12:11
attahand isn't it enough with the .pro, or what is the issue?12:13
hnjmal: ok, thanks12:20
hnjKeto: urgs, that’ll be a pain then /-: is there any way to make this a bit easier than using the app on the phone and selecting every single app by hand?12:21
Nicohnj: You want to list all the packages you manually installed?12:24
hnjNico: well, I’m migrating to a new device and don’t want to have to install ~200 apps manually using the store-app. so listing all packages and feeding that list to some command seemed like the solution. but you now say that won’t work, so I’m looking for other solutions.12:26
NicoYou can probably script everything using zypper magic, i.e. like this
NicoYou can list all repos and automatically enable them on the new device using zypper too12:27
malthat way work with apps from openrepos, not from jolla store12:29
NicoI only have 5 apps from the store or so, so I didn't think about that :D12:29
hnjmy current approach to migrating to a new device: reboot old device (jolla1); create backup in jolla settings; rsync ~/.local and ~/.cache from old to new device (gigaset gs290); rsync backup archive to SD card of new device; restore backup on new device; switch sim card to new device. does that make sense? is the order sane? anything I forgot?12:37
hnjI just tried it like that and it works. I only forgot ~/.config but only took the 'harbour-*' dirs from there …14:11
hnjpoetaster: I just noticed: tidings is from you. very good app IMHO, use it almost every day, thanks a lot14:12
hnjuuuh, WTF … I was using sailimgur "anonymously" on my jolla1 all the time, now on the gs290 it tells me to "sign in" /-: when did that happen? and why?14:31
attahMwahahaha, my reworked upcoming PDF rasterizer/-packer is now beating mupdf, despite still using poppler14:50
HengYeDev[m]I'm having a lot of problems after updating from SDK 3.5 to 3.6.14:54
HengYeDev[m]The emulator is not working and the device deployment is also having problems with the repos14:54
HengYeDev[m]and now the uninstaller broke15:28
HengYeDev[m]and i cant reinstall an older version15:28
HengYeDev[m]is there a way to reset all the parts of the sdk if the uninstaller doesnt work well15:45
attahHengYeDev[m]: remove it manually, and reinstall?16:00
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HengYeDev[m]<attah> "HengYeDev: remove it manually..." <- trying that, but reinstalling is giving virtual machine errors16:37
HengYeDev[m]i have manually removed the vms from virtualbox also16:37
attahHengYeDev[m]: using Linux? In that case definitely switch to docker16:37
HengYeDev[m]attah: yes, its not letting me install it with the docker method. it says its misconfigured, but i have installed it and it works as normal user16:38
HengYeDev[m]and its running16:38
attahhmm, strange... never had it that broken, so i don't think i have much advice16:40
attahwhat is it telling you is misconfigured? docker?16:40
HengYeDev[m]attah: the sdk installer16:42
HengYeDev[m]it says either docker is not running or its misconfigured, so it wont let me choose the docker option16:42
attahis your user in the docker group?16:43
HengYeDev[m]i  can run the hello world image as my user attah16:43
HengYeDev[m]nevermind though, i got the virtualbox to work somehow16:45
HengYeDev[m]possibly by uninstalling and reinstalling 5 times16:45
HengYeDev[m]however...i cant choose the emulator when running16:45
HengYeDev[m]* when running an app16:45
attahi seem to recall having to reboot after installing Virtualbox before sfod sdk would play with it16:45
* HengYeDev[m] uploaded a video: (332KiB) < >16:47
HengYeDev[m]attah: i will try that16:47
HengYeDev[m]it looks very strange as you can see in the video16:47
attahYou probably need to select i486 and *then* emulator16:47
HengYeDev[m]attah: that worked16:48
HengYeDev[m]what a stupid mistake16:48
attahmore like stupid user interface :)16:48

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