Wednesday, 2021-11-03

dcalisteThaodan: sorry yesterday afternoon, I was off, but forgot to switch IRC off also. Anyway, I agree with you and it's something I didn't think about : there is no need to keep gnupg-legacy actually. gnupg can be removed to the default installation without harm done. And those interested in can pull the GPLv3 version and enjoy the latest upstream integrated with secrets and friends.08:19
Thaodandcaliste: np I didn't expect a response so late anyway. On which timezone where  you btw?10:51
dcalisteI'm in Europe/Paris.10:51
Thaodanthe older gpg has to be kept for some programs e.g. zupper10:51
dcalisteAh, ok, too bad :(10:52
dcalisteSo we have to duplicate the repositories.10:52
Thaodannot really we can have both in the same repo just prefer one over the other10:53
dcalisteDo you think that zypper should always rely on legacy versions otherwise, it should be checked that it can work with both, which would requires additional testing.10:53
dcalisteSorry, I mean git repositories (like gnupg-legacy and gnupg-latest whatever the names).10:54
Thaodanafk dog now. But short answer: yes, longer after that.10:54
Thaodandcaliste: Re. So zypper works with both latest and legacy gpgpme. The older gpgme and gnupg etc. just have to be replaced on device.13:14
dcalisteOk, great. So, with the help of Renaud[m] we should be able to upgrade GnuTLS to latest. It remains to decide which name to use for the git repositories, create them and then I can start making PRs for latest GnuPG. That would be a great (and awaited) improvement on the current situation.13:17
ThaodanYes that sounds good.13:20
MalinuxI am doing the upgrade from to and atm the phone is in the Sailfishlogo + progressbar mode. The progressbar have completed all the way to the right, but nothing seem to happen16:34
MalinuxI forced a reboot by hitting power + vol up and now it booted normally and I am on 4.317:09
malthat kind of freeze at the end of the update happens randomly and reboot is the solution as you mentioned17:17
kamrolooks like broken swipes in landscape at the right side is still in
riniguspiggz: it is tempting to stop uploading to openrepos all the support libs... with openssl update, turns out I had old mapbox gl qml in openrepos. at the same time, chum was fine - as it should be18:47
riniguswell, will push it there this time too. would have to step up with chum store development and then maybe this problem will go away18:48
piggzi just had a notification that someone on openrepos has commented that qca-qt5 now cant be used due to openssl20:46

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