Thursday, 2021-11-04

riniguspiggz: they have a list
Thaodanpiggz: I have a branch of qca with fixes for sfos14:14
piggzThaodan: i need to jog my memory to remember what app i was using that in!14:15
piggzit might be 0 now14:15
piggzmight have been kdeconnect ... but ive abandoned that for sailfish-connect14:16
Thaodanpiggz: That was kde connect14:24
ThaodanSailfish OS connect uses it too but bundles it as a blob14:24
ThaodanThe packaging of that app is notoriously bad14:24
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riniguspiggz: tested today performance of waydroid running directly on lipstick or via nested composer on waydroid-runner. there was no difference in 2D nor 3D GPU tests (no difference in other tests either, but that's expected). so, I don't see any performance hit while using -runner18:16
HengYeDev[m]I'm having this problem with sailtrix: users are complaining about it not running on 4.3 due to missing but if i build with newer sdk it will break compatibility with older systems. what should i do?18:38
attahHow old is older? 3.4?18:39
ThaodanYou only break <3.419:02
Thaodan< 3.419:02
Thaodaneh < 4.019:03
attahNot great, not terrible19:03
attahpoetaster: Is joining an IRC meeting at 10:00 EET the modern equivalent of challenging someone to a duel at dawn?19:05
HengYeDev[m]also, they can install the openssl 1.1 from openrepos, right?19:05
HengYeDev[m]* also, they on 3.4 can install19:05
HengYeDev[m]<attah> "How old is older? 3.4?" <- yeah, much of userbase is on there19:10
NicoYou can also just build separate packages for multiple versions on OBS, afaik19:10
HengYeDev[m]Nico: in a perfect world there would be sfos version detection on openrepos19:11
attahHengYeDev[m]: Interesting, i wasn't aware.... and i wonder why19:14
Nico3.4 is the last one for the Jolla19:14
attahYes, right, i mistakenly read in a "<"19:14
poetasterHengYeDev: for the time being I'm compiling c++ stuff with 4.x targets for aarch64 and 3.4 targets for armv7. since slava mentioned 4.x armv7 targets being a problem19:15
poetasterHengYeDev: chum will probably be dificult. have to ask lbt?19:16
poetasterHenngYeDev: I'll pose the question in the community meeting on the 11th.19:17
riniguslbt: any chance with getting a fix for OBS builds of sailtrix on older sfos versions?19:19
poetasterrinigus: the fix would be just to specify the version of openssl in the spec, or?19:19
poetasterand hope the 3.4 target includes the old library.19:20
rinigusHengYeDev that's what OBS Chum should resolve by allowing you to build sailtrix for each of sfos versions. It is just unfortunate that there is some issue triggered by its build on OBS. Hopefully lbt  can get to the bottom of it19:21
renalcalculus[m]speaking of OBS/chum: what does the message "downloading dod package" mean and how to resolve it?19:22
renalcalculus[m]it happens with certain deps in the .spec, build status is "blocked" and that message appears when examining that status19:23
HengYeDev[m]rinigus: for openrepos should i split into two packages19:24
rinigusrenalcalculus: it seems to me that it is caused by some packages missing in OBS cache. there is nothing we can do on our side and have to report it to lbt if it happens19:29
poetasterHengYeDev: if you're willing to do the extra work, the simple solution is to use the sdk 3.4 targets since they still appear to support the older libs. I have a one case of a branch where I compile for 4.2 (python3-imaging > 4.x) In chum, to date, I only support 4.x for that app. It's not ideal, but I don't want to build that library.19:36
poetasterand then ! :)19:36
lbtthere is/was a problem with the OBS code related to redirects pulling back rpms when there are things like CDNs in the way :/19:39
lbtdod is "download on demand" and it pulls in rpms from the release dir when they're needed19:40
renalcalculus[m]lbt: Thanks! So it has nothing to do with the packages not being available, or somehow blocked through the buildconfig or such?19:41
riniguslbt: thank you very much!!!19:41
poetasterlbt: ditto! magic.19:41
rinigusHengYeDev: I'll disable sailtrix for older SFOS releases in sailfishos:chum and let me know whether you want to fix it (if it is possible) via :shum:testing. if it is impossible, we can just disable builds for your package for older versions19:43
hnjpiggz[m]: I just saw that you commented, thank you very much19:54
HengYeDev[m]<rinigus> "HengYeDev: I'll disable sailtrix..." <- wdym? the older builds work now...20:08
rinigusHengYeDev: see - failed builds20:09
HengYeDev[m]rinigus: oh, 3.2 and the others are not important, just disable them20:10
rinigusfor sfos 3.1 and 3.220:10
HengYeDev[m]its just 3.4 thats important20:10
rinigusHengYeDev: will do, thank you!20:10
rinigusHengYeDev: done, all is clear now at :chum and :chum:testing.20:12
attahpoetaster: leaving the old builds up? i wasn't aware we had a choice...20:14
poetasterattah: you mentioned that you saw an old version of seaprint?20:16
attahyes, in harbour20:17
attahand i don't think i can remove old versions even if i wanted to20:17
attahdid i miss something?20:17
poetasterattah: ah, ok. I just did a very careful upgrade (bug fix) of tidings (rss reader). since slava had mentioned < 4.x support disappearing, I added confirmed working target 4.2 aarch64 and target 3.4 armv7 to be on the safe side.20:19
poetasterattah: and that worked. but I only see the last three files I uploaded :)20:19
attahthe way i see it, the webpage is just a submission gui20:20
poetasterbut then: I'm so deep in QML debugging I'm seeing ping elefants.20:20
poetasterattah: makes sense.20:20
attahpoetaster: On your Delirium beer?20:21
poetasterattah: frankly, the problem is twisted enough it's slowing my drinking down. not sure if that's good or bad.20:23
attahOh... i know that feeling20:23
poetasterah, just one more.20:23
attahSo which project is it now?20:25
poetasterattah: tidings. implementing Flickable (<-) on the up side, it's collaborative work. foss works (icthyosaurus and pinniini both weighed in)20:26
poetasterActually ichthy came up with a clever hack (dialog) which is great but 'cover' ... get's complicated.20:27
attahah, the good old double-edged sword "clever"20:27
poetasterthis branch ... the problem is that the Dialog + Loader hack works wonders but state (listivew index) is 'still' managed in the original view.20:28
poetasteryup. it's a sharp sword. silica will drive you to clever though. silica should just implement Flickable a bit more QT and less jolla.20:29
poetasterattah: I also have 'small' beers in the fridge (goes of to .....20:32
attahi wish non-alcoholic beers were any good20:33
poetasterah, nah. winterbock. 7% (small bottle ) ...21:04
poetasterIt's a beer I don't have to share. the GF does not approve.21:05
km52Hi, I updated to and installed chum repo. Repo URL points now to this new release. Can I change URL to older version or just download packages manually and install local?21:06
poetasterkm52: I don't think 4.3 is directly supported but you can download 4.x for your arch manually and it should be fine.21:15
poetasterkm52: some packages which, for instance, require openssl 1.0 won't work though.21:15
km52Ok, thanks.21:16
poetasterah. a life in engineering. one fencepost error at a time.21:19

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